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Power Macintosh 8500

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The minimum system software version for this system appears to be 7.5.2. Similar Macintosh models include the Power Macintosh 7200, Power Macintosh 7500 and Power Macintosh 9500.

General Information

This is a smaller version of the Power Macintosh 9500.

The Power Macintosh 8500 and Workgroup Server 8550 feature three PCI expansion slots, a removable 604 microprocessor card, and, in addition, the Power Macintosh 8500 features video in and out functionality standard.


The Power Macintosh 8500 and WS 8550 computers feature the PowerPC 604 RISC microprocessor. The PowerPC 604 microprocessor is installed via a card that plugs into the logic board, allowing for maximum flexibility with future upgrades. Features of this microprocessor include

  • Full RISC processing architecture
  • Parallel processing units: one load-store unit, two integer units, one complex integer unit, and one floating point unit
  • Separate built-in caches for data and instructions, 16 KB each, four-way set associative
  • Advanced branching techniques for improved throughput


The 8500 offers three PCI expansion slots.


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