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STB Powergraph 64 Video

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When video quality is the issue, graphics acceleration is the solution!

  • 64-Bit Graphics Engine for Incredible Video Performance
  • Play Multimedia Video Clips Full-Screen with Full-Motion
  • Up to 16.7 Million Colors for Photo-Realistic Images
  • Ultra-High Resolutions and Refresh Rates Deliver Ultimate Image Quality
  • Plug-and-Play with Auto-Configuring Features for Easy Installation

And no previous graphics adapter offers the full-screen and full-motion playback performance of the STB POWERGRAPH 64 VIDEO. With 2MB of EDO DRAM, the POWERGRAPH 64 VIDEO graphics accelerator supports standard 64-bit graphics resolutions at the highest possible refresh rates - up to 160Hz! While traditional video adapters may play back video as slow as 7 frames per second, the POWERGRAPH 64 VIDEO is capable of full-screen, full-motion video at 30 frames per second. At that speed, the human eye sees a sharp, smoothly-flowing video image comparable to a television display. STB has the technology to make TV-quality video a dazzling on-screen reality!

Outstanding Design

  • 1MB or 2MB of high-speed EDO DRAM (1MB version is expandable)
  • S3 Trio64V+ graphics controller chip with integrated Digital Video Engine that supports accelerated playback of video clip files, including Video for Windows, Indeo, Cinepak and more
  • Standard VESA-compatible feature connector
  • PCI and VL Bus models for high-performance video in PCI or VL Bus compatible systems
  • Fully supports VESA SuperVGA drivers
  • VESA DDC-2B support for Plug-and-Play Monitors
  • Hardware acceleration of Bit-Block transfers (BitBLTs), line drawing, cursor operation, dual address bus, read and write bursting, and hardware cursor
  • High performance GUI drivers for Windows, Windows 95, and Windows NT

Winning Performance

  • 64-bit graphics engine and DRAM interface for top GUI performance
  • Display Control Interface (DCI) compliant drivers for Windows 3.x
  • DirectDraw compliant drivers for Windows 95
  • Supports non-interlaced resolutions up to 1280x1024 with 256 colors (with 2MB) and refresh rates up to 75Hz
  • STB VISION utilities make Windows driver installation and screen configuration simple
  • Works with any SVGA multiple-frequency monitor
  • FCC Class B Certified for low emissions

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