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Power Macintosh G3

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The last of the traditional beige style cases and shares the design of the Power Macintosh 8600.

General Information

These computers use the innovative, next-generation PowerPC G3 processor, which was designed specifically to provide increased power at affordable cost. It does so through three major innovations: a state-of-the-art 0.25-micron manufacturing process, optimization for the Mac OS, and a new, more efficient approach to level 2 cache known as backside cache. Backside cache boosts performance far above the performance of earlier systems — even those with higher clock speeds — by positioning the cache directly on the processor module and making it directly accessible through a faster, dedicated bus. This bus can run at varying speeds in proportion to the processor speed. So, for example, the Power Macintosh G3 system based on a 266-megahertz PowerPC G3 processor features a 133-megahertz dedicated backside bus — more than twice the speed of the system bus.


PowerPC G3 microprocessor running at a clock frequency of 233 MHz, 266 MHz, 300 MHz, and 333 MHz depending on model and configuration. 66 MHz Apple RISC system bus.


0 MB soldered on the main logic board; expandable to 768 MB using 64-bit (non-parity) 168-pin JEDEC-standard 3.3-volt unbuffered SDRAM (synchronous dynamic access memory) DIMM (dual inline memory module) cards. Three DIMM card slots are provided for DRAM expansion. A minimum of 32 MB of RAM is installed in one of the DIMM card slots.


Uses the ATI RAGE II+ chip. 2 MB synchronous graphics RAM (SGRAM) frame buffer on the main logic board. Video memory can be expanded to 4 MB or 6 MB with an optional 2 MB or 4 MB SGRAM graphics memory module.

Built-in 2D and 3D hardware graphics acceleration using the ATI 3D RAGE II+DVD or ATI 3D RAGE PRO-PCI graphics controller. Software support through Macintosh QuickDraw 3D and QuickDraw 3D RAVE (rendering acceleration virtual engine) APIs. The ATI 3D RAGE II+DVD graphics controller is the graphics controller used in the original Power Macintosh G3 computer.


512 KB or 1 MB of back-side second-level (L2) cache on processor module (depending on model and configuration). The cache runs at one half the clock frequency of the microprocessor. For example, the cache would run at 166.5 MHz on a 333 MHz processor module.


PCI card expansion slots: the modular and minitower enclosures accept three 12-inch PCI cards; three 15-watt cards or two 25-watt cards.


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