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Performance Co-Pilot

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provides a systems-level suite of tools that cooperate to deliver distributed, integrated performance management services. PCP is designed for the in-depth analysis and sophisticated control mechanisms that are needed to understand and manage the hardest performance problems in our most complex systems.

Performance data may be collected and exported from multiple sources, most notably the Irix Kernel, DBMS products, layered services, and end-user applications.

Performance Co-Pilot is targeted at the performance analyst, benchmarker, engineering developer, database administrator, capacity planner or system administrator with an interest in overall system performance. It provides unparalleled power to quickly isolate and understand performance behavior, resource utilization, activity levels and performance bottlenecks.

Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) includes the following tools and capabilities:

Shipped support for domains of performance metrics include:

  • all Irix 5.3 (or later) kernel instrumentation
  • process-level resource utilization
  • Web server activity and quality of service
  • activity, resource utilization and query response time for the Informix, ORACLE and Sybase DBMS
  • SGI platform-specific instrumentation, e.g. R10K, FailSafe and Array
  • Cisco router statistics
  • environmental monitors for high end server systems
  • support for Origin 200 and Origin 2000 servers