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X-Com Map Editor

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XME is (X-Com Map Editor), map editor for X-Com Apocalypse. It can edit tactical, cityscape, and saved game maps.


  • X-Com Apocalypse (Final version)
  • Windows 95


Final beta version

  • Editing of tactical maps
  • Saved games
  • View units (Alien and X-Com)
  • Default tactical maps
  • Resize maps
  • Use tile browsers to change tiles
  • Hide tiles for easier editing
  • Simple changing of tiles
  • Editing of cityscape maps
  • Edit tiles
  • Edit buildings
  • Change owner
  • Change location and size of building
  • Change building type and name
  • Small overhead map for easier navigation
  • Editing of vehicles
  • Use any window size or resolution to view more map at once than in game
  • Quite fast
  • Context sensitive help
  • Simple configuration