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Open Access UNIX Sites

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This document is archived for historical purposes.

                          nixpub long listing
           Open Access UNIX (*NIX) Sites [both Fee and No Fee]
                         [ September 1, 1992 ]

Systems listed (130)
 [   a2i       aa7bq     abode     actrix    admiral   agora     alchemy   ]
 [   alphacm   amaranth  anomaly   anubis    aquila    atrium    banana    ]
 [   bdt       bigtex    bitsko    bluemoon  btr       bucket    cavebbs   ]
 [   cellar    chinet    cinnet    cns       conexch   coyote    cpumagic  ]
 [   crash     cruzio    cyber     ddsw1     dhw68k    digex     dircon    ]
 [   disk      dorsaidm  edsi      eklektik  eskimo    gagme     gator     ]
 [   genesis   gna       gold      gorn      grebyn    grex      halcyon   ]
 [   hcs       helpex    highlite  holonet   ibmpcug   ichlibix  infocom   ]
 [   isys-hh   ixgch     jabber    jack      jwt       kb2ear    kcbbs     ]
 [   kralizec  latour    loft386   lopez     lunapark  lunatix   m-net     ]
 [   m2xenix   madnix    magpie    marob     medsys    micor     mindlink  ]
 [   mixcom    mv        ncoast    nervous   netcom    netlink   nuchat    ]
 [   nucleus   nyx       oaknet    oldcolo   pallas    panix     pnet51    ]
 [   polari    portal    quack     quake     r-node    raider    rock      ]
 [   sactoh0   schunix   scuzzy    sdf       sir-alan  sixhub    stanton   ]
 [   starnet   sugar     szebra    telesys   telly     tmsoft    tnc       ]
 [   tronsbox  tutor     unixland  uonline   uunet     uuwest    vicstoy   ]
 [   vpnet     wa9aek    wariat    well      wet       woodowl   world     ]
 [   wybbs     wyvern    xroads    zorch                                   ]

Last   Telephone #        Sys-name   Location           Baud        Hours
-----  ------------       --------   -----------        -------     -----

12/91  201-759-8450^      tronsbox   Belleville      NJ 3/12/24/96  24
  Generic 386, UNIX 3.2;  Provides shell for some users, USENET, E-Mail
  (feeds available) at $15 a month flat;
  Multiple line (-8568 300 - 2400 baud).

04/92  203-661-1279       admiral    Greenwich       CT 3/12/24/96  24
  SCO Unix 3.2.2. (HST/V32) 203-661-2873, (PEP/V32) 203-661-1279, (V32)
  203-661-0450, (MNP6) 203-661-2967. Magpie BBS for local conversation
  and Waffle for Internet mail/Usenet news. Interactive chat and games.
  BBS name is "The Grid." Willing to give newsfeeds and mail access.
  Shell (tcsh, ksh avail) accounts available at no charge. Direct connect
  to Internet site (Yale) via UUCP. 230 megs disk space. For more information
  contact uunet!admiral!doug (Doug Fields) or [email protected]

09/91  206-328-4944^      polari     Seattle         WA 12          24
  Equip ???;  8-lines, Trailblazer on 206-328-1468;  $50/year (flat rate);
  Multi-user games, chat, full USENET.
  Contact: bruceki%[email protected]

05/91  206-367-3837^      eskimo     Seattle         WA 3/12/24     24
  Tandy 6000 Xenix - Everett Tel 206-742-1150;  10 lines;  First 2 weeks
  free, $48/year or $6/month thereafter;  Shell access, C, Fortran, Pascal,
  unique conference, smart mail, UseNet News, messages, upload/download,
  other apps;
  Western Washington BBS List, 60 games online, free uucp connections.

09/92  206-382-6245^      halcyon    Seattle         WA 3/12/24/96  24
  ULTRIX 4.1, (PEP/V.32) 206-382-6245; monthly and annual fee schedules
  available.  56kBaud commercial Internet link to the T-3 backbone; NNTP
  news feed.  Waffle bbs available.  Irc server, archie and gopher clients,
  hytelnet, spop; dialup or telnet: login as 'bbs' and provide account
  information.  For more information, contact: [email protected],
  or call voice (PST, USA) +1 206 426 9298

12/90  212-420-0527^      magpie     NYC             NY 3/12/24/96  24
  ? - UNIX SYSV - 2, Magpie BBS, no fee, Authors: Magpie/UNIX,/MSDOS
  two lines plus anonymous uucp: 212-677-9487 (9600 bps Telebit modem)
  NOTE: 9487 reserved for registered Magpie sysops & anon uucp
  Contact: Steve Manes, {rutgers|cmcl2|uunet}!hombre!magpie!manes

11/91  212-431-1944^      dorsaidm   NYC             NY 3/12/24/96  24
  80386, ISC 386/ix, Waffle bbs;  3 phone lines (unknown 9600 bps access);
  no shell (yet); BBS with over 250 non-Usenet newsgroups, 1.2 gb of mac,
  ibm, amiga, cp-m, appleII, cbm files;  BBS is free, $25/yr for UseNet
  access, (180 min/day), $50/yr for extended gold access (300 min/day);
  Full news and mail feed from uupsi; login through bbs.
  Contact: uupsi!dorsaidm!ssegan

12/90  212-675-7059^      marob      NYC             NY 3/12/24/96  24
  386 SCO-XENIX 2.2, XBBS, no fee, limit 60 min.
  Telebit Trailblazer (9600 PEP) only 212-675-8438
  Contact:  {philabs|rutgers|cmcl2}!{phri|hombre}!marob!clifford

04/92  214-436-3281^      sdf        Dallas          TX 3/12/24/96  24
  i386-25, ISC SysVr3.2 UNIX; 4-way rotary at 436-3281, 2400bps except
  PEP on 436-5935.  Unrestricted free shell access, PinkBBS available.
  Operated and funded entirely by users.  500MB on-line storage.
  1000+ newsgroup full feed.  Internet mail.  On-line software includes
  emacs, trn, nn, elm, nethack, tinyMUD, etc.  Mail and news feeds
  Contact [email protected] (Ted Uhlemann).

08/92  215-348-9727       jabber     Doylestown      PA 3/12/24/96  24
  80386, ISC 386/ix 3.0;  Trailblazer+ (PEP) on dial in line, Worldblazer
  (V.32[bis] and TurboPEP) on -8129, 2400 baud on -1932;  No fee services:
  "*NIX Depot" BBS, BBS for UNIX/Xenix users;  Fee services: UUCP feeds,
  providing access to Internet E-mail and full USENET News (1750+ groups);
  Anonymous UUCP available for access to the latest nixpub lists, please
  see the footer of this list for more details;
  Contact: Phil Eschallier ([email protected]).
     anon-uucp:  ogin: nuucp  (No passwd)

11/91  215-654-9184^      cellar     Horsham         PA 3/12/24/96  24
  DTK 386/33, SCO Unix 3.2, Waffle BBS - The Cellar BBS, no shell; USR
  Dual-Standard modems, three lines and growing.  BBS is free; net news
  (full feed) and net mail by subscription.  $7/mo, $35/6-mo, or $60/yr.

06/92  216-481-9445       wariat     Cleveland       OH 3/12/24/96  24
  ISC Unix SysV/386; USR DS on 481-9445, T-3000 on 481-9425. Shell and
  UUCP/Internet mail access availble. News and mail feeds are
  available; also, DOS and UNIX files. Ananymous uucp: login: nuucp,
  no password; request /x/files/ls-lR.Z; nuucp account does not allow
  mail exchange; UnixBBS distribution point. BBS free (with e-mail)
  for shell/uucp/newsfeed donation requested. For details, e-mail to:
  [email protected] (Zbigniew Tyrlik)

12/90  216-582-2460^      ncoast     Cleveland       OH 12/24/96    24
  80386 Mylex, SCO Xenix;  600 meg. storage;  XBBS and Shell;  USENET
  (newsfeeds available), E-Mail; donations requested; login as "bbs"
  for BBS and "makeuser" for new users.
  Telebit used on 216-237-5486.

07/91  217-789-7888       pallas     Springfield     IL 3/12/24/96  24
  AT&T 6386, 600 meg disk space;  4 lines w/ USRobotics Dual Standard modems;
  BBS available at no fee (UBBS), shell access for $50/year;  E-Mail, Usenet;
  "guest" login available.

08/92  219-289-0282       gator      South Bend      IN 24/96       24
  SVR4 4.0 - 6 lines, USR HST DS with V.32/HST/v.42bis/v.32bis (219-289-0282),
  PEP/MNP5/V.42bis/V.32/v.32bis/PEP/TurboPEP on 219-289-0775 (2 Telebit
  WorldBlazer modems).  On the internet at as
  2000+ newsgroups, newsfeeds and email forwarding.  MX services are also
  available.  The BBS is UnixBBS and is very easy to use.  Shells available
  9/92 for $120/year without internet access, or $250/year with.  BBS - $35
  /year;  Also available in the 317 area code at 317-251-7391 (8 lines)
  [PC-Pursuitable in the 317 area].  The system will be moved to Ft. Myers,
  Florida in May of 1993.  Contact [email protected] or uunet!trauma!larry

09/92  301-220-0462^      digex      Greenbelt       MD 3/12/24     24
  Express Access Online Communications.  Local to Washington, Baltimore,
  Annapolis and Northern Virginia (area code 703); Baltimore dialup
  410-766-1855, Gaithersburg/Damascus 301-570-0001.  SunOS shell, full
  Usenet, and e-mail $15/month or $150/year;  Internet services incl.
  Telnet, FTP, IRC with news/mail $25/month or $250/year; includes
  unlimited usage 3am - 3pm and 1 hour between 3pm and 3am.  Login as
  new (no password) for info and account application, major credit
  cards accepted.  Telnet to or mail to [email protected] for
  more info; voice phone 301-220-2020.

04/92  301-953-7233       highlite   Laurel          MD 12/24/96    24
  80486 system, ISC 2.2.1/UNIX SVR 3.2; monthly fee; Usenet news subjects,
  E-mail, shell access, on-line registration, DC metro phone (301)953-7233,
  Communications settings: 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit/8N1.
  login: guest
  password: guest
  Contact:  uunet!highlite!dlreed

07/91  303-871-4824^      nyx        Denver          CO 3/12/24     24
  Equip Pyramid; Public domain file area, private file area, games,  Provides
  shell for some users, USENET, E-Mail, Multiple line.
  Contact: Andrew Burt, [email protected]

01/92  309-676-0409       hcs        Peoria          IL 3/12/24/96  24
  VAX/BSD SGI/SV Network - Public Access UNIX Systems - Mult.Lines / 1.8GB
  Linked 386 bbs (Free). Network Fee structure based on usage with $0.02
  minute connection. Shells (sh,ksh,csh,tcsh,bash) Compilers (C,Pascal,
  Fortran,Lisp,Ratfor oths), games, File and Pic. Libs., UUCP and USENET
  access with NetNews (nn reader), U.S. Patent and other databases,
  general timesharing and programmed on-line applications. Self register.
  Contact: Victoria Kee  {uunet!hcsvax!sysop   sysop%[email protected]}

08/91  312-248-0900       ddsw1      Chicago         IL 3/12/24/96  24
  80386 systems, ISC 2.2;  guest users 1 hr daily in AKCS BBS; fee for
  shell, Full Usenet access, unlimited use, and offsite mail; Authors
  of AKCS bbs;  1.5GB storage, fee $75/year or $20/bi-monthly, 19200
  V.32/PEP available on (312) 248-6295 anonymous uucp (nuucp) from
  12 midnight to 6 AM,  ~/DIRECTORY/README for info on anon uucp.
  Newsfeeds and mail connections available;  Internet access in the
  works (PLEASE contact us if interested).
  Contact: Karl Denninger ([email protected])

04/90  312-283-0559^      chinet     Chicago         IL 3/12/24/96  24
  '386, SysVr3.2.1;  Multiple lines including Telebit and HST;
  Picospan BBS (free), USENET at $50/year (available to guests on

12/91  312-714-8568^      gagme      Chicago         IL 12/24/96    24
  3B2/400 - System V 3.2.  E-mail, netnews, sources, access to anonymous
  ftp, GIFs, UUCP, local message base, games, etc.  PEP and V.32 available
  for logins and UUCP.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

06/90  313-623-6309       nucleus    Clarkston       MI 12/24       24
  AMI 80386 - ESIX 5.3.2, large online sources archive accessable by
  anonymous UUCP, login: nuucp, nucleus!/user/src/LISTING lists
  available public domain/shareware source code.  Contact: [email protected]

06/92  313-761-3000       grex       Ann Arbor       MI 3/12/24     24
  Sun 2, SunOS 2.0;  Internet E-Mail/USENET, shell access, Picospan;
  Fee: $6/month;

04/92  313-996-4644^      m-net      Ann Arbor       MI 3/12/24     24
  Altos 68020 - Sys III, no limits; merged with Arbornet; non-profit
  organization; tax deductable donations accepted; fee for extended service;
  Picospan software; 15 lines, 160 Megs, 100% user supported; on-line games
  (including nethack, empire, and rotisserie baseball); E-Mail; UUCP accounts
  available; C compiler, multi-user party, access to Bourne, Korn, C, BBS &
  Menu; on-line man pages; login access via Internet:
  contact: [email protected]

09/92  401-455-0347       anomaly    Esmond          RI 3/12/24/96  24
  Informtech 486 mongrel; SCO Open Desktop 1.1; Trailblazer+ (0347) and
  v.32 T2500 (401-331-3706) dialins. Directly connected to the Internet:
  IP Address:, or ''. Current fees: $15/mo.
  includes complete Internet access. Mail and USENET Newsfeeds available,
  limited feeds for non-PEP sites. SCO software archive site, anonymous
  UUCP login: xxcp, pass: xenix. Anonymous FTP also supported. Software
  listing & download directions in anomaly!~/SOFTLIST

09/91  407-299-3661^      vicstoy    Orlando         FL 12/24       24
  ISC 386/ix 2.0.2. Partial USENET, e-mail (feeds available);  Login as
  bbs, no passwd (8N1);  Free shell access;  Orlando BBS list, games;
  cu to Minix 1.5.10 system (weather permitting);  USENET includes
  Unix/Minix source groups.  Contact: uunet!tarpit!bilver!vicstoy!vickde
  or [email protected] (Vick De Giorgio).

01/92  407-438-7138^      jwt        Orlando         FL 12/24/96    24
  80386/33, System V.3.2, Waffle BBS, no shell access, two lines, V.32,
  V.32bis, PEP, Usenet news, no fee, login as "bbs".
  Contact: [email protected] (John W. Temples)

08/92  408-241-9760^      netcom     San Jose        CA 12/24/96    24
  UNIX, Sun Network SunOS 4.1;  Netcom - Online Communication Services;
  70 Telebit lines V.32/V.42  9600/2400/;  USENET (16 days), Lrg archive,
  News/Mail Feeds, Shell, Internet (ftp, telnet, irc),  Slip Connections,
  Local access via CALNet San Jose,  Palo Alto, Red Wd Cty, San Fran,
  Oklnd, Berkly, Alameda, Plesanton, Los Angeles, and Santa Cruz;
  Fee $17.50/mo + Reg fee of $15.00.  Login: guest (510)865-9004,
  Just Say No to connect fees, Login as guest (no password).

09/89  408-245-7726^      uuwest     Sunnyvale       CA 3/12/24     24
  SCO-XENIX, Waffle. No fee, USENET news (news.*, music, comics, telecom, etc)
  The Dark Side of the Moon BBS. This system has been in operation since 1985.
  Login: new Contact: (UUCP) ames!uuwest!request (Domain) [email protected]

09/92  408-249-9630^      quack      Santa Clara     CA 3/12/24/96  24
  Sun 3/160, SunOS 4.1.1;  Aka - The Duck Pond; 3 lines: -9630 PEP,
  -9631 HST/v.32bis/v.42bis, -9632 v.32bis/v.42bis + PEP, all 3 lines
  MNP 1-4;  Shell - $5/mo;  New users should login as 'guest';
  Contact: [email protected]

02/92  408-254-0246^      zorch      San Jose        CA 12/24/96    24
  ISI 020 - 4.3BSD; 4 lines, more soon, PEP on 408-254-3470; $10/month,
  $100/year, flat rate, no time limit.  Email, USENET, games, utilities,
  online man pages, Bourne, C, TC, Korn shells.  800M online, 100M source
  archive.  Registration req'd, free trial; login as newuser, password public.
  Contact: [email protected] or (ames|pyramid|vsi1)!zorch!scott

08/92  408-293-9010       a2i        San Jose        CA 12/24/96    24
  Usenet/Email/Internet/SunOS (Unix).  Eight lines.  Dial 408-293-9010
  (v.32bis, v.32) or 408-293-9020 (PEP) and log in as "guest".  Or
  telnet to,  Or send any message to
  [email protected]; a daemon will auto-reply.  $12/month for 6-month
  prepaid subscription.

08/91  408-423-9995       cruzio     Santa Cruz      CA 12/24       24
  Tandy 4000, Xenix 2.3.*, Caucus 3.*;  focus on Santa Cruz activity
  (ie directory of community and goverment organizations, events, ...);
  USENET Support;  Multiple lines;  no shell; fee: $15/quarter.
  Contact: ...!uunet!cruzio!chris

04/92  408-458-2289       gorn       Santa Cruz      CA 3/12/24/96  24
  Everex 386, SCO xenix 2.3.2;  2 lines, -2837 telebit for PEP connects;
  Standard shell access, games, email injection into the internet, up to
  date archive of scruz-sysops information, upload/download, usenet news
  including scruz.* heircarchy for santa cruz area information;  UUCP set
  up on as-requested;  No charge, donations accepted; newuser:  log in as
  ``gorn'' and fill out online form.
  Contact: [email protected]

11/91  408-725-0561^      portal     Cupertino       CA 3/12/24/96  24
  Networked Suns (SunOS), multiple lines, Telenet access, no shell access
  fees: $13.95/month + Telenet charges (if used) @ various rates/times
  conferencing, multi user chats, usenet, computer special interest groups

11/91  408-739-1520^      szebra     Sunnyvale       CA 3/12/24/96  24
  386PC, AT&T SVR4v3; Trailblazer+; Full Usenet News, email (Internet & UUCP),
  first time users login: bbs, shell access/files storage/email available
  (registration required); GNU, X11R4 and R5 source archives.  viet-net/SCV
  and VNese files/sftware archives.
  contact: [email protected] or {claris,zorch,sonyusa}!szebra!tin

06/91  412-431-8649^      eklektik   Pittsburgh      PA 3/12/24     24
  UNIX PC- SYSV - UNaXcess BBS, donation requested for shell,
  login: bbs for BBS, limited Usenet news (amiga and gaming groups).
  RPG mailing list, and archive.
  Alternate number: 431-3064,
  Contact:  [email protected] or [email protected]

04/92  414-241-5469^      mixcom     Milwaukee       WI 12/24/96    24
  80386, SCO UNIX 3.2;  MIX (Milwaukee Internet eXchange);  $9/mo
  access to Internet services including email, Usenet BBS and file
  archives;  MIX has comprehensive and easy to use menus, along with
  shell access;  Multiple lines;  login as 'newuser' password 'newuser'.
  Contact: Dean Roth  ([email protected])  [414-962-8172 voice]

09/91  414-734-2499       edsi       Appleton        WI 3/12/24     24
  IBM PS/2 Model 55SX, SCO Xenix 2.3.2;  Running STARBASE II Software.
  Enterprise Data Systems Incorporated (Non-profit).  100+ local rooms,
  PLUS USENET, Multi Channel Chat, 9 ports, $15 yr, flat rate for full
  access to net news, mail.  The Fox Valley's only public access Unix
  based BBS.  Contact: Chuck Tomasi ([email protected])

08/92  415-332-6106^      well       Sausalito       CA 12/24/96    24
  6-processor Sequent Symmetry (i386); Internet, UUCP and USENET
  access; multiple lines; access via CPN and Internet (;
  PICOSPAN BBS; $15/mo + $2/hr (CPN or 9600 +$4/hr);
  Contact (415) 332-4335

06/91  415-826-0397^      wet        San Francisco   CA 12/24       24
  386 SYS V.3.  Wetware Diversions.  $15 registration, $0.01/minute.
  Public Access UNIX System:  uucp, PicoSpan bbs, full Usenet News,
  Multiple lines (6), shell access.  Newusers get initial credit!
  contact:{ucsfcca|hoptoad|well}!wet!editor (Eric Swanson)

04/91  415-949-3133^      starnet    Los Altos       CA 3/12/24/96  24
  SunOS 4.1. 8-lines. MNP1-5 and v42/bis, or PEP on all lines.
  Shell access for all users.  USENET--900+ groups.  E-mail (feeds
  available).  smart mail.  Publically available software (pd/shareware).
  $12/mo. Contact: [email protected] or ...!uunet!apple!starnet!admin

12/91  415-967-9443^      btr        Mountain View   CA 3/12/24/96  24
  Sun (SunOS UNIX), shell access, e-mail, netnews, uucp, can access by
  Telenet PC Pursuit, multiple lines, Telebit, flat rate: $12.50/month.
  For sign-up information please send e-mail to Customer Service at
  [email protected] or ..!{decwrl,fernwood,mips}!btr!cs
  or call 415-966-1429 Voice.

08/92  416-249-5366       r-node     Etobicoke       ON 3/12/24/96  24
  80386, ISC SV386; SupraModem2400 on Dial-in line, Worldblazer and
  Cardinal2400 on other two lines; No fee services: Uniboard BBS for
  BBS users; shell access for those who ask; Fee services: access
  to subsequent lines, unlimited dl/ul access; full USENET News and
  International E-mail access through Usenet/Internet mail; Free
  UUCP connections;
  Contact: Marc Fournier ([email protected])

11/89  416-452-0926       telly      Brampton        ON 12/24/96    24
  386 SysVr3.2; proprietary menu-based BBS includes Usenet site searching.
  News (all groups, incl biz, pubnet, gnu, CanConfMail), mail (including
  to/from Internet, Bitnet), many archives. Feeds available. $75(Cdn)/year.
  Contact: Evan Leibovitch, [email protected], uunet!attcan!telly!evan

12/88  416-461-2608       tmsoft     Toronto         ON 3/12/24/96  24
  NS32016, Sys5r2, shell; news+mail $30/mo, general-timesharing $60/mo
  All newsgroups.  Willing to setup mail/news connections.
  Contact: Dave Mason <[email protected]> / Login: newuser

02/90  502-957-4200       disk       Louisville      KY 3/12/24     24
  386 clone, Interactive System V 3.2, 600 meg.  6 lines with rollover.
  Carrying most USENET groups, Shell access, multi-user games( including
  The Realm(c) ) multi-user chat, downloads, and more.  Rate info available
  via a free trial account. mail feeds to the local  Now reachable via

08/91  503-254-0458^      bucket     Portland        OR 3/12/24/96  24
  Tektronix 6130, UTek 3.0(4.2bsd-derived).  Bit Bucket BBS no longer
  online.  Modem is Telebit Trailblazer+ (PEP).  Users intereseted in
  access to Unix should send EMail to [email protected]  Services
  include USENET News, EMail (fast due to local Internet access), and
  access to all tools/utilities/games.  UUCP connections (1200, 2400,
  9600V.32, 9600PEP, 19200PEP) available (through another local system
  which is not publically available) to sites which will poll with
  reasonable regularity and reliability.

02/91  503-297-3211^      m2xenix    Portland        OR 3/12/24/96  24
  '386/20, Xenix 2.3.  2 Lines (-0935);  Shell accounts available, NO BBS;
  No fee;  E-mail, USENET News, program development.
  Contact: ...!uunet!m2xenix!news or on Fido at 297-9145

03/91  503-640-4262^      agora      PDX             OR 12/24/96    24
  Intel Unix V/386, $2/mo or $20/yr, news, mail, games, programming.
  Three lines with trunk-hunt.  The first two are 12/24, the third
  line (648-7596) is 9600/V.32/V.42bis.  Agora is part of RainNet.
  Contact: Alan Batie, [email protected]

04/92  508-655-3848       unixland   Natick          MA 12/24/96    24
  5 lines supporting various protocols (call for details).   Esix 5.3.2.D
  (SYSVR3), 486/33, 16mb, 1GB of disk space.  Usenet news (1900+ groups).
  Unix shell accounts available - {$70/year; $40/6 Months} for full access
  (Usenet, Email, Unix utilities, etc).  Free BBS access to limited number
  of newsgroups.  UUCP accounts available for a nominal charge.
  Contact: [email protected] or Bill Heiser
           PO Box 104, Needham, MA  02192

01/92  508-664-0149       genesis    North Reading   MA 12/24/96    24
  Gateway 2000 386/25, Minix-386; Three lines; Internet mail; Usenet News;
  Multi-user chat, games; Shell access and menu system; Full access to all
  users; No Fees; 200 megabytes; One hop from the Internet; HST & V.32.
  Contact: [email protected] (Steve Belczyk)

08/92  508-752-1378       schunix    Worcester       MA 24/96/14.4  24
  SUN 4/75(Sparc 2), SunOS 4.1.1(BSD),1.9GB: Shell, Usenet, E-mail,
  $15/month or $150/yr for up to 1 hr/day, 1 time Reg fee of $10.
  5 megabyte quota. Limited time 4 week free trial.
  Contact: [email protected]ix.uucp (Robert Schultz)
  SCHUNIX c/o Ostrow Electric, 9 Mason Street, Worcester, MA 01609
  Voice: 508-752-4522

12/91  510-294-8591       woodowl    Livermore       CA 12/24/19.2  24
  Xenix/386 3.2.1.  Waffle BBS,  Usenet Access;  Reasonable users welcome.
  No fee;  For more information contact: [email protected],
  lll-winken!chumley!woodowl!william, or call and just sign up on system.

08/92  510-530-9682       bdt        Oakland         CA 12/24/96    24
  Sun 4, SunOS 4.1;  BBS access to Usenet news, E-mail (Internet and
  UUCP).  PEP/V.32 on 510-530-6915. First time users login: bbs.
  Unix, Atari ST, and IBM-PC sources and PD/shareware.  $35 annual
  fee. 30-day free trial. Newsfeeds and UUCP access by special
  arrangement.  Contact: David Beckemeyer [email protected]

09/91  510-623-8652^      jack       Fremont         CA 3/12/24/96  24
  Sun 4/470 running Sun O/S 4.1.1 offers downloading of netnews archives
  and all uploaded software. Each user can log in as bbs or as the account
  which they create for themselves. This is a free Public Access Unix
  System that is part of a network of 4 machines. The primary phone line
  is on a rotary to three other lines.

08/92  510-704-1058       HoloNet    Berkeley        CA 12/24/96/14 24
  DECstations, ULTRIX;  Commercial network, over 850 cities;  Custom shell;
  Full Internet, IRC, telnet, USENET, USA Today Descisionline, games;
  $2/hr off-peak;  Telnet:, Info sever: [email protected],
  Contact: [email protected]

06/91  512-346-2339^      bigtex     Austin          TX 96          24
  SysVr3.2 i386, anonymous shell, no fee, anonymous uucp ONLY,
  Telebit 9600/PEP; Mail links available.  Carries GNU software.
  anon uucp login: nuucp NO PASSWD, file list /usr3/index
  anon shell login: guest NO PASSWD, chroot'd to /usr3
  Contact: [email protected]

10/89  513-779-8209       cinnet     Cincinnati      OH 12/24/96    24
  80386, ISC 386/ix 2.02, Telebit access, 1 line; $7.50/Month; shell
  access, Usenet access; news feeds available;
  login: newact password: new user to register for shell access

01/92  514-435-8896       ichlibix   Blainville Quebec CAN 3/12/24/96  24
  80386, ISC 2.2.1;  2400 bps modem on dial in, HST DS on -2650;  BBS
  program is Ubbs (RemoteAccess Clone) - named Soft Stuff, no shell;
  No fees required but are recommended for more access ($25 - $75/yr);
  Files for both dos and UNIX + a lot of binaries for ISC;  Possibility
  to send/receive UUCP mail from the BBS

01/90  517-487-3356       lunapark   E. Lansing      MI 12/24       24
  Compaq 386/20 SCO-UNIX 3.2, lunabbs bulletin board & conferencing
  system, no fee, login: bbs password: lunabbs.  Primarily UNIX software
  with focus on TeX and Postscript, also some ATARI-ST and IBM-PC stuff
  2400/1200 --> 8 N 1
  Contact: ...!{mailrus,uunet}!frith!lunapark!larry

02/92  517-789-5175       anubis     Jackson         MI 3/12        24
  Equip ???, OS ???; 1200 baud dial-in (planning on 19.2kbps);
  UUCP connections to the world, PicoSpan BBS software, Teleconferencing,
  C programming compiler, 3 public dial-in lines, Online games;
  Contact: Matthew Rupert ([email protected]).

12/88  518-346-8033       sixhub     upstate         NY 3/12/24     24
  PC Designs GV386.  hub machine of the upstate NY UNIX users group (*IX)
  two line reserved for incoming, bbs no fee, news & email fee $15/year
  Smorgasboard of BBS systems, UNaXcess and XBBS online,
  Citadel BBS now in production. Contact: [email protected]

07/91  602-293-3726       coyote     Tucson          AZ 3/12/24/96  24
  FTK-386, ISC 386/ix 2.0.2;  Waffle BBS, devoted to embedded systems
  programming and u-controller development software;  E-Mail/USENET;
  UUCP and limited USENET feeds available;
  Contact: E.J. McKernan ([email protected]).
      bbs: ogin: bbs    (NO PWD)
     uucp: ogin: nuucp  (NO PWD)

09/92  602-649-9099^      telesys    Mesa            AZ 12/24/96    24
  SCO UNIX V/386 3.2.4; Telebit WorldBlazers; TeleSys-II Unix based BBS
  (no fee) login: bbs; Unix archives available via BBS or ANON UUCP;
  Shell Accounts available for full access USENET, email (fees);
  Phoenix Matchmaker with more than 9000 members (fees) login: bbs
  Regional supplier of USENET Newsfeeds; uucp-anon: nuucp NOPWD;
  Contact: [email protected]  or  ...!ncar!noao!enuucp!telesys!kreed

12/90  602-941-2005^      xroads     Phoenix         AZ 12/24       24
  Motorola VME1121, UNIX 5.2, Crossroads BBS, Fee $30/yr + $.50/.25 (call)
  prime (evenings)/non-prime, USENET news, multi-chat, online games,
  movie reviews, adventure games, dos unix/xenix files for dload, multi lines

05/92  602-991-5952       aa7bq      Scottsdale      AZ 3/12/24     24
  Sun 4, SunOS 4.1.2, NB bbs system,  900 meg online,
  Primarily Ham Radio related articles from usenet
  (, complete Callsign Database, Radio and
  scanner modifications, frequency listings, shell access by permission,
  No fees, Free classifie ads, Local e-mail only.  Login: bbs (8N1) or
  Login: callsign for callsign database only.  Don't use MNP!
  For additional info contact [email protected]

01/92  603-429-1735       mv         Litchfield      NH 12/24/96    24
  80386; ISC UNIX; MV is on the Internet (mv.MV.COM, host;
  mail connections and news feeds via uucp; domain registrations;
  membership in "domain park" MV.COM; domain forwarding; archives of
  news and mail software for various platforms; mailing lists;
  area topics;  $7/month for 1 hour/month; $20/month for 3 hours/month
  $2/hour thereafter; blocks of 30 hours for $20 month - First month free
  up to 20 hours.
  Voice: 603-429-2223; USMail: MV Communications Inc, PO Box 4963
  Manchester NH 03108; Or dial the modem and login as "info" or "rates".

08/92  603-448-5722       tutor      Lebanon         NH 3/12/24/96  24
  Altos 386 w/ System V 3.1;  Limited newsfeed;  E-Mmail and USENET available
  via UUCP.
  Contact: [email protected]

11/90  604-576-1214       mindlink   Vancouver       BC 3/12/24/96  24
  80386 w/ SCO Xenix;  14 lines, 660 Meg disk space, TB+ & 9600 HST available;
  No shell;  Fee of $45/year for BBS access;  E-Mail, USENET, hundreds of megs
  of file downloads;  Operating since 1986.

08/89  605-348-2738       loft386    Rapid City      SD 3/12/24/96  24
  80386 SYS V/386 Rel 3.2, Usenet mail/news via UUNET, UUNET archive access.
  NO BBS!  News feeds avaliable.  400 meg hd.  Fees: $10/month or $25/quarter.
  Call (605) 343-8760 and talk to Doug Ingraham to arrange an account or email

09/92  606-253-1481       lunatix    Lexington       KY 3/12/24     24
  SCO Unix 3.2.2.  2 2400 baud lines.  V32bis later in the fall.
  Home grown Pseudo BBS software.  Multiuser games, Full USENET Feed on
  tap, USENET Feeds available.  Shells available, No Fees.

08/92  607-273-3233       banana     Ithaca          NY 3/12/24/96  24
  Xenix/386 running Waffle BBS, no shell access.  600M disk. Main number
  is a USR HST Dual Standard with HST, V.32bis and slower modulations;
  -6881 has a Telebit Worldblazer.  Local message base, as well as more
  or less complete Usenet news feed and mail; one hop from the Internet.
  I'm happy to provide newsfeeds locally.  Chat and multiuser talk.  No
  interesting files :) No charge, but I do have mail validation for
  Usenet posting and sending email.  Contact: John Hood
  ([email protected])

05/92  608-273-2657       madnix     Madison         WI 3/12/24     24
  486, MST UNIX SysV/386, shell, no fee required, USENET news, mail, login: bbs
  Contact: [email protected]

09/90  612-473-2295^      pnet51     Minneapolis     MN 3/12/24     24
  Equip ?, Xenix, multi-line, no fee, some Usenet news, email, multi-threaded
  conferencing, login: pnet id: new, PC Pursuitable
  UUCP: {rosevax, crash}!orbit!pnet51!admin

05/92  613-237-0792       latour     Ottawa          ON 3/12/24     24
  Sun 3/60, SunOS 4.1, 8meg Ram, 660 meg of disk;  No BBS;   Unix
  access rather than usenet. Login as guest for a shell (send mail to
  postmaster asking for an account);  Anon uucp is login as 'anonuucp'
  (/bin/rmail is allowed), Grab ~uucp/README[.Z] for an ls-lR.

02/92  613-837-3029       micor      Orleans         ON 3/12/24/96  24
  386/25, 600 Meg, Xenix 2.3.2, USENET, email, 2 phone lines
  fee required to get more than 15 mins/day of login and to access
  additional phone lines.
  Available:  bbs accounts (waffle) or shell accounts.
  Contact: [email protected] or [email protected], Michel Cormier.

08/92  614-868-9980^      bluemoon   Reynoldsburg    OH 3/12/24/96  24
  Sun 4/75, SunOS;  2.2gb;  Leased line to the Internet;  Multiple lines,
  HST Dual on -9980 & -9982, Telebit T2500 on -9984;  2gb disk space;
  Bluemoon BBS -- supporting UNIX, graphics, and general interest;  Full
  USENET, gated Fidonet conferences, E-Mail;
  Contact: [email protected] (Grant DeLorean).

05/92  615-288-3957       medsys     Kingsport       TN 12/24/96/19 24
  386  SCO-UNIX 3.2, XBBS, no fee, limit 90 min.
  Telebit PEP, USENET, 600 meg., login: bbs   password: bbs
  anon uucp --> medsys Any ACU (speed) 16152883957 ogin: nuucp
  Request /u/xbbs/unix/BBSLIST.Z for files listing
  Contact: [email protected] (LaVerne E. Olney)

04/91  615-896-8716       raider     Murfreesboro    TN 12/24/96    24
  Featuring GDXBBS. BBS accounts are free,  and available to the general
  public with unlimited  capabilities  first call.  We also provide mail,
  shell, and USENET links. One hop from uunet.  Complete source and binary
  archives available.  Annual member fees for shell and uucp accounts are
  $40, with a six month sub for $25.  615-896-8716 is Intel 9600 EX modem
  using V.32/42/42bis.  Line 2, 615-896-7905 1200/2400 only.  For more info
  contact [email protected], or log into bbs and leave mail.

12/91  616-457-1964       wybbs      Jenison         MI 3/12/24/96  24
  386 - SCO-XENIX 2.3.2, two lines, XBBS for new users, mail in for shell
  access, usenet news, 150 meg storage, Telebit. Interests: ham radio, xenix
  AKA: Consultants Connection  Contact: [email protected]
  Alternate phone #: 616-457-9909 (max 2400 baud). Anonymous UUCP available.

12/90  617-739-9753^      world      Brookline       MA 3/12/24/96  24
  Sun 4/280, SunOS 4.0.3;  Shell, USENET, E-Mail, UUCP, IRC, Alternet
  connection to the Internet, and home of the Open Book Initiative
  (text project), multiple lines;  fees: $5/mo + $2/hr or $20/20hrs per month;
  Contact: [email protected]

05/92  619-453-1115       netlink    San Diego       CA 12/24       24
  386 UNIX, Provides access to E-mail and over 700 USENET newsgroups
  through Waffle BBS interface.  Multiple lines, NO FEE for basic access.
  Higher access available for a donation.  Mail feeds available.
  Login: bbs  Contact: [email protected]

06/92  619-569-4072^      crash      San Diego       CA 12/24/96    24
  Datel 486-33 12mb, SCO Xenix 2.3.4, 9 lines; HST 619-569-4072, V32
  619-569-9195, PEP 619-571-6057.  V42.bis most lines, V32.bis on
  619-569-4097.  All modems at 38,400bps, Telebits at 19,200bps.  8N1
  only.  Full Usenet (1500+ groups), (smart) email, shell and uucp
  accounts.  1.5gb disk.  No direct internet (yet).
  Contact: [email protected]

06/92  619-634-1376       cyber      Encinitas       CA 3/12/24/96  24
  Equip ???;  Multilple lines [HST16.8/V.32];  The Cyberspace Station;
  On the Internet (telnet to CYBER.NET []);  A Public Access
  Unix service with full Internet connectivity;  E-Mail/USENET,
  International communications, hunting for files, and interactive chatting;
  Login on as "guest" and send feedback  (Don't forget to leave a phone number
  where you can be reached).
  Contact: [email protected]

08/92  703-281-7997^      grebyn     Vienna          VA 3/12/24     24
  Networked Vax/Ultrix. $30/month for 25 hours.  $1.20 connect/hr after 25
  hours.  1 MB disk quota.  $2/MB/month additional quota.  USENET News.
  Domain mail (  Full Internet IP connectivity expected in the
  summer of 1992.  Mail to [email protected], voice 703-281-2194.

05/92  703-803-0391^      tnc        Fairfax Station VA 3/12/24/96  24
  Zenith Z-386, SCO Xenix; 120 MB HDD;  12 lines, tb+ for UUCP only;
  "The Next Challenge";  Usenet, mail, Unique (sysop written) multi-user
  space game;  No Shell;  Free and user supported --> No fee for light mail
  and usenet;  Subscription required for game and unlimited mail and usenet
  at $25 / year;
  Contact: Tom Buchsbaum ([email protected] or uunet!tnc!tom).

08/92  707-792-0420       uonline    Rohnert Park    CA 12/24/96    24
  80386, ESIX UNIX SYSVR4.0;  No Fee for basic system; Usenet feed for
  fee, $5 mo, Available; Anonuucp login as "nuucp", password "anon";
  Using modified XBBS, LINUX files
  Contact: [email protected]  or ..infoserv!uonline!root

08/92  708-425-8739       oaknet     Oak Lawn        IL 3/12/24     24
  Equip ???, SysV 3.2;  2400 baud, 8-N-1;  E-Mail/USENET.

05/92  708-833-8126^      vpnet      Villa Park      IL 12/24/96    24
  386 Clone - Interactive Unix R2.2 (3.2), Akcs linked bbs FREE, inclu-
  ding many selected Usenet groups.  Shells are available for a minimum
  $60/year  contribution; under 22, $30.  Includes access to our FULL
  Usenet feed.  Well connected.  Five lines including three Trailblazers.
  Two hunt groups - V.32 modems call 708-833-8127 (contributors only).
  Contact: [email protected], Gerry Swetsky (708)833-8122 (human).

12/91  708-983-5147       wa9aek     Lisle           IL 12/24/96    24
  80386, UNIX V.3.2.3;  XBBS for HAM radio enthusiasts;  1.5 Gigabytes online;
  Multiple lines, dial in - USR HST DS V.32bis/42bis, 8138 - Tb T2500;
  Login as bbs (8-N-1).

10/89  713-668-7176^      nuchat     Houston         TX 3/12/24/96  24
  i386;  USENET, Mail, Shell Access;  300M On-line;  Trailbazer Used;
  No fee.

09/91  713-684-5900^      sugar      Houston         TX 3/12/24/96  24
  386/AT (2) networked - Intel V/386, 10 lines, usenet, news, downloads
  Homegrown BBS software, Trailblazer+ access, currently no charges.

02/92  714-278-0862       alchemy    Corona          CA 12/24/96/19 24
  33 Mhz 80386, 8MB, 330MB Disk, SCO Xenix v2.3.4, Telebit T2500; Alchemy
  Software Designs Technial Support BBS; USENET news (partial feed);
  threaded conference system;  data library/archive (mainly Unix sources
  but room for expansion) with X, Y and Zmodem batch transfers; No fees;
  New users login as "guest" and apply for account at main BBS menu.
  Contact: John Donahue {gumby, bbs, root}@alchemy.UUCP

01/91  714-635-2863^      dhw68k     Anaheim         CA 12/24/96    24
  Unistride 2.1;  Trailblazer access;  2nd line -1915;  No fee;  USENET News;
  /bin/sh or /bin/csh available

12/90  714-821-9671^      alphacm    Cypress         CA 12/24/96    24
  386 - SCO-XENIX, no fee, Home of XBBS, 90 minute per login, 4 lines,
  Trailblazer pluses in use.
    uucp-anon:  ogin: nuucp  NO PASSWD

12/90  714-842-5851^      conexch    Santa Ana       CA 3/12/24     24
  386 - SCO Xenix - Free Unix guest login and PC-DOS bbs login, one
  hour inital time limit, USENET news, shell access granted on request &
  $25/quarter donation.  Anon uucp: ogin: nuucp  NO PASSWD.  List of
  available Unix files resides in /usr3/public/FILES.

01/91  714-894-2246^      stanton    Irvine          CA 3/12/24     24
  80386-25, SCO Xenix-386, 320mb disk, 2400/1200/300 MNP supported;  E-Mail &
  USENET;  Fixed fee $20/yr;  X11R4 archive and many packages ported to Xenix
  386;  C development system (XENIX/MSDOS), PROCALC 1-2-3 clone, FOXBASE+;
  anon uucp: ogin: nuucp, no word

06/92  718-832-1525^      panix      New York City   NY 12/24/96/19 24
  Mac2fx, 16MB ram, 2.4GB on 4 fast disks. OS: A/UX 3.0, a modern merged
  SVR2/BSD unix. Shell of your choice: sh, ksh, csh, tcsh. 16 dialins: 9 2400,
  3 telebit, 4 V.32bis (separate rotary). We are an internet site capable of
  FTP, telnet, finger, etc. with any other site on the internet. Full UseNet
  feed; nn, rn, or GNUS for newsreaders; ELM; Mail, or MM for mail reading.
  Vi, Emacs, other editors. Compile your own sources if you like. $10/mn or
  $100/yr, NO hourly charge. Internet access $40 once plus $9/month additional.
  Other lines are -1526, -1527, -1568, -0143, -0199, -0325; also, (718) 369-
  0114, 0112, 0123, 1061. V.32bis numbers (4) for registered users only. UUCP
  connections (with news) available to users, and subdomains if you want.
     Contact: Alexis Rosen ([email protected] or uunet!panix!alexis),
     212-877-4854, or Jim Baumbach ([email protected]), 718-965-3768.

06/92  719-520-1700       cns        Coloroda Springs CO 3/12/24     24
  Sun 3/260,  SunOS;  22 lines (on rollover); $35 signup fee, $1 / hour;
  CNS (Community News Service) -- offering Internet access, carrying email,
  ftp, telnet, and usenet on a full UNIX account;  Free access to a MUSH
  connection at address "telnet 4201";
  To signup, sign on and type "new".

12/89  719-632-4111       oldcolo    Colorodo Springs CO 12/24/96    24
  386 - SCO-XENIX  frontend,  2 CT  Miniframes  backend,  e-mail
  conferencing,  databases,   Naplps Graphics, USENET news. 7 lines
  8N1,  2400 on 2906,  USR  Dual  9600  on 2658.   Self registering
  for  limited  free  access    (political,    policy, marketplace)
  Subscriptions $10, 15, 18 mo for full use. Dave Hughes SYSOP.

01/92  801-566-6283^      bitsko     Salt Lake City  UT 3/12/24/96  24
  80486, UHC UNIX SVR4; Bitsko's Bar & Grill BBS; Telebit; No fee;
  Unidel; Usenet news; Internet mail; Citadel-net gateway and local
  feeds available; Source system for Unidel, a Citadel-like newsreader
  and UNIX BBS, and uccico, a UNIX-side Citadel-net gateway.
  Contact: [email protected] (Ken MacLeod)

08/92  804-627-1828       wyvern     Norfolk         VA 12/24/96/14 24
  486/33, SVR4.  Four v.32/v.32bis lines on rotary.  Running UniBoard
  bbs,  login "bbs".  Shell accounts available.  Mail and news feeds
  available.  Archie by mail available with simple interface.  530MB
  disk space with lots of games, programming languages, news.  We're
  fed by a major Internet site (ODU), and can include your machine in
  our domain park.  Internet connection coming soon.
  Contact: Tom Manos at (804) 627-7837, or [email protected]
  (uunet!wyvern!tmanos), or login as guest, password guest, to register
  for full access.

04/92  812-333-0450       sir-alan   Bloomington     IN 12/24/19.2/ 24
  SCO UNIX 3.2; no fee; TB+ on 333-0450 (300-19.2K); archive site for
  comp.sources.[games,misc,sun,unix,x], some alt.sources, XENIX(68K/286/386)
  uucp-anon: ogin: nuucp password: anon-uucp
  uucp-anon directory: /u/pdsrc, /u/pubdir, /u/uunet, help in /u/pubdir/HELP
  Contact: [email protected]  (812-855-3974 days 812-333-6564 eves)

04/92  812-421-8523       aquila     Evansville      IN 3/12/24     24
  80386, SCO Unix;  Second line is '1963;  Games, mail, and Unix
  classes-by-mail;  System has a "BBS Mall" of varied topics -- several
  BBSs under a single system.
    Anonymous uucp/mail: nuucp <no password>. Contact: [email protected]

08/92  814-353-0566       cpumagic   Bellefonte      PA 12/24/96/14 24
  80386, ESIX 4.0.3a (SVR4);  Dual Standard (v.32/v.32bis/HST);
  The Centre Programmers Unit BBS, custom BBS software (Micro Magic);
  Files available: UNIX, GNU, X, ESIX, MSDOS tools and libraries;
  No fee but up/download ratios enforced.
  Contact: Mike Loewen at [email protected]
                    or ...psuvax1!cpumagic!mloewen

05/92  818-287-5115^      abode      El Monte        CA 24/96       24
  XENIX 2.3.3; 2400-9600 Baud (Telebit T1000 PEP); Fee of $40 per year;
  Newsuers login as 'guest'; Users get access to shell account, email,
  usenet news, games, etc.
  Contact: [email protected] (!wvus!abode!eric)

08/92  818-367-2142^      quake      Sylmar          CA 3/12/24/96/ 24
  ESIX/386 3.2D running Waffle;  Telebit WorldBlazer on dial-in line,
  818-362-6092 has Telebit T2500;  Usenet (1000+ groups), Email
  (registered as, UUCP/UUPC connections;  Rare Bird
  Advisories, Technomads, more;  $5 a month if paid a year at a time.
  New users login as "bbs", then "new".  One week free to new users.

08/92  818-793-9108^      atrium     Pasadena        CA 3/12/24     24
  Xenix/386 2.3.3; International pen-pal service; login: mm
  Contact: [email protected]; multi-lines

09/92  900-468-7727       uunet      Falls Church    VA 3/12/24/96  24
  Sequent S81, Dynix 3.0.17(9);  UUNET Communication Services;  No Shell;
  Anonymous UUCP, fee $0.40/min -- billed by the telephone company,
  login: uucp (no passwd);  Multiple lines, PEP and V.32 available;
  grab "uunet!~/help for more info" ...
  Full internet mail and USENET access via subscriber UUCP accounts.
  Contact: [email protected] or call [voice] 703-204-8000.

07/91  904-456-2003       amaranth   Pensacola       FL 12/24/96    24
  ISC Unix V/386 2.2.1 TB+ on dialin.  XBBS no fee.  limited NEWS, E-mail
  For more info: Jon Spelbring [email protected]

09/91  906-228-4399       lopez      Marquette       MI 12/24       24
  80386, SCO Xenix 2.3.4; Running STARBASE II Software.  Great White North
  UPLink, Inc. (Non Profit) 100+ local rooms, PLUS USENET, Multi Channel Chat,
  5 ports, $30 yr, flat rate for full access to net news, mail.
  Upper Michigan's ORIGINAL BBS (since 1983)
  Contact: Gary Bourgois ...rutgers!sharkey!lopez!flash ([email protected])

06/91  908-297-8713^      kb2ear     Kendall Park    NJ 3/12/24/96  24
  80286, SCO Xenix;  No Fee;  Shell Access, Usenet alt,rec,nj,sci,comp
  (readnews,vnews,rn,etc), Email (mush,elm,mailx);  Mail and News feeds
  Available; Anonuucp login as "nuucp";
  Contact: [email protected] (Scott R. Weis), 1-908-297-8713

08/91  916-649-0161^      sactoh0    Sacramento      CA 12/24/96    24
  3B2/310 SYVR3.2; SAC_UNIX, sactoh0.SAC.CA.US;  $2/month;  3 lines,
  v.32 on 722-6519, TB+ on 649-0161, 2400/1200 baud on 722-5068;
  USENET, E-Mail, some games; login: new
  Contact: [email protected]   or   ..ames!pacbell!sactoh0!root

01/91  919-248-1177^      rock       RTP             NC 3/12/24/96  24
  SparcStation 1+, SunOS 4.1;  Fee: $200 installation, $25/month.  Full
  internet access (FTP, TELNET, etc).  Netnews (includes vmsnet, u3b, alt)
  and E-Mail.  No limit on time, disk quotas enforced.  56Kbps and T1
  internet connections also available.  Phone number depends on location
  within North Carolina (PC Pursuit also available).
  Contact:  [email protected], [email protected]

02/92  +33-1-40-35-23-49  gna        Paris           FR 12/12/96    24
  Microlec 2000, Unisoft 1.3; (T2500/PEP/V32/2400/1200) +33-1-40-35-23-49,
  (Multimodem/V32/2400/1200) +33-1-40-35-23-31, (Telsat1240/1200)
  +33-1-40-35-15-67;  ~250 Meg -- comp.sources.{games,unix,misc,x},
  alt (~1200 files), rfc, uumap, techreports, x11r4 patches, images,
  spl (miscelaneous), latest GNU stuff, grab ~/news for more info;
  Mail/News feeds (no fees) for everyone.
  Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]
     Anonymous uucp archive (gin: nuucp, no passwd);

06/92  +39-541-27135      nervous    Rimini (Fo)     IT 3/12/24/96  24
  386/33, 1GB, ISC 386ix;  Menu driven BBS, no shell;  Directly connected
  with, UnixBBS Development Site, full USENET access thru
  menu-driven BBS (no shell logins), lots of unix sources and erotic images,
  no fees required for file download
  COntact: [email protected]

06/92  +41-61-8115492     ixgch      Kaiseraugst     CH 3/12/24/96  24
  80386, SCO Xenix 2.3.3;  HST Dual Standard;  Shell is the PubSh
  (Public Shell), user-friendly UI;  Network services like Internet
  mail/news, Swiss BBS-List Service etc...  Internet mail/news UUCP
  feed-links available;
  Contact: [email protected] (...!impch!ixgch!postmaster)

09/92  +44-734-34-00-55   infocom    Berkshire       UK 3/12/24/96  24
  80386, SCO Unix 3.2.2;  Registration online, password sent by mail;
  No shell;  E-Mail/USENET;  Newsfeed ONLY to members of UKnet (UKnet
  policy) & on request;  Anon UUCP;  File Upload & Download, no quotas;
  BBS, Games, Teletext pages;  Some services are free and some are pay;
  There is a demo / preview of the services.
  Contact: [email protected] or Fax +44 734 32 09 88

12/91  +44-81-317-2222    dircon     London          UK 3/12/24     24
  UNIX SysV 3.2;  The Direct Connection multi-user on-line service;
  Local and international/USENET conferencing, choice of newsreaders,
  keyword searchable download areas, industry newswires, electronic mail,
  FAX gateway, real-time tele-conferencing, personal file areas;
  10 pounds sterling per month (5 pounds registration);  No connect time
  or character charges; For demonstration/sign-up login as 'demo';
  Call (voice): +44-81-317 0100 for more information.
  EMAIL Contact: [email protected] [...ukc!dircon!info]

06/92  +44-81-863-6646    ibmpcug    Middlesex       UK 3/12/24/96  24
  386 PC/AT, SCO Xenix 2.3.2 -- IBM-PC User Group;  Multiple lines,
  line 2: 861 5522, 300-19.2k + V42bix + V32;  Fee: ~50 pounds sterling,
  unlimited use;  Internet Access (FTP, Telnet and IRC) as well as News
  and Mail services via UUCP;
  Contact: [email protected], Voice +44 81 863 1191

08/92  +44 81 893 4088    HelpEx     London          UK 3/12/24     24
  SunOS 4.1, V32/V42b soon.  Mail, news and UNIX shell (/usr/ucb/mail,
  ream; rn; sh, csh, tcsh, bash) UK#5 per month.  500 USENET groups
  currently and expanding.  All reasonable mail and USENET use free.
  Beginner's pack available.  Mail for contract and charges documents.
  One month free trial period possible.  ***Mail and news feeds.***
  Contact:  [email protected], or voice/FAX +44 81 755 0077 GMT 1300-2300.

08/92  +49-30-694-61-82   scuzzy     Berlin          DE 3/12/24/96  24
  80486/33, ISC 3.0;  HST 14400/v.42bis on the first, HST 14400/V.32bis/V.42bis
  Modems on other dial-in lines;  Large library of source code including
  386BSD, GNU, TeX, and X11 -- will distribute on tapes (grab /src/TAPES
  for the order form, /src/SERVICE for info about support for Free Software).
  Bulletin Board System with possible full Internet access, i.e. email,
  USENET, IRC, FTP, telnet (grab /src/BBS for info, or login as 'guest');
  Login as 'archive' for x/y/z-modem and kermit transfers;  Anonymous UUCP
  available, grab /src/README for initial info;
  Contact: [email protected] (Heiko Blume)
     anon uucp:   ogin: nuucp   word: nuucp

01/92  +49-40-494867      isys-hh    Hamburg         DE 3/12/24/96/ 24
  Intel 80486/33/1050 - SCO Unix 3.2V2.0 (ODT 1.1.0n);
  Shells: msh, sh, csh, ksh; nn for newsreaders, ELM for mail
  Contact: [email protected] (Michael Loth)

06/91  +49-8106-34593     gold       Baldham         DE 3/12/24/96  24
  33MHz i486 EISA, PEP/V.32 available on first line, HST available on
  +49-8106-34692; Unix 5 Release 4.0.2, Waffle bbs, Usenet, German Subnet,
  Megabytes of Unix Sources;  No shell;  BBS is free for Mail and Usenet;
  Anonymous UUCP available, grab ~nuucp/gold.files.Z for more info, (uucp
  supports e, f, and g protocols);
  Contact: [email protected]
     anon uucp:  ogin: nuucp (no password)

11/91  +61-2-837-1183     kralizec   Sydney          AU 24          12/24/96
  Sun 3/50, SunOS 4.0;  470mb disk; V.32/MNP-5 modem;  Dialup access to
  Internet E-mail & USENET; mail-based FTP. 80 - 100 Mb software online
  for download. Full C-shell access to all members. No joining fee. Usage
  fee $50 for 50 hours connect time. Voice number +61-2-837-1397.
  Home of IXgate - Internet to Fidonet gateway - also Fido 713/602.
  Contact: [email protected]

12/91  +64-4-389-5478     actrix     Wellington      NZ 3/12/24/96  24
  Zenith 386/33MHz w/ ISC 386/ix 2.02;  Actrix Information Exchange --
  New Zealand's first Public Access UNIX.  750 Mb disk; 3 lines, USR
  Courier HST (T2500 due December 1990, X25 in '91).  Fee: NZ$54 p.a. -
  offers heavily modified XBBS with USEnet and Fidonet, e-mail (elm),
  hundreds of file areas divided into sections for UNIX, MS-DOS, Amiga,
  Atari, Apple //, Macintosh, CP/M etc.  Shell w/ many extras available
  via `Enhanced subscription'.  Planned to join APC (PeaceNet/EcoNet);
  Contact: [email protected] (Paul Gillingwater) PO Box 11-410, Wgtn, NZ

12/91  +64-4-564-2317     cavebbs    Wellington      NZ 12/24       24
  AT&T 3B2/400 w/SysV 3.2; The Cave MegaBBS System. 144MB disk; 4 lines.
  Free access line 1, NZD$40 donation requested for others. KCBBS s/w
  featuring Usenet, Fidonet 3:771/130.0 and conferencing, email and
  links with other local systems. The Cave runs concurrently using
  KiwiBoard s/w on two lines +64-4-643-429 12/24/96 V32MNP5 on a 386/25
  to provide local messaging and 290MB of PC/Amiga/GIF/sound files;
  Contact: [email protected] (Charlie Lear), Box 2009 Wellington, NZ

02/91  +64-9-817-3725     kcbbs      Auckland        NZ 12/24/96    24
  SMC 486/25MHz w/ ESIX 5.3.2 Rec C; Kappa Crucis Unix BBS. Fee: NONE
  1140 Mb disk; 7 lines, T2500, 3*v32MP4/5, 2*2400MNP3/5, Radio modem
  tnc/Packet VHF. KCBBS s/w, non-Unix user interface (no user Unix shell
  access) with USEnet, Fidonet, GTnet, online weatherfax/gifs, Email,
  100's file areas, off-line readers, multi-user chat, Astronomy/Science
  Fidonet 3:771/90, login as kc.   Contact: [email protected] (David Dix)

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