VAL MicroKey AudioPortCard

The MicroKey AudioPortCard has exceptional fidelity and sound quality coupled with more system integration flexibility than any other digital audio product under $500 USD.

A card version of the VAL MicroKey AudioPort parallel port product, the AudioPortCard, is available in two configurations. Principal differences are simplified internal interconnects and a special driver to support more than four channels.

MicroKey AudioPortCard Features

4 or 10 Channels of independent digital audio tracks under one interface.

Simultaneous multiple asynchronous tracks using multiple cards.

File I/O for a simplified Application Programming Interface available from any programming language. Even use batch files!

No DMA or Interupts required.

Music under using a common stereo input for background on all channels.

Converter program (for both DOS and Windows) converts 16-bit files to 4-bit files and vice-versa with no loss of quality.

Stereo pass-through on each channel's card with independent stereo fade control.

Common playback card may be used as the background music source.

Defaults set using convenient switches with software override.

Optional audio leveling circuitry is hardware and software default selectable.

Individually selectable sampling rates

24 sampling rates in either DOS or Windows. 3.5Khz to 44.1Khz (including 11Khz, 22Khz, and 44Khz) at 16, 8 or 4 bits.

Special 4-bit compressed mode is available. Audio files recorded with this option are 1/4 the size of 16-bit files, but with absolutely no loss of sound quality. You can have CD quality audio stored in 1/4 the space normally required.

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