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Power Macintosh 7600/200

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For a more general article, please see the Power Macintosh 7600 page.

If you need a computer that offers increased performance and expandability for your business, the Power Macintosh 7600/200 is an ideal choice. With a 200-megahertz PowerPC 604e RISC processor on a removable card that can be easily swapped out for a card containing an even more powerful processor* (as available), the Power Macintosh 7600/200 gives you all the advantages of PowerPC technology now, with plenty of room to grow later. Built-in video-input capability, high-resolution graphics, 12x-speed CD-ROM drive, and CD-quality stereo sound add new excitement to everyday business projects. And because the Power Macintosh 7600/200 optimizes the transfer of video data, it’s an ideal system for videoconferencing.

The three industry-standard Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) high-performance expansion slots on the Power Macintosh 7600/200 let you customize this computer easily to meet your needs more precisely. You can find PCI cards for a variety of uses, including graphics, storage, and high-speed networking. And if you want to use your Power Macintosh 7600/200 to run MS-DOS and Windows applications as well as software written for the Macintosh, you can install a PC Compatibility Card from Apple in one of the system’s PCI slots —and switch instantly between computing environments. In addition, connecting your Power Macintosh 7600/200 computer to an Ethernet network is easy, because it includes both AAUI and 10BASE-T connectors.

Today, more and more computer users are discovering the wealth of information and communications resources and opportunities offered by the Internet. The Power Macintosh 7600/200 makes it easy to get involved in this rapidly expanding community, because it comes with all of the soft- ware you need for easy Internet access—including the Apple Internet Connection Kit and America Online.

Whether you are selecting a computer for a large corporation or a single-person home office, the Power Macintosh 7600/200 system offers PowerPC performance, upgradability, and advanced multimedia features to give you the versatility you need for professional computing.


High performance

  • 200-MHz PowerPC 604e processor
  • Built-in floating-point processor and 64K cache
  • 256K level 2 cache

Communications and multimedia

  • 24-bit composite and S-video input
  • 64-bit VRAM graphics subsystem
  • Two high-speed serial ports compatible with GeoPort devices and LocalTalk cables
  • 12x-speed CD-ROM drive
  • 16-bit stereo audio input and output


  • Removable processor card allows easy upgrades*
  • Three industry-standard PCI expansion slots
  • SCSI connector for hard disks, CD-ROM drives, and other SCSI devices
  • Internal expansion bay for additional 3.5-inch hard disk drive


  • Includes 10BASE-T and AAUI Ethernet connectors
  • Supports Open Transport networking software (TCP/IP and AppleTalk)
  • Runs 680x0 Macintosh applications as well as applications accelerated for Power Macintosh computers
  • Reads Mac OS, Windows, MS-DOS, OS/2, and ProDOS floppy disk formats
  • Runs MS-DOS and Windows applications via either of two optional PC Compatibility Cards from Apple
  • Comes with all of the software required for Internet access

System 7.5.5 software

  • Makes working with different applications consistent, so they’re easier to learn and use
  • Allows easy customization of your Macintosh to reflect the way you work
  • Provides active assistance in learning new features with Apple Guide
  • Includes MacLinkPlus file translation software from DataViz

Technical Specifications


  • 200-MHzPowerPC 604e microprocessor
  • Integrated floating-point unit and 64K cache
  • Processor mounted on a removable card for easy upgrades


  • 32MB of RAM, expandable to 512MB via 8 DIMM sockets
  • 4MB of ROM
  • 256K level 2 cache

Disk drives

  • Internal 2GB Fast SCSI hard disk
  • Internal Apple SuperDrive floppy disk drive — Accepts high-density 1.4MB disks and 800K disks — Reads, writes, and formats Macintosh, Windows, MS-DOS, OS/2, and ProDOS disks
  • Internal 12x-speed CD-ROM drive
  • Expansion bay for additional 3.5-inch hard disk


  • Composite connectors (RCA phono jacks) for composite video input
  • S-video input connector
  • Internal digital audio/video (DAV) connector for video compression/decompression cards
  • Three PCI expansion slots compatible with PCI 2.0–compliant cards
  • Two high-speed DMA serial (RS-232/RS-422) ports compatible with GeoPort devices and LocalTalk cables
  • 10BASE-T and AAUI-15 Ethernet connectors (optional PC Compatibility Cards provide multinode support for simultaneous network connections)
  • Internal Fast SCSI bus (up to 10MB/s)
  • External Standard SCSI bus (up to 5MB/s)
  • Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) expansion port
  • RCA phono jacks for line-level stereo audio input and output
  • Mini jacks for stereo audio input and output
  • All sound ports support 16-bit audio and up to 44.1-kHz sampling rate
  • DB-15 connector for monitor

Video capabilities

  • Real-time video playthrough of up to 640 by 480 pixels with NTSC; 768 by 576 pixels with PAL and SECAM
  • Up to 320- by 240-pixel capture at 15 frames per second with NTSC
  • Maximum capture size of 640 by 480 pixels with NTSC

Graphics support

  • 2MB of VRAM, expandable to 4MB
  • Fast 64-bit data path to VRAM
  • Support for display resolutions of up to 1,280 by 1,024 pixels
  • 24-bit color up to 1,152- by 870-pixel resolution
  • Refresh rate of up to 75 Hz

GeoPort telephony support

  • 28.8-Kbit/s modem support
  • V.17 fax support
  • Speakerphone and answering-machine capability


  • Custom integrated circuit with long-life battery

Keyboard and mouse

  • Includes Apple keyboard and ADB Mouse II

Electrical requirements

  • Line voltage: 100 to 125/220 to 240 V AC, RMS single phase
  • Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz, single phase
  • Power: 150 W maximum, not including display

ADB power requirements

  • Maximum current draw for all devices: 500 mA (a maximum of three ADB devices is recommended)
  • Mouse draws 10 mA
  • Keyboard draws 25 to 80 mA (varies with keyboard used)

Size and weight

  • Height: 6.15 in. (15.6 cm)
  • Width: 14.37 in. (36.5 cm)
  • Depth: 16.93 in. (43.0 cm)
  • Weight: 22 lb. (9.97 kg)

Environmental requirements

  • Operating temperature: 50° to 104° F (10° to 40° C)
  • Storage temperature: –40° to 116° F (–40° to 47° C)
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
  • Maximum altitude: 10,000 ft. (3,048 m)

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