The principal objective of Apple's NII Band efforts was to obtain and retain adequate and appropriate spectrum for unlicensed data communications, as well as to lead the industry's efforts to generate rules appropriate for operating in and accessing that spectrum.

The project's task included protecting the (ultimately inadequate) spectrum now available, and obtaining substantially more spectrum for a wireless component of the "NII" (National Information Infrastructure), described as an "NII Band."

There are two significant gaps in current FCC regulations. First, there is insufficient spectrum for local area, high-bandwidth computer applications as may be required in schools. Second, provision for moderate-distance communications may be required in rural and suburban areas.

Apple filed numerous documents with the FCC, regarding NII Band and Spread Spectrum. They are a matter of public record with the FCC (Federal Communication Commission), but we have provided many of them on this website for your convenience.

Press Release from Apple about the U-NII Band

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January 28th, 1997: Apple Computer sent out a Press Release in response to the FCC's U-NII decision entitled: Apple Applauds FCC decision to Grant Wireless NII Band. The press release describes in detail why Apple is so excited about this decision, and the potential benefits from use of the U-NII Band.

Gil Amelio's applauds U-NII Band

January 28, 1997; 8:00am PST:

Apple CEO Gil F. Amelio sent letters of thanks and appreciation on January 27, 1997 to those who demonstrated leadership in the FCC's allocation of spectrum for U-NII (unlicensed National Information Infrastructure) wireless devices. In his letter to The Honorable Reed Hundt (Chairman, Federal Communications Commission), Gil Amelio comments on the longterm positive impact this allocation will have for the National Information Infrastructure, education and community networks. In his letter to Larry Irving, (Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information; National Telecommunications and Information Administration; U.S. Department of Commerce), Gil Amelio applaudes the vital role that Secretary Irving's organization played in describing the need for U-NII devices, as well as confirming the ability of these devices to share the specified band. We've included the full text of both letters above for your convenience.

Exciting news from the FCC

Janurary 15, 1997; 3:00pm PST:

Wow! On January 9th, 1997, while MacWorld Expo San Francisco was blissfully underway, a joyful noise was made in Washington, D.C.!

The Federal Communications Commission made an announcement that will have far-reaching effects for the wireless community and the NII Band. The FCC has ordered the allocation of 300 MHz of Spectrum (5.15-5.35 GHz and 5.725-5.825 GHz) for use by a new category of unlicensed equipmment: Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure ("U-NII") devices.

We (Apple) are very pleased and excited about the FCC's order, because it fulfills Apple's goals for a strong wireless component of the NII (National Information Infrastructure). We have provided full-text, HTML conversions of FCC documents (please see below).

Over the next several days, we will also be providing more information about why this allocation to the "Unlicensed NII" is so important, including Apple's official Press Release. You can also check the FCC's Website! (See ET Docket No.96-102 in their Headlines section.)

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