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May also be written as NeXTStep or NEXTSTEP.



Reset root password

You need to interrupt the bootloader when the machine is turned on so you see a "boot:" prompt or something similar depending on the type of computer. Type "-s" without the quotes and hit enter. If this is NeXT hardware, type "bsd -s" without the quotes. When the system drops you into a single mode root shell, type "sh /etc/rc &" to start the normal services. Now do "passwd root" and enter your new password. Reboot the system.

Basic TCP/IP Config

Create /etc/resolv.conf and add your desired nameserver, so something like "nameserver" and save the file. Go to NextAdmin directory and open, click Local in the menu, use local domain only and readable, set your desired IP/router/netmask info and reboot.


Make: Don't know how to make /usr/include/sys/signal.h

You'll find this file under the path name /usr/include/bsd/sys/signal.h. The problem is that Makefile contains an incorrect absolution path name to signal.h (line 36):

SIGNAL = /usr/include/sys/signal.h

Change it to read:

SIGNAL = /usr/include/bsd/sys/signal.h

and then say "make".