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|My Big Box Software Collection (Jan 2020)
|My Big Box Software Collection (Jan 2020)
|In this video we take a tour of the big box software titles I keep on display in my house. This collection includes various games and operating systems for Macintosh and DOS/Windows.
|In this video we take a tour of the big box software titles I keep on display in my house. This collection includes various games and operating systems for Macintosh and DOS/Windows.
|January 2, 2019
|January 2, 2020

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Paul's Old Crap is a video series filmed by Paul Lezica and showcases some of the old computing hardware in the Higher Intellect Technology Museum (or see Higher Intellect Technology Museum). See below for links to individual episodes of the show.


Over the years we've both collected and lost a number of items in our tech museum, so the decision was made to showcase what we've got as a retro video series. Our aim is to display some average use of each system along with discussing technical details and how to keep these systems running.


Due to space availability we might not be able to accommodate large system donations, but we would welcome donations of components which could be used to upgrade systems in our collections. If you're interested in helping out, drop us a line at admin(at) Some items we're always looking for: big box PC software from the 80s/90s (also Mac software), SCSI2SD boards, IDE SSDs, 50-pin SCSI drives, Silicon Graphics hardware (MIPS or 68K era), Sun workstations (SPARC or older), NeXT hardware and software, 386/486 laptops.


Episode Title Description Released YouTube URL
0 (Intro) Retro computing introduction This video will briefly cover most of the old computing equipment found in Paul's collection. Future videos will be about specific items seen in this intro. December 10, 2017
1 SGI Indy & IRIX This video will discuss the SGI Indy and IRIX operating system. We will cover aspects of the Indy hardware, simple usage of IRIX and topics about keeping these old systems running (SCSI2SD, upgrades, etc). January 11, 2018
2 Apple UNIX (A/UX) on a Mac SE/30 In this video I demonstrate the installation and limited usage of Apple UNIX (A/UX) 3.0.1 on a Macintosh SE/30. I'll cover a few talking points about A/UX in general and some of the issues I encountered. February 1, 2018
3 Making A Home Dialup ISP Today we talk about dialup modems and how to make a mini dialup ISP using a virtual PBX. We'll use a Cisco router acting as a dialup server to provide Internet access to our computers, with the modem call going through a 3CX VOIP server and Grandstream ATAs. February 22, 2018
4 Apple & Macintosh Manuals of the 80s/90s In this video I'll be going through a pile of Apple manuals from the 1980s and 1990s. These are mostly user guides for Macintosh computers, Apple software, system accessories and HyperCard. October 14, 2018 (Part 1/2), (Part 2/2)
5 NeXTSTEP 3.3 on a SPARCstation 5 (Install/Tour) I will demonstrate the installation and some usage of the NeXTSTEP 3.3 operating system using a Sun SPARCstation 5. This will cover some required information for installing the OS on a SPARCstation and getting some applications loaded. November 25, 2018
6 Mac OS X Server 1.2 (Rhapsody 5.6) on a PowerMac G3 In this video I'll install Mac OS X Server 1.2, code named Rhapsody 5.6, onto a Power Macintosh G3 old world ROM system. This operating system is the PowerPC port of OPENSTEP and was released prior to the Mac OS X 10.0 average consumer operating system. December 10, 2018
7 Apple's Copland OS (Info/Tour) In this video I will demonstrate a few different developer pre-release versions of the Apple Copland operating system on a Power Macintosh 6100. Mac users in the mid-1990s had high hopes for Copland until it was revealed the project would realistically never be completed. This software is very unstable and only runs on a select few Macintosh models. June 5, 2019


Title Description Released YouTube URL
Solar Winds: The Escape (1993) In this video I play a bit of the DOS game "Solar WInds 1: The Escape" while discussing some aspects of the gameplay. February 27, 2018
Stellar 7 (1990) Spending a few minutes playing the DOS game Stellar 7 which is another favorite of mine from the 90s. February 27, 2018
IndyCar Racing (1993) From Papyrus, IndyCar Racing is one of the numerous racing games available for DOS. In this video I'll run some laps on a couple of tracks. February 28, 2018
SimFarm (1993) First time playing SimFarm in more than 15 years. Most of the game seems simple enough to figure out without reading any instructions. Not my favorite Sim game but I do enjoy it. March 1, 2018
Stunts (1990) In this video I take a look at the classic DOS racing game Stunts. A neat game for the time if you were running a 386 or 486 PC. March 3, 2018
X-Com Terror From The Deep demo (1995) This video covers me playing through the demo version of X-Com: Terror From The Deep. This is the single disk copy which was included with PC Magazine sometime in 1994 or 1995. March 8, 2018
Dinosaur Adventure (1993) Taking a look at the educational title "Dinosaur Adventure" for DOS. March 14, 2018
Stronghold (2001) Firing up a copy of the original Stronghold game and building out a castle for fun. September 23, 2018
Mac Arcade Pak (1994) Showing the following games which come in the Mac Arcade Pak: Macman Pro, Movod II, HemiRoids, Patriot Command, Bricklayer. January 17, 2019
Escape Velocity (1996) In this video I take a look at the space simulator game Escape Velocity from Ambrosia Software. This is one of my favorites from my early Mac days in the 1990s. February 7, 2019
The Oregon Trail (1991) Playing a bit of the Macintosh version of The Oregon Trail from 1991. This game was fairly popular in schools and playable on black & white compact Macs. March 13, 2019
SimTower (1994) Playing a bit of the Macintosh version of SimTower, released by Maxis in 1994. In this video I discuss my tower building method and cover the basics of the game. September 18, 2019

General Videos

These will usually be shorter than the full episode videos.

Title Description Released YouTube URL
Unboxing & Installing Netscape Navigator 3.0 In this video we will open a sealed copy of Netscape Navigator 3.0 and install onto a 486 running Windows 3.11. October 26, 2018
Tour of Apple's At Ease This video takes you on a tour of the Apple At Ease 3.0.3 software running on a Macintosh LC 475 with System Software 7.5.3. November 6, 2018
Beige G3 or G4 Tower for MacOS 9 Taking a look at the beige G3 desktop and a G4 tower to compare features which might be important for a MacOS 9 workstation. December 6, 2018
Recapping A Macintosh LC Power Supply I'll demonstrate my process for replacing the capacitors in the power supply from my Macintosh LC 475. Should cover everything you'd need to know to do the job yourself. November 8, 2019
Recapping A Macintosh IIsi Power Supply Similar to my video on LC PSU recapping, I'll take apart the power supply from a Macintosh IIsi and replace the bad capacitors. November 29, 2019
Recapping A Macintosh IIci Power Supply In this video we'll replace the aluminum and film capacitors in the power supply from a Macintosh IIci. These aren't currently known for leaking/failure at this time but it's a good idea to replace capacitors before they cause problems. December 7, 2019
Recapping A Macintosh SE/30 analog board & PSU Trying to fix a video glitch issue in my Macintosh SE/30 so this video covers the capacitor replacement on the analog board and the power supply. December 12, 2019
My Big Box Software Collection (Jan 2020) In this video we take a tour of the big box software titles I keep on display in my house. This collection includes various games and operating systems for Macintosh and DOS/Windows. January 2, 2020


Title Description Released YouTube URL
December 2017 Update Discussing the new additions to Paul's Old Crap including an Apple IIgs, SCSI2SD and Ethernet card for the Mac SE/30. December 12, 2017
January 2018 Update Discussing January's plans and recent parts arriving for the SGI Indy and Mac board re-capping project. January 9, 2018
February 2018 Update PATA to SATA adapters, more parts for Amiga CD32 recap, Mac LC Ethernet cards, SGI Indy PSU and CPU upgrade, software thrifting and a Grandstream ATA for my next project. February 8, 2018
May 2018 Update Discussing recent purchases such as a Gravis UltraSound, PowerBook 520c, floppy copies of MS Windows and Mac System 7.1, finding boxed software at the store, and my latest 486 build. May 21, 2018
September 2018 Update In this video I'll go through a bunch of software I've purchased from thrift stores, a PowerBook Duo 210, ThinkPad 600X, PAS16 sound card, and some misc items. September 30, 2018
August 2019 Update I haven't done a general update video in a while so we'll take a quick look at some of the recent developments in my vintage computing collection and what projects I've got in the works. August 1, 2019

Further Details

Filmed in our Kelowna, BC office using a Canon XH-A1. Parts/upgrades were purchased from the following sellers:

  • Apple IIgs compact flash storage system from ReActive Micro
  • SCSI2SD v5 microSD storage system from Inertial Computing
  • SGI 24-bit video, R4400 CPU, R5000 CPU and Sony power supply from Herb Johnson (
  • Capacitors and soldering tools for Mac board repair from Digi-key

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