Rescue Raiders Help File

Rescue Raiders Help File :			by Moose

I have tested this game on Apple Win and it works fine.

This game is the Apple ][ version of Armour Alley (on the PC and 
MAC).  This game (for the Apple ][) came out in the early 80's, 
while the PC / MAC version came out in the early 90's.

The controls are :
  	A		Send out a Mobile Missile Launcher (truck)
	T		Send out a Tank
	D		Send out a Command Vehicle (van)
	M		Send out 4 Soldiers
	E		Send out 2 Engineers
	H		Buy another helicopter (i.e. a life)
	Fire Button 1	Shoot bullets (from helicopter)
	Fire Button 2	Drop bombss (from helicopter)
	Fire Button 1&2	Launch long range missile.
			Usually works best when you are moving vertically
			down.  Firing these is awkward at best !!
	<ESC>		Pause game and display current score.
	C		Display money left, bombs on helicopter,
			long range missiles on helicopter,
			number of helicopters (lives).
	1-9		How fast to display the stats when "c" is pressed.
			1 = slowly, 9 = fast.  7 is a good speed.

(When using the keypad to emulate an Apple Joytick on the PC, press
both ALT keys to release a long range missile !).

Mobile Missile Launcher trucks are great, but be careful - the computer 
starts using them against you from Round / level 3.

Basically, you control a helicopter, and use it to attack the enemy's
ground troops and helicopter, and provide air cover for the troops, 
tanks, etc that you send out.

You control the helicopter and the release of your tanks, men, etc.
However, once they are released, the tanks, men, etc act on their own.

Each unit has their strengths and weaknesses.  eg. tanks are big and tough, 
but only men can take over barracks / bunkers of the enemy, repair
groung buildings / anti aircraft guns, etc

Your objective is to get a Command Vehicle (van) to the enemies base at
the far end.

There are many levels to the game.  Later on, the odds are really 
stacked in your favour.

I completed the whole game (on my Old Apple ][) in 1984, on a rainy
afternoon, and it took about 4 or 5 hours if I remember rightly -
11 years ago !!

It is a classic Apple ][ game !

October 10, 1995.