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Tandy 1000 HD

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The Tandy 1000 HD, model 25-1001A, was a PC Compatible based on the intel 8088 Microprocessor released in 1985. It's basically a Tandy 1000A with a Hard Drive installed into a special spot just above the motherboard on the bottom of the drive cage. Otherwise it's identical to the Tandy 1000A in every way.

Technical Details

the Tandy 1000 HD was basically a Tandy 1000A with a hard disk installed on the bottom of the internal drive cage. This drive was a regular ST-506/412 (MFM/RLL) HDD in 10 or 20MB Capacities and seems to be a smaller form factor than the usual 5.25" half height and full height drives of the day.


  • 65 Watt Proprietary Power Supply (same as 1000 & 1000A)
  • Intel 8088 CPU @ 4.77MHz
  • Support for 8087 Math Co-Processor
  • 256K RAM on motherboard, up to 640K using RAM expansion Board
  • 1x or 2x 360K DSDD 5.25" black panel TEAC Floppy Drives, Half Height
  • 10 or 20MB MFM/RLL HDD w/ ST-506/412 interface & ISA Expansion Card
  • 16-Color TGA PC Jr. Compatible Video
  • 3-voice PC Jr. Compatible Sound
  • MS-DOS 2.11 for the Tandy 1000HD & Deskmate Bundled

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