The Amazon Trail


The Amazon Trail takes kids on an adventure of a lifetime. The destination? South America and the Amazon basin-a region of lush vegetation, rare wildlife, and rich history, with the potential for danger around every bend in the river. The mission? Travel up the river-and back-in-time-in search of a tropical cure that can save the ancient Incas from a mysterious disease. On the journey, fish for food, stay clear of whirlpools and log jams. Most importantly, avoid poisonous snakes, hungry piranha, headhunters, and greedy conquistadors.

At the request of a mysterious dream jaguar, you'll journey through time from the mouth of the Amazon to its lofty sources in the Andes high country. Your mission? Find the medicinal plant that will save the ancient Incas from a mysterious disease and deliver it to the Inca King. Use your guidebook and heed the advice of your guide, or you might wander up the wrong tributary. In your search for the medicinal plant, you'll meet as many as 30 other historic explorers, naturalists, scientists, and native people. And with more than three hours of digitized speech, you can actually hear them talk in the CD-ROM version. You'll marvel at creatures who make the Amazon rainforest their home--macaws, toucans, vampire bats, howler monkeys, anacondas, poison dart frogs, and many more. If you make it safely to the Incas' hidden city, their grateful king will reward you with a jeweled shield!

Features and Benefits

With The Amazon Trail, users will exercise problem-solving and reading-comprehension skills. The Amazon Trail also introduces users to intricate and fragile ecosystems and provides insights into South American history from the time of the Spanish Conquistadors to the present.

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