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* [[SGI Onyx2]]
* [[SGI Onyx2]]
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[[Category:SGI]] [[Category:MIPS]]

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SGI Onyx2 Deskside

CPU Options

SGI Part Number Description
013-2226-001 R10000 dual 180mhz 1024kb cache (IP27)
013-2224-001 R10000 dual 195mhz 4mb cache (IP27)
013-2241-001 R10000 dual 250mhz 4mb cache (IP27)
013-3200-001 R12000 dual 300mhz 8mb cache (IP31)
013-2978-001 R12000 dual 400mhz 8mb cache (IP31)
013-2921-002 R14000 dual 500mhz 8mb cache (IP31)


  • 007-3454-005 - Silicon Graphics Onyx2 Deskside Workstation Owner’s Guide
  • 007-3849-001 - Onyx2 DPLEX Option Hardware User’s Guide

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