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windows open file share hack
Intro: Ive typed a text like this before but it was lost in a hardrive crash, and it seems im known for doing this to the people that piss me
off. So heres my little disclaimer: im not responsable for what you do
, or what happens to someone ( or yourself) for using this information
in fact, dont read this, close it right now, its your problem for using
tactics like this againts a poor defensless soul, shame on you, hacking
of any form is bad...yyeeaahh..

What You Need:  You need a computer that can handle running nbtstat and
most of the "net" commands.  And of course, an active internet 
connecton.. As well as a version of MS DOS... oh, and a victim. 

Getting the IP Address: Most of the time people ask me about the open
file share hack on IRC, so most of the time its rather easy to get
someone IP, especially from IRC ( unless they are using a shell ).  If 
you cant get it from IRC, find out if they use something like ICQ.
Have them message you, you message them back, than click start/run
/command.  When in the command prompt type "netstat" and look for a raw 
IP address that is connected to you on a odd looking port, that is most
liley the ICQ connection.  If you have other ways of getting the IP, do
so in any way you feel fit.

So You Got The IP: Ok you got your IP, so open up the command promt 
again ( start/run/command ) And type nbtstat -A THEIPADDRESS .  If they
are running open file share it should come up with some looklikg like

NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

Name               Type           Status
c:          <20>  Unique        Registered
A:          <00>  Unique        Registered
D:          <00>  Unique        Registered
MAC ADDRESS = 00-92-27-74-76-5A


Heres the easy way, I will tell you only the things that matter in this

The Name: the driver or share name that you may or maynot be able to
connect to. It is followed by a hex code, <20> means open share name, ( 
AKA able to be connected to )... easy.. huh?

I got My <20>... Now What??:  Well keeping in mind that you still have
the IP ( if not just go back and get it again, not too hard.  Now the 
tricky part that seems to confused people, and i really dont know why..
All you have to do is type: net use x: //IPADDRESS/SHARENAME ( so for 
this machine it would be: net use x: // )  ( x is the 
name of the new drive being created to your computer, it can be other 
letters, heh.. dont worry )  Now it should have said " Command 
Completed Successfully, or something along those lines.  Now, just
change directories in the x: ( cd x: ) and type dir.. and see what your
victim is running.

Problems?  Sometimes they will be passworded, you can give up or try to 
brute force it by .. well.. guessing.  Another error is Host Not Found,
 this means the person either has no open files shares or has NetBIOS 
completely uninstalled ( or they dont run windows. )  Other will say 
things like not responding, or not accessable, this is usually becuase
 of a firewall.

So have fun, dont get yourself in jail for being dumb.. thats about all
till next time.