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The PSX+ IC functions as the bridge between the PowerPC 603e microprocessor and the PCI bus. It provides buffering and address translation from one bus to the other. The PSX+ IC also provides the control and timing signals for system cache, ROM, and RAM. The memory control logic supports byte, word, longword, and burst accesses to the system memory. If an access is not aligned to the appropriate address boundary, PSX+ generates multiple data transfers on the bus.

Memory Control

The PSX+ IC controls the system RAM and ROM and provides address multiplexing and refresh signals for the DRAM devices. For information about the address multiplexing, see “RAM Address Multiplexing” on page 47.

PCI Bus Bridge

The PSX+ IC acts as a bridge between the processor bus and the PCI expansion bus, converting signals on one bus to the equivalent signals on the other bus. The PCI bridge functions are performed by two converters. One accepts requests from the processor bus and presents them to the PCI bus. The other converter accepts requests from the PCI bus and provides access to the RAM and ROM on the processor bus.

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