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Power Macintosh 5260

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The Power Macintosh 5260 computer is a new Macintosh model that incorporates a PowerPC 603e RISC (reduced instruction set computing) microprocessor running at 100 MHz with an L1 (Level 1) cache. The Power Macintosh 5260 has the same AV features (audio and video input and output) as the Macintosh LC 630, the Macintosh Quadra 630, and the Power Macintosh 5200 and 6200 computers. The Power Macintosh 5260 is housed in an all-in-one enclosure featuring a tilt-and-swivel 14-inch monitor with stereo speakers.

General Information

The internal bus structure consists of three internal buses: the 64-bit wide 603e data bus, the 32-bit wide 68040 bus, and the 32-bit wide I/O bus. The 603e bus is connected directly to the main processor and runs at the same clock rate. An optional external 256 KB L2 cache and 4 MB of ROM attach directly to the 603e data bus and help to optimize system performance.


PowerPC 603e microprocessor running at 100 MHz, with L1 cache.


Two DRAM SIMM (single in-line memory module) slots provide DRAM capacity from 8 MB to 64 MB, with a 32-bit data bus.


The display memory in the Power Macintosh 5260 computer is separate from the main memory. To reduce the cost of the computer, the display memory is implemented with DRAM devices instead of more expensive VRAM devices. The display memory consists of 1 MB of 60 ns DRAM devices configured to make a 32-bit data bus. The display memory cannot be expanded.


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