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NEXTSTEP Upgrading to 3.3 bugs

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Entry Number: 1841. Last Updated: <<Date June 17, 1997>>

Q: When I try to upgrade to Release 3.3 from an Upgrade Server or by mounting the CD-ROM over the network, the pops up a panel saying saying "Upgrade Thread Died". What's going on? How do I get the upgrade to complete? Is the computer now unusable?

The found a file on the 3.3 image it could not read. Make sure you export the image from the server with root access to the clients or export with -anon=0 (In NFSManager this is 'Allow unknown user and treat them as: user with uid: 0') as documented in the upgrade notes

If you get this error the system should still be bootable. If it is, fix the exports on the server, reboot the client to pick up the new access rights, remove the log and plan files created by the upgrader in the client's root directory, and try again.


Q: My upgrade died. The UpgradeLog ends with the line: if: Expression syntax. What should I do?

This syntax error is usually caused by a restarted upgrade. Remove the log and plan files created by the upgrader in the client's root directory, and try again.


Q: When connected to NetWare I try to transfer files larger than a few bytes in size, the attempt fails and a panel says I am no longer logged into the Netware server. What is going on?

There is a bug in NeXTSTEP version 3.3 where if the Netware v3.12 server is using 802.3 frames you will not be able to transfer files over a few bytes in size. The fix is to have the Netware server use a framing type other then 802.3. NeXTSTEP supports frame types: ethernet_ii, ethernet_snap, and ethernet_802.2. There is nothing you will need to change in NeXTSTEP.


Q: After Ugrading from 3.2 to 3.3 I see all the NetWare file servers available. I authenticate on one of the file servers, but can not see any of the directories or files on that server. The only directory listed is "SYS". What is going on?

The upgrade failed to update the file "/usr/lib/kern_loader/nuc/nuc_reloc". As "root" you'll need to copy the file off the NEXTSTEP 3.3 CDROM. With your NEXTSTEP 3.3 CDROM mounted, you can do so with the command:

ditto /NEXTSTEP_3.3/usr/lib/kern_loader/nuc/nuc_reloc /usr/lib/kern_loader/nuc