VideoVision PCI Announcement - 01/1996

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Radius to Demonstrate PCI Video Technology at MacWorld, Slashes NuBus Digital Video Prices up to 38%

SUNNYVALE, Calif., January 3, 1996 -- Radius Inc. (NASDAQ: RDUS) announced today that it will demonstrate a PCI version of its best-selling VideoVision Studio digital video card at the upcoming MacWorld Exposition (Radius booth #1517) in San Francisco, January 9 - 12. Scheduled for shipment in the first quarter of 1996, VideoVision PCI will carry a suggested retail price of less than $4,000.

"VideoVision PCI includes all of the features that made the original a huge success, plus some key enhancements," said Ben Jamison, Director of Marketing for Digital Video at Radius. "The new version will provide 16-bit, 48kHz audio synchronized to video clock rates and a new encoder that improves video quality. We expect it to be the price-performance leader in its category."

VideoVision PCI is completely file-format compatible with the over 16,000 installed VideoVision Studios and Telecasts, as well as the recently released SoftStudio software codec. This allows workgroups to easily share video clips and cost-effectively distribute the workload to task-specific stations.

Radius also announced aggressive price cuts (see table) of up to 38% for its NuBus-based digital video offerings which include VideoVision Studio, Radius Telecast, and the VideoVision Studio to Telecast upgrade.

	New SRP 	Old SRP 	Reduction 	  	  	  	 
Radius Telecast 	$6,399 	$9,995 	36% 	  	  	  	 
VideoVision Studio 	$2,999 	$4,849 	38% 	VideoVision Studio to Telecast upgrade 	$4,299 	$5,995 	28%

VideoVision Studio is a NuBus card that captures and outputs full-frame, full motion composite and S-video and utilizes built-in Macintosh audio capabilities. Telecast provides all the capabilities of VideoVision Studio plus Betacam SP video capture and output, 16-bit, 48kHz audio, and a high-quality breakout box with professional connectors. Both products are completely QuickTime native and work with hundreds of off-the-shelf applications.

"As new computer sales of PCI-based Macs increase," said Jamison, "NuBus-based digital video products represent more of an aftermarket opportunity. Our new pricing will expand the market for digital non-linear editing systems. The new Telecast pricing is particularly exciting because it puts Betacam SP quality within the reach of more multimedia customers."

To reach a larger percentage of its installed base of VideoVision Studio users, Radius will expand distribution of the Telecast upgrade to include retail outlets and mail order catalogs. The full Telecast system will continue to be sold exclusively by Radius-authorized Value Added Resellers (VARs).

"Because Radius offers completely native QuickTime solutions, a large percentage of our users are multimedia professionals," said Jamison. "We feel we can better communicate the benefits of Telecast to this market by increasing the number of locations that offer the upgrade."

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