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Radius And Sony To Demo Wide-Screen HDTV Format - 01/1997

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Radius And Sony To Demo Wide-Screen HDTV Format With ThunderPower 30/1920 Graphics Card And GDM-W900 24-Inch Digital Multiscan® Display

Macworld Expo Booth 1329/San Francisco, CA--January 7, 1997--Radius Inc. and Sony Electronics today announced that Radius will be showing the super-wide display and graphics resolution of 1920 x 1080 at Macworld Expo. This high-end display and graphics card pairing features a 16:9 aspect ratio providing a 30 percent wider work area for Mac™ OS PCI based systems. The combination of these products results in a quality color desktop solution that delivers the fastest drawing speed, greater desktop workspace, and accurate color matching for greater performance and productivity.

"Radius and Sony are leaders in their respective industries. The ThunderPower 30/1920 and GDM-W900 offer high quality, color fidelity and increased work area. It is great to combine our latest technologies to demonstrate what leading edge products can provide for the demanding Macintosh professional," said Michael Fox, marketing manager for Sony Information Technologies of America.

Radius' new graphics card combines a variety of features, including enhanced Super Resolution™ 1920 x 1080, resolution support for HDTV (16 x 9) aspect ratio monitors and 30-bit full color graphics at every resolution. Radius 30-bit graphics capabilities provide the color publisher with a palette of billions of vivid colors for the most realistic on screen color representation yet. The ThunderPower 30/1920 card also provides a wide range of resolution choices from 640 x 480 up to enhanced Super Resolution, 1920 X 1080. Radius' enhanced Super Resolution displays 106 percent more pixels which provides creative professionals with the greatest image detail, smoother graphics and maximum desktop area available on the Macintosh today. Super Resolution will dramatically enhance the professional's view of intricate Quark, Illustrator, Acrobat and Freehand documents. In addition, on board QuickDraw™ acceleration, Pan and Zoom hardware capabilities, and on-the-fly bit-depth resolution switching, make the ThunderPower 30/1920 a feature rich, best-of-breed graphics card for the color publishing professional.

Sony's new super fine pitch 24-inch display delivers images with precise, automatic distortion correction across a continuous range of scanning frequencies as well as providing an advanced degree of user control. Providing a 22.5-inch diagonal viewing area, the GDM-W900 will enable users to view two full size pages side-by-side. Based on a precision Trinitron tube with a variable 0.25 mm to 0.28 mm aperture grille pitch, the wide-screen display incorporates a newly developed tungsten-infused cathode-ray gun which provides consistent performance and superior focus over a longer period of time than previous gun designs. This new technology and super-fine aperture grille pitch provide a 30 percent better beam spot size and dramatically increased color clarity and accuracy. The GDM-W900's tube also incorporates a new blue color filter technology which improves light transmission by 23 percent and increases contrast by 8 percent for enhanced overall picture quality.


Color graphics professionals, illustrators, graphic designers and video professionals who need color accuracy, high resolution, more detail and extremely fast performance will find the Radius ThunderPower 30/1920 the graphics card of choice.

Specifically designed for demanding graphics and video development applications, the Sony GDM-W900 display will benefit professionals working with engineering, virtual prototyping, animation, desktop video, pre-press, virtual reality, financial charting and scientific or medical imaging.


The Radius ThunderPower 30/1920 graphics card is available now, and has a U.S. suggested retail price of $1,399. The Sony GDM-W900 display will begin shipping this month and has a U.S. suggested retail price of $4,999.

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