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Tandy 1000 EX

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The Tandy 1000 EX was a PC compatible based off the intel 8088 microprocessor and is basically a budget version of the Tandy 1000 SX released at the same time. It differs from the 1000 SX in that the entire computer, including the keyboard, but minus the monitor, is one single unit altogether.


  • Chassis: Tandy 1000 All-In-One Style Chassis for the 1000 EX
  • PSU: Tandy Proprietary
  • CPU: Intel 8088-2 at 6MHz (turbo) or 4.77MHz (Turbo off)
  • RAM: 384K expandable to 640K
  • FDD: 1 5.25" TEAC White-Bezel 360K DSDD Floppy Drive on the right side
  • GFX: Enhanced CGA (TGA, PC Jr. Compatible)
  • SND: Tandy 3-voice (PC Jr. Compatible)
  • O/S: MS-DOS 3.1 for the Tandy 1000 EX and Deskmate II

Technical Details

Unlike the 1000 SX which the EX shares most of it's specs with, the EX has it's keyboard integrated into the system unit, and uses Tandy Proprietary "Plus Card" slots for expansion cards. These are basically expansion cards where the pin-headers go through a set of long pins acting as the ISA bus (pinout is similar), and "stack" on top of each other like cards in a later LPX system would to save space. The expansion cards are located under a slide-off cover on top of the Tandy near the center of the case. Most often, modems and 640K Memory upgrade cards were a common upgrade.

The 1000 EX offers one feature the Tandy 1000 SX, as well as the 1000 and 1000A, never had, a user-accessible volume control on the outside of the chassis in the form of a roller wheel on the right hand side, and a headphone jack. This was possibly the first model of 1000 to have these features. It was later replaced by the Tandy 1000 HX just a year or two later.

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