Squeak is a rapid prototyping environment. This version of Squeak is based on Smalltalk. Our goal is to have the user community gradually evolve Squeak into a new and stronger language and environment.

A brief summary of new features in Squeak 1.20

The Squeak 1.20 release is in the usual form of an image, changes, and a VM. There is no upgrade path from older versions to 1.20 via file-ins.

As always, some things remain undone, but we feel the system is in a fairly stable state, with nearly three months worth of bug fixes and improvements.

The major features of Version 1.2 (since 1.19) include...

  • Elimination of most side-effects in Points and Rectangles
  • More efficient arithmetic coercion
  • A whole new pass through color in support of transparency
  • MaskedForm removed
  • ColorForm (a Form plus its own colormap) added
  • Much of Morphic works (scrollbars, lists, browser shell, inspector, a painting system, polygons and splines)
  • Changes file maintains time and author stamps automatically
  • PrintOut menu items produce html for printing from web browser (these html files can also be filed in)
  • Numerous VM fixes and improvements
  • Bugs fixed in perform:, block value:, Object at:
  • BitBlt now tolerates Float parameters
  • Several problems in Float and Fraction have been fixed, and several mild ones remain.
  • Most of the Socket support is now operational, and several examples are provided.
  • Improved SmartReferenceStream for storing clusters of objects on the disk. When bringing an object into a system with changed class names and instance variables, it helps you write a conversion method.

The image is somewhat larger (around 1.9Mb), since it includes both MVC and a fairly complete Morphic system with several running examples. However it is still right around a megabyte if you pare back the interpreter and Morphic, and you can get under 650k by executing Smalltalk>>majorShrink.

While the Morphic application construction kit is not complete, we are interested in all comments and suggestions relating to the Morphic architecture as it stands.


Squeak will run on any Macintosh or MacOS computer with a 68020 or better or a PowerPC processor. This includes a Macintosh FX, Quadra, PowerBook Duo, or Power Macintosh computer. Use System 7.0 or a more recent version of the MacOS. Squeak can run in four megabytes, but we told it to ask for six. A cut down system can run in two megabytes. The files take 4.3 megabytes of disk space, but you need 7.8 mb while downloading. The application file is "Fat" and runs on either 680x0 or PowerPC microprocessors.

We are grateful to Ian Piumarta of INRIA in France for porting Squeak to a variety of UNIX platforms, and to Andreas Raab of the Univ. of Magdeburg in Germany for porting Squeak to Win32 (Windows NT, and Windows 95). Tim Rowledge has ported Squeak to the Acorn ARM, Blair McGlashan has ported it to the Casio Cassiopea (Windows CE), and Boris G. Chr. Shingarov has ported it to OS/2.

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