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Maximum Impact graphics are the highest tier of SGI's IMPACT graphics offered both on the Indigo2 and Octane workstations. They include a 27MB frame buffer and have 2 raster engines (i.e. are "2RSS" boards). On the Octane, you can upgrade a SSI/SSE graphics board to Maximum Impact (MXI/EMXI) by adding two texture RAM (TRAM) modules.

SGI Octane EMXI and XIO Carrier small.jpg

Indigo2 Maximum Impact Overview

The Indigo2 Maximum Impact included:

HQ3 Command Processor:

  • Distributes graphics primitives to Geometry Engine
  • GIO64 bus interface
  • Pixel DMA engine
  • 300,000 gates

Two GE11 Geometry/Image Engines:

  • Power the graphics subsystem
  • 960 MFLOPS for transforming triangles
  • 960 MIOPS for processing pixels
  • 600,000 gates each

Two RE4 Raster Engines:

  • Provide the pixel-fill capabilities
  • 234 Mpixels/sec gouraud fill rate
  • 300,000 gates each

Two TE Texture Engines:

  • Fill, warp, and zoom image/texture data
  • 295,000 gates each

One or Four MB Texture Memory:

  • Interpolates image/texture data and performs MIP-mapping interpolation
  • 1MB of texture memory with expandability to 4MB through optional Mezzanine card
  • 60,000 gates + 8MB DRAM for each MB

Four PP1 Pixel Pipe Processors:

  • Provide blending, depth and dithering
  • 290,000 gates each

Live Video:

  • Expansion port supports Indigo2 Mindshare Bundle, Indigo2 IMPACT Video, Indigo2 IMPACT Channel Option, or Indigo2 Presenter

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