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=Press Release=
=Press Release=
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* Tandy and Digi-Mouse are registered trademarks of Tandy Corporation.
* Tandy and Digi-Mouse are registered trademarks of Tandy Corporation.
* MS-DOS and GW-BASIC are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
* MS-DOS and GW-BASIC are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
=See Also=
=See Also=

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The Tandy 1000 EX was a PC compatible based off the intel 8088 microprocessor and is basically a budget version of the Tandy 1000 SX released at the same time. It differs from the 1000 SX in that the entire computer, including the keyboard, but minus the monitor, is one single unit altogether.


  • Chassis: Tandy 1000 All-In-One Style Chassis for the 1000 EX
  • PSU: Tandy Proprietary
  • CPU: Intel 8088-2 at 6MHz (turbo) or 4.77MHz (Turbo off)
  • RAM: 384K expandable to 640K
  • FDD: 1 5.25" TEAC White-Bezel 360K DSDD Floppy Drive on the right side
  • GFX: Enhanced CGA (TGA, PC Jr. Compatible)
  • SND: Tandy 3-voice (PC Jr. Compatible)
  • O/S: MS-DOS 3.1 for the Tandy 1000 EX and Deskmate II

Technical Details

Unlike the 1000 SX which the EX shares most of it's specs with, the EX has it's keyboard integrated into the system unit, and uses Tandy Proprietary "Plus Card" slots for expansion cards. These are basically expansion cards where the pin-headers go through a set of long pins acting as the ISA bus (pinout is similar), and "stack" on top of each other like cards in a later LPX system would to save space. The expansion cards are located under a slide-off cover on top of the Tandy near the center of the case. Most often, modems and 640K Memory upgrade cards were a common upgrade.

The 1000 EX offers one feature the Tandy 1000 SX, as well as the 1000 and 1000A, never had, a user-accessible volume control on the outside of the chassis in the form of a roller wheel on the right hand side, and a headphone jack. This was possibly the first model of 1000 to have these features. It was later replaced by the Tandy 1000 HX just a year or two later.

Press Release


FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Tandy Corporation today announced the Tandy (r) 1000 EX
computer, a PC-compatible school and home computer priced at $799, that runs 50
percent faster than the PC. The Intel 8088 microprocessor-based system runs
most MS-DOS (r) software at 7.16 MHz, and is software switchable to 4.77 MHz.
It comes with more memory than the original Tandy 1000 computer, features an
integral CPU/keyboard, and Personal DeskMate (tm), a new, graphics-oriented,
multi-function applications program.

"Educators and new home users asked us for a sturdy, high speed PC-compatible
computer at a truly low price. Educators tell us they require networking
capabilities, and prefer the simplicity of a one-piece unit. The Tandy 1000 EX
computer succeeds the popular Tandy 1000 -- the best selling PC in U.S. retail
distribution -- and is specifically for our home and education customers," said
John V. Roach, chairman, CEO and president of Tandy Corporation.

The Tandy 1000 EX computer comes with 256K RAM expandable to 640K, one 5-1/4
inch, 360K floppy disk drive (a second, external 3-1/2 inch or 5-1/4 inch
floppy drive may be added), space for three PLUS expansion boards, and it
supports the classroom Network 4 network. For educational users, the Tandy 1000
EX computer includes a headphone jack and volume control, perfect for the
school lab environment.

The Personal DeskMate program features handy pull-down menus and pop-up boxes
that make it easy to use. The package includes work processing, spreadsheet,
electronic filing, paint, a calendar for scheduling appointments, and
telecommunications programs as well as desktop accessories such as an
electronic calculator, notepad, and phone directory.

Microsoft's MS-DOS 2.11 with GW-BASIC (r) also is included with every Tandy
1000 EX computer.

The Tandy 1000 EX computer (25-1050) is available at more than 7,000 Radio
Shack (r) Stores, Radio Shack Computer Centers and participating dealers

The Tandy 1000 EX computer is made in the United States by Tandy Corporation,
the leading manufacturer and retailer of PC-compatible computer products.


The Product:

()  The Tandy 1000 EX computer, at $799, is the lowest-priced PC
    compatible offered by a major manufacturer.

()  Runs 50 percent faster than the PC. The 7.16 MHz clock speed
is software switchable to the standard 4.77 MHz.

()  It is the successor in the home and education markets to the
best-selling Tandy 1000 computer.

()  One-piece CPU with 90-key keyboard features a built-in, 5-1/4
inch, 360K floppy disk drive.

()  Comes with Personal DeskMate (tm), and easy-to-use, graphics-
oriented productivity program. Features word processing,
spreadsheet, electronic filing, graphics, calendar and

()  The Tandy 1000 EX personal computer and Personal DeskMate
software come with an easy-to-understand tutorial manual, a
reference manual and a quick-reference guide. The tutorial easily
takes even the newest computer user through all of the computer's
basic functions.

()  MS-DOS 2.11 disk operating system and GW-BASIC software are
included in the base price. (Full MS-DOS/GW-BASIC reference
manuals sold separately.)

()  Allows addition of one PLUS expansion board or two PLUS
expansion boards when used with the Memory PLUS Expansion

()  Available at more than 7,000 Radio Shack Stores, Radio Shack
Computer Centers, and participating dealers nationwide.

The Software:

()  Personal DeskMate, an easy-to-use, graphics-oriented program,
is an introduction to a variety of applications programs. It
introduces the user to applications without the expense of
purchasing additional software.

    --	Personal DeskMate includes:

    --	Tandy Desktop, to help visually organize and manage
	program and data files. Any combination of applications
	can be installed on the screen.

    --	Text, a simple word processor, for composing and editing
	text on the screen, and printing.

    --	Worksheet, an electronic spreadsheet application with 99
	rows and 99 columns of numeric, text, or calculated cells.

    --	Filer, for tracking recipes or other frequently used

    --	Paint, a simple graphic picture editor that includes
	functions for drawing basic shapes (solid or outline),
	lines, points, fonts and pattern fills.

    --	Calendar, an electronic personal calendar for keeping
	track of appointments and activities.

    -- Telecom, a basic telecommunications package for
       communication with information services or uploading and
       downloading files.

    --	Notepad to give the user a place to leave notes for
	personal use right on the menu screen.

    --	Calculator, for basic math. Adds, subtracts, divides and

    --	Phone Directory, for storing telephone numbers and

The Hardware:

()  Uses the Intel 8088 microprocessor.

()  Base price of $799 includes:

    --	One-piece CPU/90-key keyboard.

    --	256K RAM, expandable to 640K RAM with Memory PLUS
	Expansion Adapter.

    --	One built-in, double-sided, double-density, 360K
	formatted, 5-1/4 inch, floppy disk drive.

    --	Built-in high-resolution monochrome and color graphics.

    --	Standard external connectors include:

	--  parallel printer port.
	--  connector for 5-1/4 inch, 360K, or 3-1/2 inch, 720K,
	    external disk drive.
	--  composite video outlet.
	--  1/8 inch headphone jack with volume control.
	--  two joystick ports.
	--  RGBI color monitor port.


--  VM-4 Monochrome Monitor		     (25-1020)	$  129.95
--  CM-5 RGBI Color Monitor		     (25-1023)	   299.95
--  CM-10 RGBI Color Monitor		     (25-1022)	   459.95

()  Internal expansion available through one PLUS style expansion
board or two PLUS style expansion boards when used with Memory
PLUS Expansion Adapter.

Expansion boards and other options include:

--  Memory PLUS Expansion Adapter	     (25-1062)	$  129.95
--  PLUS RS-232C Option Card		     (25-1014)	    79.95
--  PLUS Digi-Mouse Controller/Calendar	     (25-1015)	    99.95
--  PLUS 300-Baud PC Modem		     (25-1017)	    99.95
--  PLUS Network 4 Interface		     (25-1019)	   299.95
--  PLUS 1200-Baud PC Modem		     (25-1018)	   199.95


* Radio Shack is a registered service mark of Tandy Corporation.
* Personal DeskMate is a registered trademark of Tandy Corporation.
* Tandy and Digi-Mouse are registered trademarks of Tandy Corporation.
* MS-DOS and GW-BASIC are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

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