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NETFIND is an Internet user directory tool. It provides a simple Internet white pages directory facility.

Given the name of a person on the Internet and a rough description of where the person works, Netfind attempts to locate telephone and electronic mailbox information about the person. It does so using a seed database of domains and hosts in the network.

Netfind finds information about people through the Internet protocols SMTP and finger. If the person being sought is at a site that is not directly connected to the Internet (e.g., the site is connected only through a mail forwarding gateway), Netfind informs the user that the person can not be found.

Due to the dynamic nature of Netfind's search procedures and variations in Internet availability, different results can be obtained for the same search on different occasions.

The Netfind software can only run on Suns running SunOS 4.0 or more recent.