TechWorks Buffalo PowerPanel LCD


You don't need all of the room in the world to accomplish great things. The TechWorks Buffalo LCD Display delivers tomorrow's technology today. Offering brilliant image quality, this LCD monitor is designed specifically with form factor in mind. Our 14.1" display gives you typical 15" traditional CRT viewable area while only taking up a fraction of valuable desktop space. Implementing industry standard RGB interface, along with an Active Matrix color LCD technology and a 1024x768 pixel resolution, the Buffalo LCD monitor gives you the quality picture you need in your every day computing tasks. This LCD monitor produces a brilliant, high-contrast, high-quality image that's distortion and flicker free. Huge energy savings and the convenience of on-screen controls, make this LCD the monitor of choice.

TechWorks Buffalo LCD Display is compatible with IBM PC-compatible systems, Mac OS-based systems, and any system accepting an RGB interface. No special video card is needed.

Model FTD-XT 14-A
Panel Size (CRT Equivalent) 14.1" (15")
Panel Type TFT
Max. Resolution XGA (1024 x 768 dots)
Transmission System Analog
Screen Pitch (mm) 0.279 x 0.279mm
Effective Viewing Size (mm) 286 x 214mm
Contrast 150:1
Max. Color Depth (color) Full color (over 16.7 million)
Wide Viewing Angle Top: 15° Bottom: 30°
Left/Right: 50° ea
Brightness (cd/m2) 200
Response Speeds (ms) 40
Dimensions (WxHxD) 15.6" x 12.7" x 5.9"
Light Weight 4.3 kg/9.5 lb
Low Power Consumption (max.) 26W
Power Supply From an AC adapter (supplied)
Interface Connects direct to analog RGB outlet of the PC (D-sub 15-pin, 3 row type)
OS Supported VESA, PC/AT compatible, USTEXT, Power Macintosh series

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