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The Nekochan site, and along with it active Nekoware development, is gone and is unlikely to come back. See The Silicon Graphics User Group for active IRIX porting efforts

NOTE! You can obtain older dumps of the site from these links:

Nekoware was a community project to create and offer a set of binary open source packages for MIPS 4 SGI machines running IRIX 6.5.21 or later.

With the demise of Nekochan, the following sites currently (as of July 2019) offer nekoware mirrors. operated by the Irix Network operated by Larbob

Installing and Managing Nekoware Using

Due to the many dependencies of most nekoware packages, manually installing nekoware can be challenging. Most users use a perl script developed by Spinlock Solutions,, to automate downloading and installing nekoware packages.

Follow the following steps to setup a functioning Nekoware/nekodeps install:

1. Add the default nekoware binary locations, /usr/nekoware/bin and /usr/nekoware, to your path.

2. Download and install (using Inst or Software Manager) neko_perl-5.8.9.tardist from a nekoware mirror. It does not require any dependencies.

3. Download

4. Configure the install using the following command:

 perl --config 

5. Edit the file ~/conf/nekodeps.conf to point to a nekoware mirror with a copy of descript.ion (such as Larbob's above). You can leave most settings intact.

6. Download and install nekoware_wget using using the following command:

 perl --bootstrap 

7. Download current .ion files using following command:

 perl --ion 

8. Use perl to run <PACKAGE> to download and install packages and -l to list all available packages.

Known problems and resolutions

  • You should have /usr/nekoware/bin and /usr/nekoware/ <...> /bin in your path... Where <...> is a directory of some of the packages that are installed differently eg gcc4
  • You need to set a environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include /usr/nekoware/lib

Specific problems with individual packages

  • neko_sudo: sudoers file is in /usr/nekoware/etc/sudoers ... Not in /etc/sudoer where some UNIX or Linux systems put it.
  • neko_qt4: Paths seem problematic at least for things like GL/gl.h in the example code in the /usr/nekoware/qt4/demos directory.
  • neko_qt 3.3.5 has problems building basic examples.
  • Super tux racer seems to need extra paths set in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • -- Add your gripes here --
  • Some packages break other packages from time to time for example the SQL lite issue mentioned on the forums:

Getting Help and Active Porting Efforts

The Silicon Graphics User Group hosts a community of developers working to port additional software to IRIX. Users can obtain help with nekoware, porting new software, or general SGI issues in the online forums and the group's Discord server. An IRC relay is available at Channel: #sgidev.