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=Press Releases=
=Press Releases=
* [[NetCarta Corporation Supports Apple's HotSauce Technology for Website Mapping - 11/1996]]
* [[NetCarta Corporation Supports Apple's HotSauce Technology for Website Mapping - 12/1996]]

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Microsoft Corp. announced on December 10, 1996, its agreement to acquire NetCarta. Microsoft plans to integrate NetCarta's best-of-breed WebMapper Web-site management tool into the Microsoft Commercial Internet System, part of the Microsoft BackOffice family. WebMapper will augment Microsoft's comprehensive intranet and Internet Web site life-cycle solution that spans authoring, dynamic Web application development, and complex site management and content analysis.

NetCarta Corporation, headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, is a leading provider of content management solutions for managers of World Wide Web sites. With NetCarta software, corporations can manage diverse Web content and maintain high quality Web sites efficiently and cost-effectively. Intended for Internet and corporate intranet Web sites, NetCarta software is scalable from single servers to enterprise-wide management systems.


WebMapper 2.0 helps Web Professionals visualize, analyze, search, and enhance their sites quickly and comprehensively. WebMapper also provides powerful tools for monitoring site usage, maintaining site security, and managing site content and the authoring process.

Press Releases