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Radius is now Digital Origin - 01/1999

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Digital Origin Debuts at MacWorld; The Former Radius Inc. Charts New Course for DV Software

Digital Origin Sets Sights on Expanding Role As Premier Developer of Software for the Exploding Digital Video Editing Market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Jan. 6, 1999-- The world's leading developer of digital video software products, Radius Inc. (NASDAQ:RDUS), has adopted a new name -- Digital Origin Inc. -- to reinforce its commitment to be the premier digital video software supplier for each owner of every digital video (DV) camcorder and computer. Officials of the former Radius Inc., made the announcement here today at the MacWorld Conference.

"This is as dramatic as it gets for us," said Mark Housley, chairman and CEO of the new Digital Origin Inc. and former chairman/CEO of Radius. "The DV camcorder market is now growing tremendously," he said. "And we're going to be a big part of that growth with a new name that symbolizes our commitment to develop and deliver products that bring out the best in professional and amateur desktop, non-linear editors alike."

Sizing the world market, Housley said 95 percent of camcorder sales in Japan are now digital video and the market for DV camcorders in the U.S. is doubling every year. And Europe is not far behind, he added.

"The reason for this boom," Housley explains, "is in the beauty and simplicity of digital video. Unlike video whose origin is analog, video whose origin is digital is pristine. It maintains its source form and clarity throughout both editing and duplication. There's no longer any reason to accept anything but perfect digital quality. Our new name emphasizes the fundamental nature of this new media: "digital origin" means just what it says. It also reinforces our commitment to building tools that help creative professionals compose dazzling video productions," he said.

Housley said, "The DV camcorder opens the field of video editing to new people. Today, with the new digital video cameras and software like ours, you can plug into your computer and be editing quickly on your desktop with results you can broadcast."

"DV camcorders change the world of video production: your skill, not your budget, determines the quality of your work. That's a remarkable breakthrough," Housley stated.

The predecessor company, Radius Inc., has long been known as the leading developer of DV products that serve the complete range of DV camcorder owners' needs: still capture, motion capture, non-linear editing and post production. Its innovative products have swept industry awards, most recently winning; New Media Magazine's "Video Product of the Year"; DV Magazine's "Award of Excellence"; and e-Mediaweekly's "Best VideoProduct." A MacWorld Eddy for 1997 is also in its trophy case.

Earlier in its history, Radius was best known as a developer and marketer of monitors, video and graphic hardware solutions to the Macintosh market. Over the last two years, the firm has transformed itself into a software company focused exclusively on the development of cross-platform DV software.

With new headquarters in Mountain View, CA, Digital Origin has rebuilt its engineering, marketing and sales team to focus entirely on software. "The changes that have created Digital Origin reflect the changes that have taken place in the DV world," Housley explains. "We've changed our engineering and our marketing approaches to fully support the new DV camcorder customer."

Digital Origin sees the camcorder DV industry shaping into two markets: the professional editor who sees falling prices of equipment as a means of acquiring more gear to enhance one's professional capability; the other market is for the beginner looking for new tools to better express ideas -- at work, at home and at play.

"Product differentiation will sort out the prime suppliers to the digital DV industry," he said. Digital Origin has made quality its number one objective. With a company focus entirely on the DV camcorder market, Housley calls Digital Origin the "only choice" for editors and camcorder user looking for better results.

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