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''Nekoware and the Nekochan site are gone and unlikely to come back.''
''Nekoware and the Nekochan site are gone and unlikely to come back.''

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Nekoware and the Nekochan site are gone and unlikely to come back.

Nekoware is a community project to create and offer a set of binary open source packages for MIPS 4 SGI machines running IRIX 6.5.21 or later.

See this page for an up-to-date list of Nekoware mirrors and FAQ or the Packaging Software article if you want to contribute.

Known problems and resolutions

  • You should have /usr/nekoware/bin and /usr/nekoware/ <...> /bin in your path... Where <...> is a directory of some of the packages that are installed differently eg gcc4
  • You need to set a environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include /usr/nekoware/lib

Specific problems with individual packages

  • neko_sudo: sudoers file is in /usr/nekoware/etc/sudoers ... Not in /etc/sudoer where some UNIX or Linux systems put it.
  • neko_qt4: Paths seem problematic at least for things like GL/gl.h in the example code in the /usr/nekoware/qt4/demos directory.
  • neko_qt 3.3.5 has problems building basic examples.
  • Super tux racer seems to need extra paths set in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • -- Add your gripes here --
  • Some packages break other packages from time to time for example the SQL lite issue mentioned on the forums:

IRC Channel

#devel on