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Power Macintosh 4400

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Designed to be a lower cost Macintosh model to manufacture. The hardware is also very similar to the Motorola StarMax 3000 Macintosh clone. Known as the Power Macintosh 7220 in some markets outside of North America.

The Power Macintosh 4400 computer has a new logic board that incorporates a PowerPC 603e microprocessor, a second-level (L2) cache expansion slot, three DRAM expansion slots, one PCI communications slot, two Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) card expansion slots, standard Macintosh I/O ports, and support for an internal ATAPI CD-ROM drive. The Power Macintosh 4400 logic board layout follows the LPX form factor.

General Information

The 4400 included more generic styling and components similar to an x86 system which likely helped to reduce production cost.

Released in November 1996, the Performa 4400/160 shipped only in Europe. It came in a newly designed low profile case, with the floppy drive on the left (a Mac rarity). It had optional 256k L2 cache, and was bundled with either a 14, 15 or 17 inch monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The 4400 was released in the US in February 1997 as the Power Macintosh 4400, with a 200MHz PowerPC 603e processor. It was discontinued a year later. The 400/200 was also released in Australia as the Power Macintosh 7220.

64-bit ROM data bus width, 40 MHz system bus.


The Power Macintosh 4400 is based on the PowerPC 603e processor. In North America, the 4400 only shipped with a 200MHz CPU.


The Power Macintosh 4400 uses DRAM on dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs). Three slots allow for memory expansion up to 96 MB using 3.3 V unbuffered 8-byte extended data output (EDO) 168-pin DRAM DIMM cards. DRAM expansion slot 1 only supports single-bank DIMMs. DRAM expansion slots 2 and 3 support both single-bank and dual-bank DIMMs. No DRAM is soldered on the logic board.


The logic board has a 120-pin video DIMM connector that allows the use of EDO RAM. The video controller supports the following for video memory:

  • 1 or 2 MB of EDO RAM
  • 1, 2, or 4 MB of SGRAM


256 KB L2 cache on a 160-pin DIMM card (optional).


  • The system may not power on if the internal battery is dead. If the PSU seems dead, try replacing the internal battery first.

Comm Slot Compatibility

The communications slot in the Power Macintosh 4400 computer is a PCI bus compatible communications slot (comm slot II) and is in general not compatible with communication cards for the Macintosh LC family of computers, the Macintosh Quadra 630 computer, or cards that operate in the communications slot (comm slot I) in Power Macintosh 5200 and 6200 computers. The exception is that cards that do not use the bus, such as serial modem cards, can be designed to work in both comm slot I and comm slot II.


Power on system when internal battery is dead and front power button does nothing

If the system has been without AC power and the internal 4.5V alkaline battery pack is dead, the system will more than likely not turn on or show any signs of life when attempting to power on. You can get around this by keeping AC power applied, removing the computer lid, pushing the reset button on the board next to the logic board power connectors, and pushing the front power button again. It should power on, otherwise the PSU may be faulty.



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