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Beginners Guide to the Vintage Macintosh

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* Early compact Macs which don't have an internal fan for cooling (128K/512K/Plus) may overheat if used for long periods of time. A third party "system saver" fan device is a recommended accessory.
* The [[Macintosh PowerBook 5300]] is not a very desirable model as the lack of L2 cache causes performance to suffer. You also cannot use a CD-ROM drive in the hot swap bay.
* The logic boards of the 128K/512K/Plus/SE models do not use the capacitors known for leaking, though the analog boards may still require repair. * If you like the form factor of the [[Macintosh IIci]], the [[Macintosh IIcx]] is the same externally but the lack of internal cache expansion and slower CPU will make it less desirable to collectors. Should be easier and cheaper to acquire a IIcx.
===Do I Need A Hard Disk?===