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Tandy 1000 SL

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General Information


8086 Processor with optional 8087 Math coprocessor. Clock speed: 8/4 MHz switchable


384K RAM on board, expandable to 640K on the motherboard

MS-DOS 3.3 and Deskmate software in 4 Meg ROM. 1K EEPROM (for startup selections and configurations)


5 8-bit XT-compatible 10" slots

Press Releases

Tandy Corporation, America's Technology Answer(tm) and the leading manufacturer of PC-compatible personal computers, today strengthened its committment to quality, value and ease-of-use by introducing the Tandy 1000SL personal computer, a new generation of the best-selling Tandy 1000SX personal computer.

At a suggested retail price of $899, the Tandy 1000 SL personal computer is an affordable system designed with the most requested features of home, education, and small business users.

The 8086-based 1000SL is faster than the original 1000SX, with a processing speed comparable to IBM PS/2 Model 25 and Model 30 computers. The 1000SL also features a new high fidelity sound technology and a tactile-feel 101-key keyboard which is fully compatible with the IBM Enhanced Keyboard.

Tandy, the first manufacturer to introduce "Power and Run" design in a PC/XT compatible desktop computer, has enhanced this innovative yet easy-to-use technology in the 1000SL.

The 1000SL has its MS-DOS 3.3 operating system and a new release of the graphics-oriented DeskMate interface stored in read only memory (ROM). This "Power and Run" design eliminates confusing start-up procedures for the user and proceeds directly into the industry-accepted, user-friendly DeskMate interface. Unless specified, the user will never be confronted with cryptic prompts or strange commands when operating the computer.

Another usefule feature stored in ROM is an 80,000-word spelling dictionary for use with any application written under the DeskMate interface.

Just as Tandy pioneered "Power and Run", the company now brings built-in advanced audio "input and output" technology to personal computing. Tandy's 1000SL is the first MS-DOS personal computer to include the ability to record, store and playback speech and sound through the use of internal digital to analog converter circuitry.

With this innovation, Tandy has given software developers one of the most exciting new tools yet with which to create quality products not available to the industry today.

In addition to audio input and output, the Tandy 1000SL personal computer supports three new on-board video modes, including monochrome text (MDA), Hercules monochrome graphics, and an enhanced 640X200 high resolution color graphics mode with the ability to display a full 16-colors. Optional EGA and VGA adapters are also available.

All of these characteristics make the 1000SL a perfect solution for personal finance and productivity, entertainment, classroom instructional labs, network workstations, cirriculum and lesson planning, telecommunications and home education.

The standard configuration of the 1000SL includes 384KB of memory, expandable to 640K on the main board, one 5.225" 360KB internal floppy disk drive, five PC-compatible 10-inch expansion slots, and support for an optional 8087 math coprocessor.

For increased storage capacity, a second 5.25-inch 360 KB or 3.5-inch 720 KB internal floppy drive may be added. Tandy has devised a new drive mounting device which gives the user quick and easy installation of additional internal floppy drives.

Other storage options offered are 20 megabyte and 40 megabyte hard disks.

In the Tandy tradition of value-added features, standard interfaces included in the 1000SL are a parallel printer port, RS-232 serial port for mouse support or communications, microphone/audio input jack, headphone jack with volume control, RGBi monitor port and two joystick ports. These interfaces are not found on many PC/XT-compatible computers except as extra cost options.

Without sacrificing expandability, the sleek footprint of the 1000SL has been reduced to only 5.1 X 15.5 X 13.1 (HxWxD) inches.

The Tandy 1000SL personal computer (Catalog Number 25-1401) will be available in September (1988). Prices are good at Radio Shack Computer Centers, Plus Computer Centers and participating stores and dealers nationwide.

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