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List of expansion cards for Macintosh

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==Video Cards==
* [[Apple Macintosh Display Card 8-24]] - 8/24-bit color, 1MB VRAM, may require sync-on-green
* [[MicroConversions 2124NB II]] - 24-bit color video card
* [[Radius PrecisionColor 8-24X]] - 24-bit color video card
* [[Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24X]] - 24-bit color video card
* [[Radius DirectColor]]
* [[Radius Pivot II]]
* [[Radius Thunder IV GX]]
* [[Radius Accelerated 8-Bit Graphics I/F]]
* [[RasterOps 8L]]
* [[SuperMac Spectrum/8 Series III]]
===030 PDS===
* [[Micron Xceed Color 30]] - whole kit allows SE/30 to display 256 grays on original CRT, plus 8-bit color on external monitor
===LC PDS===
* [[MicroConversions 1724PD]] - 24-bit color video card
* [[IXMicro Twin Turbo 128]]
* [[ATI Radeon 7000]]
* [[Radius PrecisionColor 8/1600]]
* [[ATI Rage 128 PCI]]
==Compatibility Cards==
* [[Mac286]] - provided an 80286 PC to [[NuBus]] based Macs
===LC PDS===
* [[Apple IIe Card]] - allows LC models to run Apple II software via external disk drive
==CPU Accelerator Cards==
* [[DayStar Turbo 040]] - provides 040 CPU for Macintosh models with [[NuBus]]
===LC PDS===
* [[Applied Engineering TransWarp 030]]
* [[MicroMac Speedster040]] - Provides a [[Motorola 68040]] for the [[Macintosh LC]] and [[Macintosh LC II]].
* [[MicroMac Thunder]] - Provides a [[Motorola 68030]] at 32MHz for the [[Macintosh LC]] and [[Macintosh LC II]].
* [[MicroMac ThunderCache]] - Combines the [[MicroMac Thunder]] with 32KB of cache for the [[Macintosh LC]] and [[Macintosh LC II]].
* [[MicroMac ThunderCachePro]] - Adds 4 RAM slots to the [[MicroMac ThunderCache]] for up to 26MB total system memory.
===030 PDS===
* [[Applied Engineering QuickSilver]] - provides Provides cache for the [[Macintosh IIsi]] and acts as a right-angle PDS adapter.* [[DayStar Turbo 601]] - PowerPC upgrade for 030 based PDS.* [[MicroMac Carrera040]] - Uses PDS or optional direct CPU socket connection for the [[Macintosh IIcx]] and [[Macintosh IIx]].* [[MicroMac DiiMO 030]] - Uses PDS for a number of Macintosh II models but also includes [[Macintosh LC III]] and others with adapter. 
===040 PDS===
* [[Apple PowerPC 601 Card]] - upgrades Upgrades systems such as the [[Macintosh Quadra 700]] to a [[PowerPC 601]].* [[MicroMac Cache Card]] - Provides 128KB cache via 040 PDS for systems such as [[Macintosh Quadra 700]]. ===SE PDS===* [[Radius SE Accelerator]] - Upgrade for the [[Macintosh SE]] providing a [[Motorola 68020]] CPU. 
* [[DayStar PowerCache 030]] - provides Provides cache and faster 030 CPU for the [[Macintosh IIci]] cache slot.* [[DayStar Turbo 040]] - Provides a [[Motorola 68040]] CPU. Also available with [[NuBus]] or PDS adapters for other Mac models.
===CPU Daughtercard===
* [[Sonnet Crescendo G3]] - plugs Plugs into existing CPU slot on systems such as [[Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh]].
* [[PowerLogix PowerForce G3]]
===Direct Socket===
* [[DayStar SE/30 PowerCache]] - [[Motorola 68030]] upgrade card for the [[Macintosh SE/30]] via CPU socket.
* [[MicroMac Performer]] - Provides [[Motorola 68030]] at 16MHz for [[Macintosh Plus]] and [[Macintosh Classic]] via CPU socket.
* [[MicroMac PerformerPro]] - Provides [[Motorola 68030]] at 32MHz for [[Macintosh Plus]] and [[Macintosh Classic]] via CPU socket.
* [[MicroMac SpeedDoubler040]] - Doubles the speed of the [[Macintosh Quadra 700]] and [[Macintosh Quadra 900]] via CPU socket.
* [[Sonnet QuadDoubler 50]] - Plugs into the [[Motorola 68040]] CPU socket and offers up to 50MHz.
==Graphics Accelerator Cards==
* [[SuperMac DigitalFilm]] - video editing system to be used with breakout box
* [[Truevision NuVista]] - some sort of video editing / presentation card
==Network Cards==
* [[EMacSE30C]] - Ethernet card for the [[Macintosh SE/30]] and the [[Macintosh IIsi]]
* [[Kinetics EtherPort SE]] - Ethernet card for the [[Macintosh SE/30]]
* [[DaynaPORT E/si30]] - As the model name suggests, this should work in both the [[Macintosh IIsi]] and [[Macintosh SE/30]].
* [[Asante MacRing NB 16/4]] - Token ring card by Asante
==Misc Cards==
* [[Applied Engineering QuadraLink]] - 4 port serial card for [[NuBus]] Macs
==Direct Board Attachments==
* [[MacSnap]] - attaches Attaches directly to the [[Macintosh 512K]] board to provide additional memory.* [[MacSnap SCSI]] - attaches Attaches directly to the [[Macintosh 512K]] board to provide SCSI.* [[MicroMac Speedy]] - Kit which connects to the clock oscillator for adjusting the CPU clock speed. Supports multiple models.* [[Mac Rescue]] - Attaches to the [[Macintosh 512K]] board (possibly 128K as well) and appears to offer CPU/RAM/SCSI though still a [[Motorola 68000]]
==See Also==

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