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PeonBoss Chat Transcript

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Unknown date. Original document can be found at

Jesse - Msg M:  Guest chat off
Jesse - Msg M:  Before the interview begins
Jesse - Msg M:  All users should know that you are allowed to ask PeonBoss questions.
Jesse - Msg M:  If you have questions, msg them to me.  After the interview I will be asking them in the chat.
     PeonBoss:  and i will try to answer most-all
Jesse - Msg M:  :)
     PeonBoss:  First off let me say... And I will repeat it later.. I have a sprained wrist and cant type worth a crap.. And my typing wasn't good to begin with.. so....Please excuse any horrible spelling, punctuation and so forth.. And remember.. you only have to read it once.. My seceratary deals with it every day. 
Oli - Reprisa:  we all excuse you
Jesse - Msg M:  Welcome To The NineWire Productions I-Online Second Interview.
Oli - Reprisa:  heh
     PeonBoss:  sorry fo r the hold up all.. we were trying to get powerbot to link to an other server
Oli - Reprisa:  We excuse you
Oli - Reprisa:  ok, i shut up now
Jesse - Msg M:  Let us finish last minute preperations before we begin
     PeonBoss:  btw while i have a sec.. some great icons showing
Oli - Reprisa:  hehe
Jesse - Msg M:  Ok
Jesse - Msg M:  Here we go
Oli - Reprisa:  go for it
Jesse - Msg M:  :)
Jesse - Msg M:  Welcome to Interviews Online's ( Second Interview.  Interviews Online is dedicated to providing the Macintosh community valuable interviews with top mac figures.  We would like to thank PeonBoss for showing up tonight. 
    Jesse - Msg M:  All the SSM regulars would like to say that "They are sorry about the baby and we hope you all good luck."
     PeonBoss:  Thanks.. it has been a hard few weeks
     PeonBoss:  loosing it at the last minute was hard
     PeonBoss:  SHE has seen all the emails people have sent, and cries whena new one omes in
     PeonBoss:  so from both HER and me.. Thanks
Jesse - Msg M:  NineWire would like also like to say that we are sorry.
Jesse - Msg M:  Ok
Jesse - Msg M:  Now we will be beginning.
Jesse - Msg M:  First Question:
Jesse - Msg M:  Can you explain us what is SSM and what it does.
     PeonBoss:  well
     PeonBoss:  SSM is a group of people who chat, work on problems, and have fun
     PeonBoss:  we also run the tracker and Official Icon list.. 
     PeonBoss:  ask me how we started out.
Jesse - Msg M:  How did SoSueMe start out?
     PeonBoss:  SoSueME started out long ago as the first cable server on Hotline.. I know this cause I Was the 22Õnd person to get cable. Was just lucky to be in the first test area. SoSueME was actually 2 servers and we finally merged into 1. And yes for all the people who ask we were a warez server. Probably the largest so far, But I got sick of having to worry about it, and I never really used warez, so we stopped. I am a big fan of trying software before you buy it, But I also ethically believe the programmers deserve to be paid. And I like books.. I guess I am weird that way so I tend to buy my software.
     PeonBoss:  can you tell i wrote a few before hand... HAHAHA
Jesse - Msg M:  How long has SSM been up?
     PeonBoss:  Ssm has been around a long long time.. Cant really tell ya how long. Um i think it first started about nov 96 or so. 
    Oli's Bot:  PowerBot - Ready
Jesse - Msg M:  How's it feel to be head honcho of one of the largest servers on Hotline?
     PeonBoss:  Sometimes it is a real pain. People assume I do nothing but watch chat.. Or worse want to talk to them.. I am usually to busy.. Most of the time I do see it if i look, but thats cause I keep a client up on the side of my desk. Its fun to surprise people and show up now and then. But I don't spend a portion of the time on SSM now like I used to.
     PeonBoss:  The worse part is makeing accounts and day to day stuff
     PeonBoss:  I just plain dont have the time.. That is why we made the ssm accoutn bot
     PeonBoss:  Since we give accounts to anyone with an email address who can read
     PeonBoss:  we still are overwhelmed..
     PeonBoss:  for example.. in the last month
     PeonBoss:  ssm has had 1567 account requests
     PeonBoss:  of wich 1345 actually read well enough to get an account
Jesse - Msg M:  What made you start the icon list?
     PeonBoss:  I didnÕt start it. The icon list was first compiled by Jack Handy. A good friend and tenant of mine. We started the list because at the time even though there were 8-9 good lists out.. there was no conformity.. And worse most only allowed friends to add icons. So Jack got mad and combined them all and we ran with it.
Jesse - Msg M:  Did you start it alone or with help, if with help, who?
     PeonBoss:  um read up.. hehe 
Jesse - Msg M:  :)
     PeonBoss:  I should say
     PeonBoss:  that i dont do the list anymore really
Jesse - Msg M:  Who does?
     PeonBoss:  It has been done mostly by tre Cool
     PeonBoss:  I still help
     PeonBoss:  and do the read me and stuff. And the small stuff
     PeonBoss:  I also check it over to make sure we catch mistakes...
Jesse - Msg M:  Was the list your only project?
     PeonBoss:  yea basically
     PeonBoss:  we have done alot of stuff..
Jesse - Msg M:  Did things goes as planned?
     PeonBoss:  at the time the tracker was takeing up most of my energy
     PeonBoss:  wait..
     PeonBoss:  hehe
     PeonBoss:  back then remember there was only one tracker
     PeonBoss:  and the software , um, sucked
     PeonBoss:  it was designed for 50-100 servers on a tracker
     PeonBoss:  and tracked had 2000.. it was very bugy and had to be nursed along
Jesse - Msg M:  Did things goes as planned?
     PeonBoss:  heck no
     PeonBoss:  We were asked a few months later by Jr to be the official list. And that was a real pain.. They gave us a set list of doÕs and donts.. and what numbering and sizes and so forth.. And we still follow those rules today. The biggest misconception is that we make the icons.. We don't. I am not a graphic artist.. YOU the users of hotline make them and submit them.. We just compile them into a set format.That is what sets the Official list apart.. 
     PeonBoss:  and probibly allways will
Jesse - Msg M:  Were you expecting such popularity?
     PeonBoss:  Well yes and no
     PeonBoss:  at the start we spamed it alot.. I allways liked the idea of ONE list
     PeonBoss:  run by a group. so ther ewas no bias.. that everyone could see
     PeonBoss:  to this day... it drives me nuts when i cant see an icon
     PeonBoss:  and when HL asked me to do the icons for 1.5
     PeonBoss:  i cleaned them up alot and made them fit in better
Jesse - Msg M:  Do you have any plan for the future of SoSueMe?
     PeonBoss:  not really.. we kinda go day by day
     PeonBoss:  I just cant commit the time to it anymore
     PeonBoss:  I am runnign 2 companies and the web one is takeing up way more of my time
     PeonBoss:  I was also steping back abit in expatation of the baby and trying to be home before 11 pm once in a while
Jesse - Msg M:  What do you think of other lists like Bad Moon?
     PeonBoss:  I have lots to say about Bad Moon.. And most of it I canÕt. Bad moon was created by people we kicked off SSM. And not just because we didn't like, no it was for sexual harassment of female members and constant banning and trashing of account with out justification. The worse thing is a few of the kids who had real potential went to, It is allway easier to behave badly than not, And some were to tempted I guess.
     PeonBoss:  The crap we have taken from bad moon is incredible.. They crash us, Attack us, slander us, hack us (or try)...Frankly i don't go there, and don't even look at there list anymore.. It's always the same file size as ours with 1/2 the icons.. and alot are sick. People are free to choose icons and stuff i think.. The fact that the icon server still gets 500+ downloads a week tells me its used by far the most.
     PeonBoss:  SO we just smile as they attack and try not to let it bother us
     PeonBoss:  someday they will go to far and i will take care of them.. but there is no point
     PeonBoss:  better the enemy you know and all that
Jesse - Msg M:  Do you expect more lists to come in the future?
     PeonBoss:  You  can not creat a list for the pc with out special tools. We were give them exclusively but bad moon stole them from hotline or the developer, or something and have them also.. With out them you just cant do it. And an icon list is a royal pain. The official list still take 10-20 hours a month to compile. 
     PeonBoss:  so a mac list could be done.. but i doubt a pc.
     PeonBoss:  and really ther eis no point.. Most people just combine the 2 lista and go with it
     PeonBoss:  after 3-4 tries we finally got badmoon to realise it was in ther own interest to not overlap 's
Jesse - Msg M:  How long have you been on Hotline?
     PeonBoss:  oh and btw. thats the end of my typed already responsec
Oli - Reprisa:  heh
     PeonBoss:  so now you have to wait for em.. Sorry
     PeonBoss:  um.. hell for a long long time..
     PeonBoss:  back when ther ewas a new beta daily at times
     PeonBoss:  I am proud of some of the things ssm has done to imporve hotline though
Jesse - Msg M:  What computer(s) do you use?
     PeonBoss:  HAHAH
     PeonBoss:  well.. there are hmmm
     PeonBoss:  6 withing reach now
Jesse - Msg M:  :)
Oli - Reprisa:  heh
     PeonBoss:  but i spend most of my time on a 9500 with 16 gig raid and loads of ram and multi mons.. I hate only haveing one monitor now.. Im spoiled
     PeonBoss:  I do play on linuz a bit and lord save me even 98
     PeonBoss:  we have upwards of 90 odd comps her ein the office
     PeonBoss:  and right now we are slowly baking.. we have so many that the heat they generate 
     PeonBoss:  is more than a ac unit will produce..
     PeonBoss:  we are kinda cramped in to an office 2 sizes to small.. and even though
     PeonBoss:  the new office is built and ready.. we are waiting till they can transfre the t1 lines all at once.. rather than one at a time
     PeonBoss:  so a few more weeks and i wont feel like im in a suna..
Jesse - Msg M:  What do you think of the Y2K bug?  Its severity, etc. . .
     PeonBoss:  hehhe
Jesse - Msg M:  :)
     PeonBoss:  had a customer call the other day
     PeonBoss:  worried about her se
     PeonBoss:  i explained mac dont have a y2k prob.. except real old ones like hers, which have a 2012 prob
     PeonBoss:  so she got worried about what to do then..
     PeonBoss:  and i told her if she was still useing a b/w se with 4 ram in 2012 she was crazy
     PeonBoss:  and it prob would not be the least of her probs
     PeonBoss:  as to the rest of the world (non mac)
     PeonBoss:  screw em.. buy macs..
     PeonBoss:  hehe
     PeonBoss:  I am an apple dealer.. I think i have to say that
Oli - Reprisa:  hehe
     PeonBoss:  no i dont think the world will end, but if it does i still ahve more guns than years.. so it will be fun
Jesse - Msg M:  What do you think of Microsoft evil empire and have you hard about the GUID that is in there programs?
     PeonBoss:  well
Jesse - Msg M:  heard
     PeonBoss:  i was so amused at the program on tnt last weeek
     PeonBoss:  pirets os silicon vally
     PeonBoss:  gates must have burst a bloob vessel.. hehe
Jesse - Msg M:  :)
Oli - Reprisa:  i missed it... damnit
     PeonBoss:  and dont correct your spelling or ill start doing mine
Jesse - Msg M:  ok
Jesse - Msg M:  :)
     PeonBoss:  i recomend you watch it.. a almost relaistic portrail
Oli - Reprisa:  can i still watch it?
     PeonBoss:  I have lost of custmers who are pc based
     PeonBoss:  and i have to say.. dont blame me.. call microsoft daily
     PeonBoss:  i dont use microsoft programs for the mac
     PeonBoss:  and only have one of my 20 or so pc's with windoze on it
     PeonBoss:  but to all ther eown.. I dont like bloatware.. and if it seams you have to use microsoft to find a job
     PeonBoss:  then you are not looking at inteligent companies
     PeonBoss:  and to make this clear.. I dont have a prob with pc's just bloatware.. like um
     PeonBoss:  everything since flight simulater
Jesse - Msg M:  What do you think of Hotline's clone?
     PeonBoss:  which one?
     PeonBoss:  or all??
Oli - Reprisa:  all
Jesse - Msg M:  all
     PeonBoss:  hmm
Jesse - Msg M:  Just what is your general opionion.
     PeonBoss:  well i crack up at carracho
     PeonBoss:  and i have to say,.. in fact let me publicly say it
     PeonBoss:  i dont use and clones except for linux
     PeonBoss:  i dont feel the need... I am allso a resseller of hl.. 
     PeonBoss:  um so i might be a tad bias
Jesse - Msg M:  :)
     PeonBoss:  but if you like carracho
     PeonBoss:  go have fun.. i think there are about 30 servers on it
     PeonBoss:  um and how many on tracker? 800??
     PeonBoss:  on tracked...
     PeonBoss:  anyways. some of the realbasic stuff is nice
     PeonBoss:  virtual ftp has done some great work.. but i like the original ap. 
Jesse - Msg M:  What do you think of Hotline 1.5?
     PeonBoss:  well....
     PeonBoss:  love it to apoint.. banners kinda suck
     PeonBoss:  wish they would make it so you can turn em off.. but havnt seen it yet.. I am also a hl beta tester btw
     PeonBoss:  other than the banners they seem to be trying to make peple happy
     PeonBoss:  and thats nice.. but also i am sick of the complaints.
     PeonBoss:  people didnt want to buy it.. so they made it free.. now all of us who own 10+ copies have to see the banners too
     PeonBoss:  but thats ok.. you can still close the window.. and I am rarly tempted by crap on banners
Jesse - Msg M:  What are some of the best features of Hotline (1.2.3 or 1.5)?
     PeonBoss:  turning off msgs..
     PeonBoss:  and the news
     PeonBoss:  I really like the news.. but unfortuantly 68k still sucks..
     PeonBoss:  hehe
     PeonBoss:  i like the sub chat developing btw...
     PeonBoss:  I had 2 clients loged in and i got invited.. hehe
     PeonBoss:  anyways
     PeonBoss:  news is great, and custom news for guests is nice also
     PeonBoss:  broadcast comes in darn handy at times.. and all in all its a good app.
Jesse - Msg M:  What do you think of Adam Hinks issues?
     PeonBoss:  dont
     PeonBoss:  heh
     PeonBoss:  okokok
     PeonBoss:  hmmm let me put it this way
     PeonBoss:  when someone hands you a contract
     PeonBoss:  you are expected to read it
     PeonBoss:  if you dont, it really sucks to be you
     PeonBoss:  to my knowledge and i admit i dont pay alot of attention
     PeonBoss:  adam decided he didnt like it anymore and tried to leave..
     PeonBoss:  well, thats why its in writing see.. so you know your options before hand.
     PeonBoss:  what i get amused the most over is the SAVE ADAM crusade
     PeonBoss:  he dosnt need saveing.. try teaching
     PeonBoss:  damn it hold on a sec
     PeonBoss:  grendle stole my lighter
Oli - Reprisa:  heh
Jesse - Msg M:  :)
     PeonBoss:  ok abck
     PeonBoss:  um..
     PeonBoss:  nothing much more comes to mind.. and thats scary too..
     PeonBoss:  people.. most of yo udont know the facts.. so why assume the "big bad corp" is at fault.. 
     PeonBoss:  the really great thing about a contract is its black and white
     PeonBoss:  on paper.. see.. so you can allways refer to it.. 
     PeonBoss:  Ok enopugh preaching.. but as we end this thread
     PeonBoss:  if ya think adam is god.. great, i like his work too.. but that dosnt excuse him from being a dumbass at times
Jesse - Msg M:  What do you think of big servers going down?
     PeonBoss:  hehe
     PeonBoss:  well let me put it this way
     PeonBoss:  1. most are run illigally
Jesse - Msg M:  Were talking about Moria, BoffoMac, etc. . .
     PeonBoss:  allmost every isp has an agreemant saying what you can and can not do
     PeonBoss:  (contracts again). as to the legal ones who are sponsered by a co
     PeonBoss:  i pay 1800 a month per t1
     PeonBoss:  a t1 is about 1.5 mbits
     PeonBoss:  tracked at its hight was useign 6 mbits
     PeonBoss:  complelty
     PeonBoss:  not partially.. but totally
     PeonBoss:  a big server uses bandwidth and its not free.
     PeonBoss:  and some one has to pay for it. 
     PeonBoss:  thats why i think most big servers go down. It is a sahme
Justin Mealey:  ÁViva Le Revoluc”on!
     PeonBoss:  I offered to host boffo
     PeonBoss:  and was told they didnt want to continue..
     PeonBoss:  its alot of effort to runa big server
     PeonBoss:  every other person is an idiot at times it seams
     PeonBoss:  but then.. we get all the visits from badmoon.. why is it they have to come hang on ssm? but thats an other topic
Jesse - Msg M:  What about the warez, porn, mp3 issues?
     PeonBoss:  well
     PeonBoss:  i have turned off a number of servers who bugged me
     PeonBoss:  as i said.. allmost all are not runnign with there isp's permision
     PeonBoss:  its REALY simple to call and mention it
     PeonBoss:  hey madmax.. congrads
     PeonBoss:  fist person with out an icon
     PeonBoss:  sorry..
     PeonBoss:  um. i dont feel a need for porn and stuff, warez though...
     PeonBoss:  i like buying apps. i like books
     PeonBoss:  but damn i have to admit its nice to find out a program is crap first
     PeonBoss:  btw kicked cheese wiz
Oli - Reprisa:  good
     PeonBoss:  sick of him inviting me to chats
Oli - Reprisa:  was about to do it
     PeonBoss:  um. porn is bad kay,
     PeonBoss:  warez is bad, kay
Jesse - Msg M:  What's your opinion on the GNU/Free Software issue?
     PeonBoss:  good ?
     PeonBoss:  i think linux is the greating thing since sliced toast and push up bra's
     PeonBoss:  but that cause i love apache.. and a os that is tough
     PeonBoss:  but i think it will sink or swim on its own merits..
     PeonBoss:  and anyways, fun to watch microsoft panic
     PeonBoss:  brb,, need  adrink.. 45 secs
Oli - Reprisa:  please enjoy the server while PeonBoss is away
Jesse - Msg M:  That concludes our set questions.  Now we will open it up for the user fourm.  I have collected a list of questions through out the interview and we will ask them now. (23 of em)
     PeonBoss:  sigh.. here comes the fan mail
Oli - Reprisa:  heh
Jesse - Msg M:  :)
Jesse - Msg M:  Ok
Jesse - Msg M:  Here we go
Jesse - Msg M:  They keep cmming in 2
     PeonBoss:  hehe try reading my email for a day
Jesse - Msg M:  How did you become affiliated with the InterNet (bbs,user groups, etc)?
     PeonBoss:  hmmm
     PeonBoss:  good ?
     PeonBoss:  i first got into computers with a sinclare
     PeonBoss:  i was seriously yelled at by the fbi when i wa s, um 15 id say
     PeonBoss:  for breaking into a bank.. hehe didnt do much, just posted a note saying they shouldnt give out there data number
Oli - Reprisa:  bouhaha
     PeonBoss:  slowly palyed with bbs and stuff as they got popular.. but was never a big user
     PeonBoss:  my um folks (dad) keept takeing an ax to my modem for some reason
     PeonBoss:  prob the fbi showing up at the door during dinner,.. hehe
Jesse - Msg M:  ;)
     PeonBoss:  but anyways.. just kinda went from there
     PeonBoss:  i no longer program at all.
     PeonBoss:  and since fortran is a tad out of style (so is pascal)
     PeonBoss:  i gave it up for lent long ago.
     PeonBoss:  Now i handle busnees side of stuff
     PeonBoss:  and since i hav ethe artistic taletnt of a dead rat.. i stay out of that too
     PeonBoss:  Ialso have other hobbies
     PeonBoss:  I competivly shoot and am a ham radio operator
     PeonBoss:  with my own repeater and so forth
     PeonBoss:  oh and i read to much
     PeonBoss:  when i have time that is.
Jesse - Msg M:  Do you have plans to eventually pass ssm along?
     PeonBoss:  hmmm
     PeonBoss:  nfc
     PeonBoss:  depends on how busy i get
     PeonBoss:  I keep it on a 2nd mon or spare comp (client that is)
     PeonBoss:  so i only really do stuff when i have time.. And now the accunts dont have to be dealt with I only do stuff when there is a prob
     PeonBoss:  but like grendel and GP i doubt ill ever get rid of it completly.. Nice to have one place stay constant to a point
Jesse - Msg M:  What was ssm north and ssm south?
     PeonBoss:  well
     PeonBoss:  when we stoped doing warez
     PeonBoss:  we had, um.. .like
     PeonBoss:  64 gigs in hd, 24 cdrom drives and like 100 cdroms
     PeonBoss:  and all was donated by users
     PeonBoss:  or most at least
     PeonBoss:  so we kept the warez on a private server for those we really liked.. but it got to be to mucjh of a pain.
     PeonBoss:  so we had a cd burning party one night
     PeonBoss:  the cd roms and hds were donated in SSM's name to a few local charities that were mac based..
     PeonBoss:  and I am fine.. ill keep answering till they run out or you get tired
Jesse - No Mo:  About what % of accounts actually COME reguraly?
     PeonBoss:  well
     PeonBoss:  i trashed all account son ssm like 2-3 months ago
     PeonBoss:  for 2 reasons.. one. the frigging folder was HUGE
     PeonBoss:  2 to find out.. Since all the accounts since then were entered into a database.. (like 3k or so i think now)
     PeonBoss:  i can email all the users and have them renew them automatically.. SSM has about 20-30 people on it most times
     PeonBoss:  and people come and go all the time. the connect log gets over 5 megs if i forget to replace it monthly
     PeonBoss:  and funny, simpletext wont open i then..
Jesse - Msg Y:  Have you ever thought of completly giving up accounts?
     PeonBoss:  yes and no
     PeonBoss:  we did for a long time.. but now before you can get on the server
     PeonBoss:  you actually have to read, or pretend to,, a list of crap we dont do.
     PeonBoss:  and it weeds out a good hunk of the idiots
     PeonBoss:  people still get supprised thuogh when they show up with there new account and loose it in 10 secs for asking for warez
     PeonBoss:  And btw..
     PeonBoss:  even though i have 30-40 servers up.. most of the private
     PeonBoss:  none are warez servers
     PeonBoss:  i host servers for companies who use them for company work
Jesse - Msg Y:  Whats with Jack Handey, did he give up on Hotline and or SSM or is he just as busy as you are?
     PeonBoss:  believe it or not he is worse
     PeonBoss:  we tend to see each other every sunday
     PeonBoss:  fopr about 2 mins.. not supprising
     PeonBoss:  till you realise he live in my upstairs.
     PeonBoss:  i usually am out of the house by 7:30 and back at 11 or so
     PeonBoss:  jack runs about an hour behind me.. so we just dont cross paths
     PeonBoss:  he is working like 3 jobs and runing his own company too, and we both tend to be workaholics.. 
     PeonBoss:  I believe.. hehe, cause he hasnt told me.. just HER that he is getting his own place in a few weeks.. And that is a shame.. though i cant say ill miss him caus eill probibly see him more
     PeonBoss:  he actually called the office a few mins ago
     PeonBoss:  and I him i was in a chat, he jsut has diff prioritys now
Jesse - Msg Y:  what happened when POPE started The Vatican and lured all the users away and all that?
     PeonBoss:  ? lured?
     PeonBoss:  HAHAH
     PeonBoss:  sorry gren was reading over my shoulder and we both got  agood laugh
     PeonBoss:  um.. lured is a tad strong a word. heheh
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
Jesse - Msg Y:  User Questions.
     PeonBoss:  pope was and is an idiot
     PeonBoss:  he put up a beta to 1.5 and a hack for it and wondered why i gfot mad
     PeonBoss:  and basicall said no when i told him to get rid of it
     PeonBoss:  so he is now back on aol
     PeonBoss:  as i said.. 99% of isp's dont allow servers
Jesse - Msg Y:  what college did you go to and do you have a computer science degree?
     PeonBoss:  no i do not. .I dont have any degree from a collage.
     PeonBoss:  i have been to many classes, but nothing comp related
     PeonBoss:  i believe the schools are 4-5 years behind the real world and never felt the need
     PeonBoss:  BUt
     PeonBoss:  let me say ths to all you younings
     PeonBoss:  and listen up
     PeonBoss:  enjoy school while you can
     PeonBoss:  life might seem hard,, but trust me its the best you will ever have it
Ninewire Gues:  (until you get laid)
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
Ninewire Gues:  oops ;-D
     PeonBoss:  valid point
     PeonBoss:  but i was getting laid in 6th gradse
     PeonBoss:  so whats your point??
     PeonBoss:  hehe
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
     PeonBoss:  back then it was much safer than now of course
Ninewire Gues:  yeah, and own a multi-million dollar dog petting zoo
     PeonBoss:  oh
     PeonBoss:  and by a station wagon as your first car
Ninewire Gues:  hehe...oh...austin powers times
     PeonBoss:  your frined will give ya crap
     PeonBoss:  but its cheaper than a motel
     PeonBoss:  hehe
Jesse - Msg Y:  ;0
Jesse - Msg Y:  Who really invented the long icon, called LIF by Badmoon and BFI by SSM?
     PeonBoss:  how many ?'s still waiting btw?
     PeonBoss:  burger king
Jesse - Msg Y:  19 more
Jesse - Msg Y:  and they keep comm
Jesse - Msg Y:  commin
Jesse - Msg Y:  comming
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
     PeonBoss:  no one has ever said otherwise as far as i know
Jesse - Msg Y:  Tell me when you want to stop
     PeonBoss:  im fine..
     PeonBoss:  grendel says thanks for feeding my ego is really didnt need the help
     PeonBoss:  hehe
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
Jesse - Msg Y:  Whats the name of the company jack handy owns?
     PeonBoss:  um. i am not gonna say. since it is named after him.. and unlike me jackos name is not public knowledge
     PeonBoss:  hhe
     PeonBoss:  as a side note
     PeonBoss:  jack's real name is not jack
     PeonBoss:  but i have intraduced him to 100's as jack
     PeonBoss:  amkes for some interesting explanations
Jesse - Msg Y:  Heres an interesting one:
Jesse - Msg Y:  What is your position on the security of the ssm admin accts? in recent days i have seen many passwords been comprimised.
     PeonBoss:  well god ?
     PeonBoss:  goos?
     PeonBoss:  good ?
     PeonBoss:  take 4
     PeonBoss:  um. we know who did it
     PeonBoss:  we know how
     PeonBoss:  and dont really care
     PeonBoss:  hehe
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
     PeonBoss:  people tend to use the same pw over and over
     PeonBoss:  hold n a sec
     PeonBoss:  argueing with grendel
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
Jesse - Msg Y:  Ok
     PeonBoss:  he refses to log in as a guest
     PeonBoss:  so he is reading over my shoulder and driveing me nuts
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
Jesse - Msg Y:  I can give him an account if he wants
     PeonBoss:  ok.. um who cares? what damage can they do?
     PeonBoss:  lets say they got in and deleted every account
Jesse - Msg Y:  Msg me Login and pass if he wants it
     PeonBoss:  ohhhhh
     PeonBoss:  ther eno shut him up
     PeonBoss:  there now shut him up
     PeonBoss:  ok where was i
Jesse - Msg Y:  Done
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
     PeonBoss:  if they deleted every account.. i take em out of trash
     PeonBoss:  or.. hehe
     PeonBoss:  i walk to the database comp
     PeonBoss:  and i twill remake em in about 9 mins
     PeonBoss:  point is they cant do much and i just change pw's as nessisary
     PeonBoss:  i have it all loged and could call his isp, and or mom
     PeonBoss:  but its still amusing
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
     PeonBoss:  but people dont be suprised
     PeonBoss:  hacking a server and a dos attak is illigal
     PeonBoss:  period. if you dont believe me call you local da
Jesse - Msg Y:  To bad ISP's dont enforce it.
     PeonBoss:  wronge.. some dont
     PeonBoss:  but as an isp they listen real well when i call
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
     PeonBoss:  and a d.a. is a political apointment
     PeonBoss:  or voted apon in someplaces
     PeonBoss:  Papers LOVE stories abut them not prosicuting
     PeonBoss:  its VERY easy to have some one prosicuted..hard part is its usually just a slap on the wrist
     PeonBoss:  but once you have a crim record.. it stays forever and is pub knowledge.. hehe
     PeonBoss:  ask  fiend.. 
Jesse - Msg Y:  Do you feel, HONESTLY,without overestimating your importance, that SSM could survive if you were to leave?
     PeonBoss:  yea, but it just wouldnt be the same
     PeonBoss:  I run ssm as a benevolent tyrant
     PeonBoss:  and no one can do that as well as me.. And i have been away many times.. for a month at one point
     PeonBoss:  but SSM admins can handle stuf fby them selves.. you realise how few ssm admin DONT rn there own servers?
     PeonBoss:  ssm is made up of the best people on hl.. and the admins more so
     PeonBoss:  that is why getting admin is so easy
Jesse - Msg Y:  what about the custom color icon issues. The larger and better looking icons that would inflate the size of the list but make more people want to get the list
     PeonBoss:  well. thats a good ?
     PeonBoss:  and the jury is still out
     PeonBoss:  first off.. how many more people can get it
     PeonBoss:  500 a week now, and ther earnt that many people on hl at times
     PeonBoss:  2nd the size 
     PeonBoss:  so far i ahvnt seen the size diff. as i say I have been a tad busy
     PeonBoss:  so it was tabled for this month.. but i think i will take a good look for next month
     PeonBoss:  oh an i have been informed a new ssm icon viewer should be out this month too
Jesse - Msg Y:  OmegaX Comments: about the custom color icon issues. The larger and better looking icons that would inflate the size of the list but make more people want to get the list
     PeonBoss:  um
     PeonBoss:  read up
Jesse - Msg Y:  And a Guest says: custcol BFIs would inflate normal BFIs from 9 to 11k each
Jesse - Msg Y:  oh wiat
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
Jesse - Msg Y:  thats not what he sai
Jesse - Msg Y:  copy didn't work
     PeonBoss:  yea and thats the prob.. we have alot of icons in the list
Jesse - Msg Y:  Meow Comments:  2k isnt that big a diff, and it would make it look much better.  Please seriously consider it.
     PeonBoss:  since we keep them inteligently compiled we are able to keep the list about the same as bm but with 2x the icons
Jesse - Msg Y:  Omega says: "using the method me and laz developed they would not go over your size limit of 10k, always under"
     PeonBoss:  chill guys.. we will talk on ssm..
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
     PeonBoss:  hehe
     PeonBoss:  harrased by my own admins
Jesse - Msg Y:  Hahah
Jesse - Msg Y:  here we go:  Guest Comment of the night:
Jesse - Msg Y:  Bad Moon Is Owned!
     PeonBoss:  hahah
     PeonBoss:  allways has been
Jesse - Msg Y:  Ok
Jesse - Msg Y:  Next question
Jesse - Msg Y:  which admins on ssm do you trust?
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
     PeonBoss:  well
Jesse - Msg Y:  I think there are some SSM admins here tonight
     PeonBoss:  good ?
     PeonBoss:  yea no shit
     PeonBoss:  just a few
     PeonBoss:  sigh
     PeonBoss:  um i dont trust people real well
     PeonBoss:  i am a sneaky bastard and assume others are too
     PeonBoss:  ALLWAYS read a contract i give you VERY carefully
Jesse - Msg Y:  How do you plan on 'dealing' with badmoon? Obviously vicious slander and libel has gotten you no where, do you have an alternative plan of 'attack'? You can't just deny badmoon's presence, the plethora and spectrum of talent that makes up its loyal user body is reason enough not to.
     PeonBoss:  damn you guys.. cant you go back to ssm? and leave this for guest.. oh sorry
     PeonBoss:  heheh
     PeonBoss:  who really cares about bad moon?
Oli - Reprisa:  we all do
     PeonBoss:  lord knows i dont. I get pissed at times when they attack us. but we ignored them for well over a year and no one noticed.
     PeonBoss:  i ignore them now.. if people want to be loosers they are going to be
     PeonBoss:  so as i said earlyer its nice they are all in one space
     PeonBoss:  the funnyest think about bad moon
     PeonBoss:  is they talk so tough, yet at macworld ny last year
     PeonBoss:  shaggy ran when he saw us
     PeonBoss:  ther eis so much more to life than careing about dumb bored kids
Jesse - Msg Y:  Note to guests:  Lets tame these questions down a little.  If they continue to be this harsh they will not be asked.
     PeonBoss:  hell fiend already lost one job supposedly cause of us.. you think he would learn
     PeonBoss:  but let me put it this way..
     PeonBoss:  a ssm admin who went and spamed bad moon tonite would loose his ssm admin.. we are a higher order of life
     PeonBoss:  and like leaches, they will allways attack their betters
Oli - Reprisa:  now thats an answer :)
Jesse - Msg Y:  Do you ever forsee the badmoon icon list and the ssm icon list being joined to form one really good icon list?  
     PeonBoss:  they asked 2-3 times
     PeonBoss:  jr asked
     PeonBoss:  everyone askes
     PeonBoss:  hell no.
     PeonBoss:  the official list is a really good list
     PeonBoss:  and true badmoon has tightend up there act a lot
     PeonBoss:  but remember the bloatware comments earlyer?
Jesse - Msg Y:  Yep
     PeonBoss:  they apply here i said earler allso.. Badmoon hates hotline
     PeonBoss:  so go away
     PeonBoss:  have fun, write on holidays
     PeonBoss:  enjoy carracho
     PeonBoss:  hehe
     PeonBoss:  never seen a bunch of loosers who hate a program so much they have to spend all day on it
     PeonBoss:  ssm supports hl and allways has
     PeonBoss:  so notice we arnt on carracho
     PeonBoss:  bad moon hates hotline and i have been told kick 1.5 users
     PeonBoss:  so they stay on hl.. I am sure deap down in the dungheap ther eis a good fundimentle explanation for it
     PeonBoss:  but dont ask me
Jesse - Msg Y:  Are you going to the next MacWorld New York?
     PeonBoss:  well
     PeonBoss:  sigh
     PeonBoss:  since the baby was due that weekend
     PeonBoss:  i had volantered to stay here
     PeonBoss:  hehe
Oli - Reprisa:  baby?
     PeonBoss:  ok thats a complete lie
Oli - Reprisa:  heh
     PeonBoss:  i was told i was staying here
     PeonBoss:  and SHE didnt allow discussion on the subject
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
Oli - Reprisa:  i c :)
     PeonBoss:  now.. i dont know
     PeonBoss:  someone has to mind the store.
     PeonBoss:  I loved mwny last year
     PeonBoss:  i love the 1000's of you that came and said hi
        Gren :  cell phone :)
     PeonBoss:  and i enjoyed speaking at the confrences
     PeonBoss:  thats a priv joke btw
     PeonBoss:  at mwny last year i um
     PeonBoss:  got um
     PeonBoss:  really sloshed
     PeonBoss:  and lost a cell phone
     PeonBoss:  somehow.. hehe
     PeonBoss:  anyways
Jesse - Msg Y:  :)
Oli - Reprisa:  heh
     PeonBoss:  we had a blast last year and i should go if for nothing else to defend my title
     PeonBoss:  in case you didnt know it. and most dont
     PeonBoss:  not only was i interviewed on cnet worldwide
     PeonBoss:  I also one the cobra world championship
     PeonBoss:  won...
     PeonBoss:  and speaking at the confrences was a highlight of my life
     PeonBoss:  i have been offered a free gold pass and a chance to do an other conference.. but we shall see
     PeonBoss:  as of right now i am not going.. but that might change . we hope
Jesse - Msg Y:  Heres oen from bad moon admin:
Jesse - Msg Y:  Question for PB:
Jesse - Msg Y:  What is your view on your so called claims of being the "Offical" Hotline Icon list? Last I remember JR said that no list would be the offical list, yet you clearly claim that you are.
Jesse - Msg Y:  Ack
Jesse - Msg Y:  Sorry
Jesse - Msg Y:  Not fro mthe admin
     PeonBoss:  an othe rgood ?
     PeonBoss:  opk this is simple
Jesse - Msg Y:  But answer that one anyway.
     PeonBoss:  jason is a great guy, but if he has one fault
     PeonBoss:  he dosnt/isnt good at telling people to shut the fuck up and stop whining
     PeonBoss:  and since hl is attacked by bm people daily, i boggles my mind.
     PeonBoss:  as of last time we talked we are still the official list. And bad mooon can go pout in the corner.. but again.. the same ? applies
     PeonBoss:  they have hotline so why do they its like a drug, they hate it so much they cant leave. We have a good relationship with jason. And untill we do something against hotlines wishes I dont see it changeing.. um and guys
     PeonBoss:  whats the addres to the icon server..
     PeonBoss:  whats its email address
Jesse - Msg Y:  To the BadMooners Here - If you have a problem with somthing stated here tonight, please discuss it at another time with PeonBoss.  Thanks
     PeonBoss:  notice.. while i type slowly and carefully so you can undersatand
     PeonBoss:  do you get the point?
Jesse - Msg Y:  hi im a badmoon admin  i would like to ask peonboss  why do you run  dumb server with dumb admins, like nascar!, badmoon own3d you long ago, and they will continue to own you and the official list is horrible in quality
     PeonBoss:  sigh.. why do you care?
     PeonBoss:  you hate hl remember?
        Gren :  sigh.. the intellect
Jesse - Msg Y:  Peon - Please Private chat me
     PeonBoss:  so it shouldnt be a problem
Richard Willi:  Hehe this has turned into a ssm and bm gang war
     PeonBoss:  yea
     PeonBoss:  except as usually
     PeonBoss:  it cant be a war , casue we didnt come
Jesse - Msg Y:  Heh, Tell Peonboss we all know why he has the icon domain because he gave Jason Roks a free, let the public know that please
     PeonBoss:  um good idea.. wrong facts
     PeonBoss:  we offered at one point to give him a seperate comp so bad moon couldnt crash his dns
     PeonBoss:  but he said no.. we have not given or sold hotline anything.
     PeonBoss:  that simple. Would if they needed it though
     PeonBoss:  same thing as earlyer.. we support hotline..
Jesse - Msg Y:  i would like to know where PeonBoss got his handle.. Peons as in WC? So he's the boss of the lowly, unintelligent slaves?
Oli - Reprisa:  heh
     PeonBoss:  HAHHAHA
Ninewire Gues:  i love that one...
     PeonBoss:  I have been called this much longer
     PeonBoss: of my companies
     PeonBoss:  hires people, um, like bad moon people
     PeonBoss:  peons.. people who are not paid to think, just to do the same thing everyday
     PeonBoss:  true i pay em real well
     PeonBoss:  and they are happy
     PeonBoss:  but they are glorified peopns
     PeonBoss:  and they gave me the name
     PeonBoss:  it was what i was called over the company radio by my emps.
     PeonBoss:  and it stuck..
     PeonBoss:  I am used to it now, and no longer think about it.. When wc came out so MANY people thought it was from that.,
Jesse - Msg Y:  Why do you always degrade BadMoon? I am not, or wish to be a BadMoon member/admin, but I must admit their icon list quality is superb.  They are also innovative, coming out with the BFIs first (yes, the BM admins created it..), the PC Icon list, the PC Icon viewer, and many other achievements. 
     PeonBoss:  ohh great ?
     PeonBoss:  ok in parts..
Oli - Reprisa:  -=> Ranting Party tonight <=-
     PeonBoss:  Why do you always degrade BadMoon, Dont ignore em.. ths si one of the only times i have mentioned there name in public
     PeonBoss:  I am not, or wish to be a BadMoon member/admin, Good for you.. niether am I
     PeonBoss:  but I must admit their icon list quality is superb.HMM NOpe cant agree with this compltly.. the artistic quality is great (tad morbid) Content is questionable...
     PeonBoss:  They are also innovative, coming out with the BFIs first (yes, the BM admins created it..)False. BK did.. and he was a ssm admin at the time.. Bad moon only started a list after we kicked fiend off, and after he screwed the heck out of the one list he was asked to help on.. And he still hasnt gotten it right
     PeonBoss:  the PC Icon list, the PC Icon viewer, and many other achievements.Icon list the came out with before ssm. HAHAH yep they did. Course we were done and had publisied the release date.. So they made a list with STOLEn tools and released the day before.. we had been working with hl on the pc list for a month before that 
     PeonBoss:  as to the pc icon viewer.. yep they did.. we didnt feel the need when people could search on the webpage
     PeonBoss:  and other achivement? like what.. most server crashes in 24 hrs???
Jesse - Msg M:  Hey i am a badmoon member and the reason everyone went to badmoon was because you were being a dick that is what i heard and i was just wonderin who what icon list does more peaple have Bad moon or SoSueMe? 
     PeonBoss:  heheh wow that makes sence
     PeonBoss:  and i refer you to this chat as an answer... 2 people without icons.. and only 2.. I go to many server.. rarly do i see a bm icon (or dont see). As to me being a dick.. whats your point? ugg concept.. my server my rules
Jesse -No Mor:  There
Jesse -No Mor:  what do you think hotline's biggest problem is right now (warez, porn, carracho)? and how can it be fixed?
     PeonBoss:  oh gren says 11:4 ratio of bfi's
     PeonBoss:  well.. i think the porn is an issue
     PeonBoss:  but its not hl's problem
     PeonBoss:  that is like blameing the tree foresters for porn mags
     PeonBoss:  if people want to get rid of porn, start calling isp's
Jesse -No Mor:  Guest Comment:  User sees 7 BM icons
     PeonBoss:  but as gren says.. to contol porn its going to take laws enforceable accross the whole world
     PeonBoss:  dont hold your breath
     PeonBoss:  oh
     PeonBoss:  and guests cant count
Jesse -No Mor:  adMoon probably would have came out with the PC icon list first if they were supplied with the propietary tools to do so as HLComm did with SSM.
     PeonBoss:  right.. but they wernt because they refused to comply to the rules
     PeonBoss:  its called life
     PeonBoss:  so they stole them. I would be proud
     PeonBoss:  hotline ownes the tools
     PeonBoss:  they can do waht they will withthem
     PeonBoss:  and frankly who cares about badmoon
Jesse -No Mor:  Guest Comment: fyi...bad moon made their own pc icon tools because hotline's were so fucked up.
     PeonBoss:  fyi thats bullshit and still rad up
     PeonBoss:  who really cares?
Jesse -No Mor:  Guest Comment: jason roks gave icon tools to shaggy and catalyst
     PeonBoss:  lord knows i dont... 
     PeonBoss:  sigh
Jesse -No Mor:  :)
     PeonBoss:  ok fine we will go through this
     PeonBoss:  when you non discloser agreement
     PeonBoss:  you then get stuff you cant give out
     PeonBoss:  they gave em out
     PeonBoss:  that is why shaggy is not welcome on hl's servers i would think
     PeonBoss:  this is really not hard to under stand.. and not to mention.. let me do this in caps WHO CARES THEY HATE HL SO LEAVE ALREAD
Jesse -No Mor:  the reason why jason gave shag the tools was to give bad moon a chance to get a list done. bad moon wasnt held under any nda like peon was due to his warez rep.
     PeonBoss:  thats bull. and called propaganda
     PeonBoss:  christ they also say drugs are good for you.. what is yopur point
     PeonBoss:  shaggy sucked up so hard it was funny
     PeonBoss:  till he relised people still thought he was a cluster %*&
     PeonBoss:  anyways enopugh said.. I dont have to speak bad about badmoon they are OHH so good at doing themselves
Jesse -No Mor:  "How do you feel about the MeshList? It seems to have the same goal as Jack Handy had when he first see all the icons." 
     PeonBoss:  yep
     PeonBoss:  and i thought long and hard aboiut it
     PeonBoss:  but i can condone something that goes against the rules hl set for icon lists.
     PeonBoss:  and untill badmoon follows those rules it is still outlaw software
     PeonBoss:  and once again.. they hate hl. so why does it bother them so much that 99% of hl ignores there list? 
Jesse -No Mor:  Guest Comment:  I dont recall anyone from BadMoon ever mention they hate Hotline -the application. They just dont like the version of hotline made by HLCOMM without hinkley- 1.5.x
     PeonBoss:  i really wish some of tha artistic talent that is going to waist ther ewas used to benifite all
     PeonBoss:  hello people
     PeonBoss:  sigh
     PeonBoss:  im not even going to bother with this one
     PeonBoss:  id do a ross peroit analogy
     PeonBoss:  but it still would amke way to much sence
Jesse - Presi:  What are the rules Badmoon is breaking?
     PeonBoss:  that you or a ?
Oli - Reprisa:  its me
     PeonBoss:  ok
Oli - Reprisa:  :)
     PeonBoss:  here are the rules...
     PeonBoss:  no icons over 16 high.
     PeonBoss:  no icons under 2600 or overwriting built in icons
     PeonBoss:  hmm think thats about it.. 
Oli - Reprisa:  k
     PeonBoss:  might have been one more
     PeonBoss:  but wait it gets worse
     PeonBoss:  notice in 1.5 which bm hates
     PeonBoss:  there is a moon icon.. OH MY GOD
     PeonBoss:  someone at hotline must like them
     PeonBoss:  oh wait.. I did the icons for 1.5
     PeonBoss:  silly me
Oli - Reprisa:  :)
     PeonBoss:  take a look at 2222 sometime
     PeonBoss:  hehe
     PeonBoss:  btw i allso named one after my dog
Jesse -No Mor:  What would you recommend to young programmers?
     PeonBoss:  well now
     PeonBoss:  first off go to school and learn
     PeonBoss:  paly is fine, but hey reading is good to
     PeonBoss:  no lord knows my punctation and speeling suck
     PeonBoss:  but i am spoiled by someone who fixes it and knows better to give me crap about it
     PeonBoss:  and dont spend all day in front of a comp
     PeonBoss:  if you have the talent you can succed and still have a home life.. 
     PeonBoss:  notice.. .i dont have one.. hheheh
Jesse -No Mor:  :)
     PeonBoss:  all in all id say.. look at the avarages of collage grads
     PeonBoss:  who use there majors
     PeonBoss:  i think its in the 20% range
     PeonBoss:  life evolves, so let it evolve..computers is a fastindustry
     PeonBoss:  what you learn about em today is only groundwork for tommarow
     PeonBoss:  so DONT be to narrow.. learn other skills
     PeonBoss:  i ahve a good friend
     PeonBoss:  how is trying to get a good comp job
     PeonBoss:  and he will eventually, but if it takes awile nbd
     PeonBoss:  cause he is also a chief enginier unlimited tonage
     PeonBoss:  that means he can ship out on a big boat and make more in 3 months than a programer can in a year
     PeonBoss:  so dont get to narrow, if ya love it do it. but for every programer who gets rich
     PeonBoss:  there are a 1000 peopns fliping hamburgers during the day.
Oli - Reprisa:  from guest: what do you think of the hacking community?
     PeonBoss:  well i love em to a point
     PeonBoss:  hehe first define hacking.. as it was? or is defined now
     PeonBoss:  hackers in the old style cause most of the changes for the beter in apps
Oli - Reprisa:  hmmm
     PeonBoss:  but destructive hacking is useless
     PeonBoss:  they notiraty they get is nt bankable
Jesse - Presi:  "SSM just experienced another 'spamming' from BM... - Tre"
     PeonBoss:  hehe
Jesse -No Mor:  Best Question of the Night:  How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
     PeonBoss:  im not enev loged on...
     PeonBoss:  well
     PeonBoss:  hehe i have  aprob with woodchucks
     PeonBoss:  HAHAH
Ninewire Gues:  a wood chuck would chuck as much wood as a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood
Ninewire Gues:  hows that?
     PeonBoss:  funny story
Ninewire Gues:  yeah im good
     PeonBoss:  mildly related to hotline
     PeonBoss:  when i was getting cable instaled.. I was the first mac they had done
     PeonBoss:  so needless to say they didnt touch any of my comps
     PeonBoss:  so I am instaling enet cards and so forth and one of the guys, who was just hanging around, asked what that big ass gun on the wall was
Ninewire Gues:  c'mon, no props for guest here?
     PeonBoss:  so i told him it was a 50cal muzzle loader i use to shoot woodchucks
     PeonBoss:  and i swear he is standing at the window and said, what like that one?
     PeonBoss:  so they got to see waht a 50 cal ball does to a woodchuck at 300 yards
     PeonBoss:  and before people freek
     PeonBoss:  300 yards is a LONG WAY
     PeonBoss:  and a 50 cal ball is 1/2 an inch around
     PeonBoss:  so if the wind is doing 5 knots sidways
     PeonBoss:  it will move it aboy 8 inched
     PeonBoss:  inches
     PeonBoss:  so hiting them is not easy..
     PeonBoss:  any ways,,, moral is
     PeonBoss:  a 50 cal wil turn most things inside out
     PeonBoss:  hehe
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     PeonBoss:  a big transcritpion
Jesse -No Mor:  :)
     PeonBoss:  that was wah allmost 3 hrs?
Jesse -No Mor:  Yep
Jesse -No Mor:  3 Hours
Jesse -No Mor:  Ok
Jesse -No Mor:  Guests
Oli - Reprisa:  3 HOURS!