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Power Macintosh 6100

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6100 with mon.jpg

Also available under the "Performa" and "Workgroup Server" model lines. The Power Macintosh 6100 also offered the "DOS Compatible" model which featured a 486DX2/66 on an expansion card.

This model, along with the Power Macintosh 7100 and 8100, should be capable of running the Apple Copland system software betas.


Available with either a 60MHz or 66MHz PowerPC 601 processor.




  • If the PRAM battery is dead or missing, the computer will likely not display any video upon being powered on. Without using a new battery, you can try the "double-tap" method which is pushing the power button twice quickly and it may restore video signal.
  • The PowerPC 601 CPU is extremely fragile on this board and simply installing the heatsink can crack the processor.
  • Heat inside the case can be an issue, especially with the model including the 486 card. You may want to outfit a case fan somewhere inside to help move air.

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