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Tandy 2800 HD

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The 2800 HD is the first Tandy-labeled, 80286-based laptop computer. It is also the first laptop computer manufactured by Tandy in Fort Worth, Texas.

The 2800 HD provides power, performance and portability at an affordable price. It is ideal for users who travel frequently and need the performance of an 80C286 microprocessor, operating at selectable clock speeds of 12 or 6 megahertz (MHz). The 2800 HD, in its "executive black" case with built-in carry handle, can also serve as a desktop system that can be easily carried to and from virtually any location.

The 2800 HD's key features are a 9.125" x 8.625" full-size, backlit, EGA-compatible liquid crystal display with 640 x 400 resolution; an enhanced 84-key keyboard with true 101-key emulation mode and a standard keyboard 3.5 millimeter key stroke; and, the ability to exchange batteries without turning the system off.

The 2800 HD's storage capacity consists of one megabyte (MB) of internal memory, expandable to 2MB; an internal 20MB hard disk drive; and, one 3.5-inch 1.44MB floppy disk drive.

Additional features of the 2800 HD are a bidirectional parallel port; a serial communications port; connections for an external EGA monitor and 101-key keyboard; an internal modem slot; an 80C287 coprocessor slot; and, a carrying handle.


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