Radius QuickColor


The Radius QuickColor Graphics Accelerator is a high performance hardware and software extension to Apple's 32-Bit QuickDraw. Based on a 6 million instructions per second (MIPS) RISC processor, QuickColor overtakes certain graphics routines, executes them, and rapidly transfers the data to the display. Common functions such as window movement, text scrolling, fills, and image displays occur up to 600% faster. Professional graphics artists and publishers who work in 16 and 32-bit applications will find QuickColor to be an indispensable productivity tool.


A Macintosh II system (QuickColor occupies one NuBus slot); Radius GS/C, DirectColor/16 or DirectColor/24 Interface, Radius Color Display, and Apple 32-Bit QuickDraw.



  • RISC processor: VL86C010 Acorn RISC Machine
  • Processor clock speed: 10 MHz
  • Average processor MIPS: 6 MIPS
  • Static RAM: 64 Kbytes; zero wait states
  • NuBus data transfer modes: 2, 4, or 8 long word block transfers
  • NuBus data trasnfer rate: 26.7 Mbytes per second
  • Card power consumption: 2 amps continuous


  • RISC processor code: One INIT file
  • Control Panel Access: Enable and Disable RISC processor


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