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Qualix DataStar

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Data protection software for Sun Solaris systems; adds synchronous mirroring capabilities to the asynchronous mirroring architecture of the original product. The new synchronous option is designed primarily to meet the needs of banking and financial institutions for a network mirroring solution. This option allows the data to be identical at both sites at all times, enabling a speedy recovery in the event of a system failure or natural disaster. The new release makes it easier to administer and monitor, because the new monitoring interface (GUI) gives the user vision into the software's processes, including both the mirroring activity and up-to-the-minute status of error messages. This allows continual and easy assessment of the system's health. The product also has been strengthened to make it easier to activate configuration changes, allowing monitoring parameters to be changed. In addition, the HTML documentation enables text searching, better navigation and electronic distribution of updates of the documentation.