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1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy - Headquarters (now Googleplex)

Sold to Google in 2003.

STUDIOS designed this campus—which housed SGI’s corporate headquarters, as well as research and development facilities—to reflect the technology company’s progressive culture and business philosophy. The campus’ four buildings are configured to create internal courtyards, and are connected to one another by glass bridges. The project included office space for engineering and administrative staff, dining facilities, a fitness center, a theater, and a 1,000 car parking structure.

1401 N Shoreline Blvd - SGI Building 20 (now Computer History Museum)


The mayor of Mountain View, CA used an Onyx RealityEngine2 to "walk through" this model of a proposed new Silicon Graphics Office Building in a ground-breaking ceremony. The new building, which is Silicon Graphics' training and support center, is now located at the corner of Shoreline Blvd. and Pear Ave. in Mountain View. It opened in 1995.

2029 Stierlin Court (now LinkedIn)

No data on this location yet.

900 North McCarthy Blvd - Current (as of 2015)


This appears to be the corporate headquarters after the Rackable acquisition, though this information may now be outdated since the HPE buyout.

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