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The Higher Intellect Vintage Wiki ( functions primarily as a reference for vintage computer related hardware and software. Our wiki database contains information on a variety of vintage computing subjects as per the categories below.

Vintage Computer Systems/Components

Vintage Computer Documentation

Vintage Computer Software

General Vintage Topics

Vintage Internet Documentation

Vintage Company Directory

Important Wiki Notes

  • This wiki is a continuous work in progress so new articles and categories will be added from time to time, and additional content will be added to existing articles when possible. This is a public wiki open to registration for users wishing to contribute content.
  • Please keep in mind some articles may be written as present tense yet be extremely outdated. Articles based on news reports or archived copies of websites will typically appear as they did when the material was originally written. This is left like this on purpose as we feel it adds to the experience of reading the content as if we were still living in that era.