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3D Winbench 97:
3D Winbench 97:

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Based on the RIVA 128 chipset from nVidia. Released by STB Systems.

The VELOCITY 128 is designed for performance users who demand not only intensive business graphics and video power, but also enhanced 3D hardware for gaming, entertainment and applications such as VRML 3D web content development and OpenGL operations. STB's VELOCITY 128 also adds the unique multimedia video output features of the STB Multimedia Hub Architecture.

  • True 128-bit Multimedia Engine
  • 4MB of 128-bit SGRAM Memory with 1600MB/sec bandwidth
  • MPEG-2 Compatible Digital Video Engine
  • 230MHz RAMDAC supports refresh rates up to 160Hz and resolutions up to 1600x1200
  • STB Multimedia Hub Architecture


3D Winbench 97:



  • Extra large on-chip Texture Cache and the only Vertex Cache available deliver unsurpassed sustained polygon throughput
  • Capable of a sustained 3D performance of over 800,000 Textured, Bilinear Filtered, Perspective Corrected, MIP-Mapped, Gouraud Shaded, Z-buffered polygons per second and over 45 million pixel per second fill rate with all features enabled
  • 32-bit high performance Windows 95 and NT 4.0 display drivers including DirectX (Direct3D) and OpenGL (MCD for Windows NT 4.0)
  • Digital Video Engine supports YUV-RGB Color Space Conversion and filtered X/Y interpolation for superior quality playback and scaling of MPEG (or other standard format) video in a window or full screen
  • Microsoft WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certified drivers for Windows 95 and high performance 32-bit Windows NT 4.0 display drivers
  • Includes STB Vision 98 desktop utility and productivity software
  • FCC Certified

Advanced 3D Features

  • Gouraud Shading for smoother, more realistic shading effects
  • Z-buffering for faster 3D performance
  • Bilinear and Anisotropic Filtering for more realistic views
  • MIP-Mapping for better resolution of texture maps
  • Alpha Blending for complete or partial transparencies on smoke and fog effects
  • Perspective Correction for proper perception of depth
  • Video Texture Mapping to place video clips into images
  • Floating Point Polygon Setup to reduce the CPU's workload
  • Double-buffering for realistic animation effects