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 Before we begin this file I (ic0n&k00p$ta) are not going to give you any info on 
 setting up the conference. For a few  reasons but it's not hard at all the setup 
 once since everyone @ verizon is crazy or just dumb minus a selected few. (they know 
 who they are) Now on with the file.

	Verizon now offers a new service, Conference Connections.These Conferences's are 
reservation-less, which means around the clock availability. The Conference is available 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days out of the year. This makes conferencing very 
easy. Thanks Verizon!

 There's 2 ways to dial into a verizon conference.
 1.Toll Free dial in number (866-441-2942)
 2. Direct (972-717-2043) Npa 972 is in Texas 	

There are no setup fees, no cancellation fees, and no monthly charges. Which mean you can 
setup a teleconference and your victim will not even know he's got a teleconference being 
billed to him. The minutes your participants used are logged separately logged by differnt 
ports. There are 20 of these ports but I'm sure there is a way to get more. Anyways the 
minutes are added together to simplify the subscriber's bill, in addition are required 
taxes. There is a separate bill for toll free service as well.

 States that need to use the direct number to the conference:
 4.New Jersey
 5.New Hampshire
 8.Washinton D.C.
 9.West Virginia
 *Once again the direct number is 972-717-2043.

 The resoning behind the direct numbers is that Verizon provides long distance services for 
calls originating in most states outside the mid-Atlantic and new England states. Until 
government approval is obtained, Verizon cannot carry long distance in the states listed 
above. Verizon is in the works on getting the necessary states and federal permissions to 
offer long distance in every state.

 Rates Cents per minute per port
                  Until 3/30/02    	Normal 
    Toll Free         $0.22             $0.31
    Direct            $0.09             $0.18

Feature Descriptions
Announcements for Entry and Exit
	 At your option, the reservation-less Conference Connections system can sound a tone 
or have silence when participants enter or exit a conference.

Attendant Request
	 The Subscriber or Participants can request attendant assistance for private or group 
consultation. The person requesting assistance remains in the conference until the attendant 
handles the request.

Conference Continuation
	 This feature allows the subscriber to exit a conference after it begins without 
disconnection the participants and must be activated for each conference call.
 *Note The systems automatically defaults to end the conference call when the subscriber 

Conference Lock/Unlock
 	This feature lets subscriber lock a conference once all parties are present to keep 
the conference private. Attendants cannot enter locked conferences, but can ring the conference 
requesting that the subscriber unlock for attend entry.

Help Menu 
 	Help with using conference commands is available to every conference Subcriber and 
Participant. The system plays a private help message to the requester that list the available 
features and their associated touch-tone (dtmf) commands.

 	The Subscriber can collectively mute or un-mute all lines in the conference except 
for the subscriber's line. The participants can mute and un-mute there own lines to help 
control distractions and interruptions.

Participant Count
	 The system automatically tracks the number of participants on a conference. Any 
Subscriber or Participant can check the number of people in conference at any time. The 
system announces the count privately to the requester.

Quick Start
 	As a rule, conferences do not begin until the subscriber the conference. However your 
account can be configured to allow the subscriber to use this feature so that begins as soon 
as the first participant arrives. In this scenario, Participants who arrive before the 
subscriber may talk to one another before the conference actually begins. Though the quick 
start features offers less security, it allows unplanned meetings to occur whenever needed 
or permits conferencing when the subscriber is unavailable to start the conference.

 Subscriber Conference Commands 
  This is how you Begin a conference:
  1. Dial into conference system
  2. Enter Pass code, then the # (pound) key
  3. Then Press the * (star) key
  4. Enter Subscriber Pin (4 digits)
  5. Press 1 to start the conference or press 2 to change account options.

  To Change Account Options:
  Press 1 to chance subscriber pin
  Press 2 to configure roll call options
  Presses 3 to change quickly start options
  Press 4 to change auto continuation options

  Conference Control options (while in conference)
  Press *0 to speak privately with an operator
  Press 00 to request an operator to join the conference
  Press *4 to lock conference
  Press *5 to unlock the conference
  Press *6 to mute your line
  Press *7 to un-mute your line
  Press *8 to allow the conference to continue after you disconnect
  Press *9 to privately play a list of participants on conference
  Press *# to hear the number of participants in the conference
  Press ## to mute all lines except the subscriber
  Press 99 to un-mute all lines
  Press ** to play this list of commands

How to end a Conference
  Say whatever then hang up the phone a short message will be played for them and then 
disconnects them.

***We also need to thank verizon for be so dumb and giving us all this information to 
write this article. Shout Outs....Lucky225, Dark_Fairytale, The Borish One,Xenocide, Cuebiz, 
MaddjimBeam, Whit3rav3n, Reaver,Captain_B, Mr. Poop, RBCP, Everyone Who was on $kytel back 
in 96-97...well okay only some people from skytel and everyone else we know.***