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Tandy 1000 RL

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The Tandy 1000 RL was a intel 8086 based PC Compatible with PC Jr. features released sometime around 1988-1990. It's basically one of the later XT Clone models, except this version premiered in a low-profile chassis. It shared the same chassis with the 1000 RLX, RLX/HD, and RSX.

Technical Details

The Tandy 1000 RL was the last version of the 1000 to use a 16-bit Intel 8086 generation CPU. It featured MS-DOS in ROM, portions of Deskmate in ROM, and had an XT-IDE interface on the motherboard for the "HD" version of this machine. It was also the last machine to use the "Tandy Video II" CGA/PC Jr. compatible standard. It was the budget model of the line that included the RL/HD, RLX, RLX/HD, and RSX.


  • Proprietary Low Profile Case (shared with RLX, RLX/HD, and RSX models)
  • Intel 8086 CPU at 8MHz
  • one or two 720K DSDD 3.5" Floppy Drive
  • XT-IDE interface on motherboard (for RL/HD)
  • Tandy Video II (expanded PC Jr. Compatible Video)
  • Tandy 3-voice Audio with 8-bit DAC
  • 1x 8-bit ISA Slot
  • MS-DOS in ROM w/ portions of Deskmate in ROM

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