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* [[Better 8-bit QuickTime color]]
* [[Better 8-bit QuickTime color]]
* [[QuickTime 2.0 -- 1994/02/09 Press Releases]]
* [[QuickTime 2.0 -- 1994/02/09 Press Releases]]
* [[QuickTime 3.0 Technology Brief]]
=See Also=
=See Also=

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Multimedia framework developed by Apple Computer.

General Information


QuickTime is Apple Computer's award-winning, industry-standard, software architecture that makes it possible to create, integrate, and publish all types of digital media. Using QuickTime, software applications can offer the ability to work with a wide variety of media file formats and media encodings in an easy, consistent way. QuickTime was designed from the ground up to simplify the task of working with and integrating the widest possible range of digital media types-not just sound and video. QuickTime today truly provides the most comprehensive, most flexible, and most integrated set of media services available to content creators and software developers regardless of whether you publish to video tape, CD-ROM, or the Internet.

QuickTime is composed of three distinct elements-the QuickTime Movie file format, the QuickTime Media Abstraction Layer, and a rich set of built-in QuickTime media services. These three elements enable users to realize the full benefits of the QuickTime software architecture.


  • QuickTime has a nice undocumented feature: you can name a movie file to "Startup Movie" and put it in the System Folder, and it will be played on startup when QuickTime loads. In international system software this name will be different (in Swedish it's "Startfilm"); you can find the name it uses in STR resource -2020.

Developer Info

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